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We like to keep a relaxed and open community where you are invited to become a vital part of the amazing storyline we have actively going on the site. We have a system for just about every major aspect of Naruto, and you are free to mold or shape your character's future however you see fit! We cannot wait to see how YOU change the world!
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on Sat Aug 06, 2016 12:35 pm

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Guest, your invited to join a new Naruto based site. Enter into a world before the rise of ninja villages, major clans, and even before the 1st Ninja War. Think of existing before a time where allegiances to a country ever existed and samurai stood as the driving force that maintained order in the land. The era where shinobi of legend first began to appear in the land, not as dedicated protectors of their home, but as weapons of war used by Daimyo to one up their enemies from the darkness. This is an era where you can rewrite history as you see fit and go down in history as the greatest shinobi that ever lived. Can you meet the ever rising tide of violence and stand alone as the one who quelled it? Or perhaps you desire to ride the wave and bring about never-ending chaos to the land? The choice is completely up to you. The Age of the Ninja has just begun and you have a chance to be smack dab in the middle of it all. You think your the best around and no one can bring you down? Prove it! Join Ninja Way: Shinobi of Lore and create the world you desire. There are many that share your ambition, show the world that none can stand against yours!

What we have to offer.

  • No More Stats ~ What we have tried to create here is a site that focuses more on actual role-playing than reliance on stats and numbers. The site itself focuses on role-playing skill and endorses the idea of getting one better at doing so. Its our belief that the actual need to be good at paying attention to detail and proper strategy have diminished due to reliance on stats. Here it is possible for a genin to defeat a jounin, difficult as it may be, if the genin is clever and fights wisely. We encourage the effort to do so if one has the skills necessary to make it happen.

  • Pre-Shinobi Village Era. Village Creation ~ Shinobi villages (Konoha, Kiri, ect) do not exist  in this era. In fact shinobi are only just recently rising in popularity. This gives members an opportunity to create villages of their own. From their one can upgrade and create their village as they say fit.

  • Clan Creations and Bloodline Creations ~ Unlike most sites where a clan typical goes hand in hand with bloodlines and KKG, on NW clans are more akin to organizations. What this means is one can establish a clan of shinobi from multiple backgrounds (I.e. A Uchiha, A Hyuuga, and a Nara) can potential start a clan with one another and give it whatever name they wish. This is meant to serve as the foundations for Villages (though in order to establish a village one must bring all clans in a country together).

  • War System (In The Works) ~ While currently still in the development stage, Clans (or villages) will be able to purchase NPC troops or members to fight for them. The same troops will be used to determine military might and be integral in the process of uniting clans and warring with other villages.

  • Proper Site Policing ~ On NW we pride ourselves on being fair and impartial in all decisions. We want to create a fun environment for all walks of life to enjoy (from the fight crazy role-players to the more casual role-players) and have fun doing with they love. Personally, I think we have seen enough sites built on favoritism. We have even adopted a method of IC control known as Hounding, where staff step in when members get to ridiculous IC (I.e. Attempting to destroy a semi active village or country without providing any form of difficulty with the task). With this method we maintain a constant challenge for role-players to keep them honest and on their toes.

  • New Gen meets Old Gen ~ We have attempted to bring together both generations of role-playing, minus the stat system. Despite all the new gen hate from most vets, we believe that there are excellent aspects to both sides that can be utilized to create a fun place to role-play. So why not combine them, no?

  • Monthly Events ~ NW, in order to keep things lively, will always have a monthly event ranging from tournaments to simple fun theme based events where winners can receive a variety of rewards.

  • New Site/Staff Spots Open ~ We are a recently established Site, which means there is plenty of room to grow and develop. As such, we are always looking for help and suggestions as we grow to become one of the "cool kids on the role-playing block" in a manner of speaking. If your interested and have some cool ideas to share, by all means please share them. Were more than happy to hear them out.

Owner Message Wrap up
As a long time role-player who has served as staff on numerous sites as well as a dedicated member, I know what its like to deal with unfair judging and favoritism. What I wanted to create with NW is simply a place where people can actually just have fun role-playing again, and not get caught up in OOC politics or competition. I know many old friends that have retired simply because fairness took a backseat to friendship, and how the intended relaxation of RPing turned into stress. I have noticed that RPing in certain circles has even become more of a competition than a hobby. My goal is to simply bring back those fun times where threads are were fun to read and participate in, while at the same time make you better writers and role-players, and not inducing stress. To wrap this up, I want to create a community where people can call home. That no matter how much time you spend away, Ninja Way will always be a welcome place for you to enjoy yourself with interesting company from all walks of life.  So check us out and take a look around, if you like what you see, your more than welcome to join. Preciate ya time. By the way, the logo links you to the site. But if it doesn't work on whatever site you're using for whatever reason like coding issues, here’s another one.

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