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on Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:30 pm

Chapter 1: Origins

Long ago,

In the far reaches of time and space there was a world that existed, containing the highest and loftiest of creatures and beings; spiritual, physical and elemental. On this world, there existed the mystical tree, the God Tree. The God Tree, desiring to put all creatures in that world under its control, created a powerful race of beings known as the Vanir to aid in its growing in power and expansion over the mystical world. The Vanir went onto other worlds and began planting the God  tree, subduing all creatures on the respective worlds under its control and using their life force as energy for the tree. Eventually, the tree that existed upon the mystical world was subdued and bound, and the army of Vanir that it had created were hunted and searched for. Leaving many worlds left desolate after the cloned Juubi trees drank them dry of life, the Vanir were hunted by the most powerful beings on that world, and finally were discovered in their last destination - Earth.

Upon arriving on earth, the Vanir took a different route than they had with other species. They came among humans and befriended them, even taking wives and bearing children; which on their home-world was considered the highest abomination. The children they bore were known in ancient days as the Grigori; and soon after became known as the Ootsutsuki. When the powerful entities finally found them, they poured out a wrath so great that the Vanir and their children were removed from the annals of human history. The Vanir were obliterated and their children wiped out for the most part. One of the powerful beings that had aided in this battle had mercy on a small multitude which he secretly placed upon a far away world in which the Ootsutsuki would thrive and one day become what they are today. After this great destruction on earth, the human race was largely dispersed, many and most forgetting about the horrors of the Vanir and all the mystical teachings that they brought with them. The Juubi tree, hidden at the time, stayed and developed upon the earth however…

The Guardians of that world, who had come down to destroy the Vanir, returned to their home world to take on the Juubi, who had freed himself by absorbing the power from its respective trees in various worlds, and now waged a great war on all inhabitants of that world. In the end, all the world would be destroyed, and not a single inhabitant left.
Several thousand years later, a fully developed Ootsutsuki clan would find this broken world, unaware of any relation they had to it, and take a great deal of artifacts and lasting relics that existed among the ruins of the fabled cities. With these relics, they would try and build an empire based upon the truths and technological secrets they gained from said relics. They discovered information regarding the Juubi/God Tree, and believed it to be the primordial entity that the mystical world likely received its power from and its inhabitants, whom the Ootsutsuki regarded as deities, had a power that could be attained by the eating of this great tree. Therefore they made it their mission to plant and harvest Juubi trees all across the galaxy in search of becoming like the powerful beings that their religion believed gained their power from this sacred tree.

Chapter Two: Earth

Eventually, the Ootsutsuki grew extremely greedy and covetous over this power, to the point where they began to murder one another over it. The great Ootsutsuki, Emperor Abraxus, could see that his mighty empire would crumble from the inside out because of this insatiable lust for the tree’s power, and thus sacrificed himself in order to disband the many wars of the Ootsutsuki and leave the leadership to his daughter Princess Kaguya, who would be trusted to lead her people in an entirely new direction. After her father’s death, which was at the same time as over 90% of the Ootsutsuki via their various wars, Kaguya led her people to inhabit a world known as Earth; a place where the species there were more like them than any world they had visited before. This time, instead of desiring to plant a Juubi tree, she was quite curious to find that there existed one already. Insisting on establishing a new order among her people, they did not seek to harvest the tree for more power, nor subdue the human race; but to befriend and teach them of chakra and its potential.

Humans already had chakra, but not very much and were unable to utilize it; or at least most of them weren’t. The Ootsutuski, under the order of Kaguya, began to teach humans a great many things about agriculture, the reading of the stars, their animal species, and how to use their chakra to help them physically survive the nature of their world. Understanding that the Juubi tree upon the earth had been there for a great deal of time, she knew it to be likely desiring to consume the chakra of the human race, for its nature was to feed on living things. Because it had been there for so long, it would be too strong for her people to take on likely, without too many casualties; and they were forbidden from eating its fruit. At the same time, humans after some time grew more and more hostile to the Ootsutsuki, who would not allow them to eat of the Juubi tree. The beings they had once regarded as deities and saviours; were now obstacles getting in their way of greater power.

To solve this, Kaguya devised to mate with a human male and in this union produced two male children. Her purpose and intent was to create a hybrid race that could rule both the Ootsutsuki and mankind, and be the barrier between them. They would need to be able to destroy the juubi however, and she knew that eventually she would have to pick which she thought best to meet these two objectives. The first born was named Azulon, who would become the father of the Uchiha clan; and the younger a man named Avalon, who would be the father of the Senju clan. When both came of age, Kaguya chose Avalon to take the mantle and not only destroy the tree, but to rule mankind and the Ootsutsuki clan afterwards. Angered by this, his brother challenged him to a duel for the position; and in the end the two would team together to take on the Juubi tree; which had reached a point where it was now hostile and would transform into a monster and consume the world’s chakra if not fed it.

The result of the battle was the unfortunate death of Azulon, who as his dying wish gave Avalon his special eyes, which he used to take down the Juubi and seal its body inside of a tomb he created. This tomb would later become the moon, and under his decree, the home of the Ootsutsuki. Azulon’s descendants from that day on brewed with hatred for their uncle as they believed him to have taken Azulon’s eyes in order to gain the position he would come to hold. After that battle, the world experienced a century of peace, with Avalon not ruling the world, but being a Sage and a King to all peoples. After that century, that venerable sage disappeared, but not before spreading out the chakra of the Juubi and giving his children rulership over each beast. His children would hold onto his teachings and seek to lead the world in maintaining peace; they were successful with everyone save for their cousins, the Uchiha. The Senju being the most powerful clan in the world for some time, however, the Uchiha awaited a time for Avalon’s leaving for them to strike.

Chapter 3: The War

Soon after his death, the Uchiha, still deeply hating the Senju for their supposed betrayal, a powerful group of Uchiha went into the encampments of the Senju Jinchuriki  which was hidden within Sunagakure, and took over the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. Doing so intiiated a chain reaction which would start a two day war between the Uchiha, Senju, clanless, and any others who chose to join in the fight. The Kyuubi Jinchuriki was used to slaughter thousands, including other Jinchuriki; their death releasing their own beasts who tore out under the commandment of the Uchiha against the Senju and any who stood in their way. At the end of the battle, Sunagakure was left a wasteland, over 40% of the Senju were killed, and the tailed beasts ran wild for a few years, with no leash.

The Kyuubi Jinchuriki’s descendants would become known as the Uzumaki clan. He was an original son of Avalaon, and his life force was so great that he was still a young and vibrant man at the time of his death, having a great many children left at his passing. Being blamed for the incident, his people separated and became the Uzumaki clan, the bloodline of Avalon’s son whose mutated genes allowed him to be the perfect Jinchuriki. The Senju grew extremely grieved and even resentful, and secluded the rest of the world for a long while; after being a clan that invited and considered others family, they now paid no mind to visitors. The Uchiha fled to the mountains where they reserved the belief that the Senju were what was wrong with the world, and that their actions had been a justified move towards their goal of receiving their inheritance as being the royal bloodline.

For a while all were fearful of traveling outside of their clan compounds because of the ravaging bijuu, who were let loose and not able to be tamed. Eventually, a small clan called the Shinsei clan, who had been the personal and devoted followers of Avalon, chose to take multiple families and devote them to the service of harboring Jinchruiki within their bloodline. For a great many years, they captured several tailed beasts and created Jinchuriki within their chosen families, and passed down the beasts from generation to generation. Several years ago, when the Ootsutsuki first came down to earth for the first time in over a century, they came to Sunagakure and attacked the compounds of the sacred Shinsei clan, murdering the majority of their remnants and kidnapping the eight tails Jinchuriki. It is uknown that it was they who did this, but well known that the Jinchuriki now are scattered and hidden throughout the world. The Kyuubi, deemed far too powerful to ever be inside one person again, was split into two with its Yin half missing/hiding, and its yang half passed down as a birthright to Uzumaki clan leaders…


The world is at a time of great tension. The war with the Uchiha was less than a century ago, and the clans are still licking their wounds from the battle. The Senju believe the Uchiha must be punished for their crimes, though it is not their belief that they ought to wipe out their kin. The Uchiha will not agree to any form of peace with the Senju unless they are acknowledged as being superior and being the rightful rulers of the world. The Uzumaki reside not too far away from the Senju compound in Konoha, quite secretive and even dark; they still drink the cup of shame given to them by the world for their forefather's actions.

Lastly, the fabled Ootsutsuki clan has come down at a pecuilar time for a reason no one is sure of. What is known is that they are building and have built an empire of greater majesty and power than any seen before on planet earth; and their new ruler seems to be eerily sincere and devilishly seductive. There are rumors that the Ootsutsuki have come to take over the world; other rumors that they have seen the world's pain and come to heal...

To which route these most interesting peoples will take none can tell, but the fate of the world will soon be found out by the actions of all involved in this drama...
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