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on Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:36 am

General and Chatbox

Site Rules L3_s2_v3
Site Rules DHiJKjH
Minor Character/Account Rules | All members of the site must have their first and last names of their character as their user name(Unless your characters first name and last is very long, EX. Kurotsuchi Ootsutsuki, as that name is to long, and is permitted to have only the first name. These rules uplift to the creator and owner of the site Everlasting, as it's easier for everyone to know who he is.). As well as when posting your application it must be like this;
Last Name, First Name - Rank.

With the following of this, all pictures of characters must be an actual face-claim, and not a random image off of Google. If you need help finding a face-claim, simply ask another member.
The face-claim list can be found, here.
Conduct Between Members | All members of the site must maintain an environment of respect and cooperation. Flaming and trolling are not allowed. Although it is understood that bickering and arguments will break out here, it must not be excessive. We ask that all drama be taken to PMs. Staff must also be respected, and you can expect the same from them.

Inappropriate Content | Graphical content involving pornography, mutilation, and the sort will be removed, and the offender will be punished.

Advertising in Chatbox | This is not allowed. All advertising to other sites must be done in the appropriate section of the forum.

Stretching in the Chatbox | Please put all images that would stretch the chatbox into spoilers.

Conduct in Chatbox | As the chatbox is usually the main medium for drama, arguments, and flaming, the same rules for Conduct Between Members on the forum apply to the chatbox. Always remember that the chatbox is a privilege and not a right.


Grammar | It is expected from all members that they would post (especially in-rp) with appropriate grammar that can be understood by everyone in the site. Spelling is not expected to be perfect, but we do encourage everyone to try their best to spell. Looking up words on google and dictionaries help a lot.

Roleplay Etiquette | No godmodding, auto-hitting, power-playing, or metagamming is permitted in roleplay here. All fights involving any of these things should take place OOC.

Description and Detail | This is something that will be emphasized here. Please be as descriptive and detailed in your posts as possible. Make sure you paint the setting and describe the "how" of your actions. If not, you may die.

Thread Etiquette |

    - Follow posting order- Make sure you tag your threads as open, closed, private, or invite only. You may also put in additional conditions in your thread, such as limiting those who can join to certain people, or disabling/enabling death in the thread. Also make sure you tag any threads with sexual content with [Mature] in the title.- Editing: You cannot edit posts after someone else posted after you did without permission from those in the thread.

Battle Rulings | A hit can be claimed, but staff must approve it to be valid or voided. We ask that all members resolve the issue by themselves before asking staff, but we will get involved if that cannot be done.

48 hour rule | This old thing. Unless there is an absence notice, roleplayers can skip the absent individual to further the thread. In battle threads, roleplayers can claim a hit against the absent individual if they made an attack in their post. Absent individuals who will be gone for more than a week may be removed from threads. In battle threads, they may be automatically killed, incapacitated, captured, or defeated by their opponent (staff will decide what is appropriate).

D Rank Immunity | Every D Rank Shinobi on Shinobi Fables has some immunity to protect them from attacks against people who are likely to win due to a major gap in power. This means that no character of the ranks B, A or S may attack nor steal from a D-ranked character. You may loot their body, but of course that would mean that someone else has killed them for you. Which is fine, as long as you didn't do it. There is one exception to this rule however, if a D-ranked character either tries to rob you of their own free will or if they try to attack you of their own free will. This will give up their immunity, but only towards the character(s) he or she tried to rob or harm (of their own free will). If a D-ranked character is forced through some way against their own will, IE. A Genjutsu. To rob or harm you, then their immunity stands. Going against this rule will lead to a staff member modding the topic(s), if you're found guilty of going against this rule by the staff member then the entire topic(s) could be voided, or worse. A D-ranked character going Rogue or who's already Rogue has no immunity, as they hand it over the moment they go or went Rogue. This also counts for D-ranks who betray their village, not just leave it.

Entering Topics & Updates

Your Character cannot utilized Jutsus/Items etc purchased while still in an active topic. For Example, Character A was already in topic B, but Character A then do a character update and purchased a Jutsu or Weapon. None of these items can be used in that topic, but can be used in a new topic. This goes for anything that might affect your character, whether its stats or otherwise.
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on Sun May 29, 2016 5:18 am

  • Alternative Character Rules Added.
  • Entering Topics & Updates Rules Added.

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on Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:08 pm
Alt increased to 2 allowed
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