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on Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:57 pm
OOC: Here is the SFU history! This is the basic premise of our storyline upon which the world your character lives in is based. Relationships built or broken in this history will reflect the IC conditions of countries and characters. As time goes on, we will update this page with new chunks of revealing information on the past and those involved. For now, we give you the bones!


POA | Post Ootsutsuki Arrival
EoP | Era of Peace

03/00 POA
- Ootsutsuki Arrival
- Princess Kaguya discovers dormant Juubi Tree
- Ootsutsuki vow to share knowledge of Chakra with Humans

07/15 POA
- Humans begin studying at Otsutsuki Temples
- Humans lust for power grows

11/15 POA
- First attacks on Ootsutsuki compounds by Humans
- Ootsutsuki focus on protecting the Tree

12/15 POA
- Princess Kaguya mates with Human Male, Offspring meant to lead both their clan and the Human Race

09/16 POA
- Azulon is born, Uchiha ancestor
- Avalon is born, Senju ancestor

03/34 POA
- Princess Kaguya chooses Avalon as her successor 
- Azulon disagrees with choice and vows revenge, disappearing for years

06/37 POA
- Azulon returns, challenges Avalon for leadership over Humans and the Ootsutsuki clan
- Juubi Tree awakens from the brother's battle and rampages

07/37 POA
- Azulon passes facing the Juubi, offers Special Eyes to brother.
- Avalon unites his and Azulon's power and takes down Juubi.
- Juubi's husk forms the Moon, its power dispersed into Nine smaller vessels. 
- The Ootsutsuki are sent to the Moon as its protector while the Avalon's descendants protect the Tree

08/37 POA
- Era of Peace Begins

01/53 EoP
- Avalon passes
- Senju Clan offspring mourn
- Uchiha Clan offspring bare hatred for Avalon, believing he stole the Special Eye power from his brother

03/57 EoP
- Kyuubi is released marking the death of the Senju Jinchuuriki and many others as it rampages throught heir compound in Sunagakure.
- Rumors spread throughout the Senju that the Uchiha caused the attack
- Senju disband from Suna, select few go on to form the Uzumaki clan.
- Uchiha flee to Kumo

08/60 EoP
- Clan wars prone to occur because of trespassers in foreign lands.
- Clan Seclusion Act begins | Clan's stay to their respective lands unless written permission is granted
- Shinsei clan becomes responsible for Jinchuuriki harboring and teachings 

02/66 EoP
- Ootsutsuki followers return to Earth and capture the 8-tails Jin, Shinsei clan nearly wiped out.
- Kyuubi Jin escapes, it's power deemed to powerful, thus split into Yin and Yang portions
- Yang Half sent to live among the Uzumaki

10/70 EoP
- Ootsutsuki spread false lies to their remaining clan members, thus prompting them to return to Earth
- Disgusted by the Humans use of Chakra, the Ootsutsuki Clan create Maijinka Empire
- News of the Senju clan making an appearance in Konoha spreads
- Uchiha confirm these rumors and the world waits on edge in anticipation of who among the three will start the next great war.
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