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on Wed Jun 19, 2019 4:54 pm
SFU Jutsu Guide/Rules

1. Distributing Stats: When creating a new jutsu, you split the stats for the jutsu into three areas; Speed, Power, and Range. Speed is how fast it goes, power is how hard it hits in whatever way it hits, and range is obviously the distance it affects. We generally expect all jutsus to have stats in each area. This gives an indication as to the capabilities of the technique. There are some exceptions, such as Genjutsu. Other things have different factors to consider, which will be handled on a case by case basis. This refers to techniques with N/A applied to their speed, range or power stat.

2. Additional Chakra Cost: Jutsus based on user's stats may require an increased chakra cost. This is where the user's speed and strength/endurance combined exceeds S-rank level. For example, if my speed is 500 and my strength is 500. Then that's an SS-rank level technique. As such a cost of at least +40 chakra will be applied to the technique/style. Staff can ask for an increased cost.

3. Stat Boosting Cost: There are various techniques which will be able to boost the user's stats. These techniques will also have an added cost applied to them. Stat boosting jutsus will have an extra +50 Chakra(minimum) applied to them. The upkeep for these may at times be higher than normal.

Jutsu Stats

  • E Rank - 50-100
  • D Rank - 100-200
  • C Rank - 200-300
  • B Rank - 300-400
  • A Rank - 400-500
  • S Rank - 600-750
  • SS rank - 750-2000
  • X rank - 2000 - 3,000

Jutsu Example:

Name: Random Fireball
Rank: S-rank
Cost: 60
Upkeep: N/A
Range: 50
Speed: 325
Power: 375
Hand Seals: Monkey, Boar, Ram
Description: User kneads chakra and releases a massive ball of fire.

Name: Random Fireball
Rank: A-rank
Upkeep: N/A
Range: 30
Speed: 220
Power: 250
Hand Seals: Monkey, Boar, Ram
Description: User kneads chakra and releases a massive ball of fire.

Name: Random Fireball
Rank: C-rank
Upkeep: N/A
Range: 20
Speed: 130
Power: 150
Hand Seals: Monkey, Boar, Ram
Description: User kneads chakra and releases a massive ball of fire.

Jutsu Chakra Cost

E Rank5-10
D Rank10-20
C Rank20-30
B Rank30-40
A Rank40-50
S Rank
X rank160-350
Jutsu Word Count Cost
Members are also not only able to purchase Jutsus, but to also training their Jutsus via word count. The word count and ryo cost may vary. The required number of words to train and master a Jutsu can be found below. There is of course the techniques classed as limited/restricted Jutsus. These cannot be trained via word count. SS-rank and X-rank techniques cannot be trained using word count.

  • E-rank Jutsu: 100

  • D-rank Jutsu: 300

  • C-rank Jutsu: 500

  • B-rank Jutsu: 700

  • A-rank Jutsu: 800

  • S-rank Jutsu: 1200

Jutsu Guidelines

Jutsus are the purest expression of a character's power in most instances and therefore this topic is arguably the most important in regards to determining the power on SFU as well as how we will be judging your creations. We realise that creating jutsus of various kinds is a great portion of the fun of rping and that building your character's arsenal is something you will spend a great deal of time and energy on.

In the past there have been various arguments about how "power" ought/is defined in Naruto and/or on SFU. With that being said, we would like to be upfront with you about our concept of "power" and what we are generally allowing on our site - as well as what our limits are and what parameters will be put in place to avoid silliness and ensure that mods and members have an easier time being on the same page as far as techniques go. I will begin with a discussion on our concepts, and then lay down some guidelines and stone-set rules that we will be using to judge techniques.

Nature Transformation Guide:

Nature Transformation (性質変化, Seishitsu Henka, English TV: Change in Chakra Nature) is an advanced form of chakra control that entails the moulding and defining of the nature of one's chakra, altering its properties and characteristics for use in techniques. Nature transformation is one of two necessary components for creating or modifying a technique, the second component being shape transformation. While nature transformation changes the properties of the chakra, shape transformation changes the actual form and movement, altering its abilities.

Basic Nature Transformations:

JUTSU & CHAKRA RULES Latest?cb=20100604004131

The Five Basic Natures (五大基本性質, Godai Kihon Seishitsu) are the five elemental chakra natures, which are the foundation of all elemental ninjutsu.[2] They are so vital to the shinobi lifestyle that each of the Five Great Shinobi Countries is named after one of the five. Each element is naturally weaker than and stronger than another:

  • Fire (火, Hi) is strong against Wind but weak against Water.
  • Wind (風, Kaze) is strong against Lightning but weak against Fire.
  • Lightning (雷, Kaminari) is strong against Earth but weak against Wind.
  • Earth (土, Tsuchi) is strong against Water but weak against Lightning.
  • Water (水, Mizu) is strong against Fire but weak against Earth.

Basically, if an elemental technique is put against another elemental technique of the same level, but of a stronger nature, then the technique with the superior nature will prevail. However, a technique with a weaker nature can overpower a technique with a stronger nature if the former is of a higher level. For example, fire can overpower a water technique if it is first strengthened by a wind technique.

A similar principle applies in how technique of the same element interact, what is called counterbalancing. If two techniques of the same nature and the same level are used against each other, they will cancel each other out, as when Lightning Release: False Darkness is deflected with Lightning Cutter. However, if the two techniques have different levels, the higher-level technique will not only prevail but will grow stronger from interaction with the weaker, as when Amaterasu, the highest level Fire Release technique, grew stronger by absorbing an opposing Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique.


The above are some very basic principles when comparing different elements. We would like to expand on this further. There will be situations, as stated above, where opposite elements might clash. In these scenarios the stronger element tends to prevail.

  • Elemental Jutsus with +150 power, strength or endurance can overcome or withstand its dominant other. This means a fire release technique can overcome a water release technique. In the anime, it took several water release users to deal with Madara's Great Fire Annihilation jutsu. Some of these will vary according to circumstances. NOT all techniques will be elemental, but the same principle applies.

  • Combing elements to boost a technique's power is also another possibility. For example, someone could combine wind and fire release to strengthen their jutsu. When this happens, the user will use the full power of one technique and half the power of the other. The same principle applies to technique speed, range and cost.

  • When dealing with techniques of the same nature, the higher-level technique will prevail and gain momentum. For example, a C-rank and B-rank wind release technique might clash. The B-rank under normal circumstances will prevail, while adding half the power of the opposing technique to its own.

Power on Shinobi Fables Untold

Firstly let me say that the system(s) we have created for custom justu creation is something we are very proud of. The reason being is that it allows for maximum creativity while ensuring there are enough specifics to each technique that it can be properly used within the confines of the universe of our site. We can tell by the popularity of the technique creation forum that many of you like it as well. However obviously where there is ambiguity, there is always the potential for abuse of some kind. While we have sought to avoid that, we went into things with the understanding that because the nature of rp expression is via description and word play, there is no way to perfectly quantify everything numerically.

No matter what we do, there will always be a myriad of ways to use (some call abuse) techniques in various ways depending on the writing style/ability of the person involved and their understanding of the rules. Because of this, instead of placing a bunch of restrictions and limiting creativity, we have a system of checks and balances. In other words, the more powerful the technique, the more the cost; and the more pressure we will put on you to be accurate according to the abilities of your character. I.e. we will require that your techniques flow from the potentialities of your character’s KKG, and not simply and only your imagination. We should not see clanless people walking around with Susanoo or black fire coming from their eyes, for example. Not because it is “op” but because it is impossible. That was the intro, now lets move on to more specific terms and rules.

  • All players may have unlimited amounts of custom D-S techniques.
  • SS-X rank techniques may only be used by A-X rank players.
  • A rank players may have up to 5 SS rank techniques and zero X rank techniques.
  • S rank players may have up to fifteen SS rank techniques and 5 X rank techs.
  • SS rank players may have unlimited SS rank techniques and ten X rank techs.
  • X rank players may have unlimited of any and all rank of techniques.
  • These conditions apply to custom techniques as well.

There are three types of power involved in techniques:

  1. Numeric - The stats of techs.
  2. Ability - The special effects of techs.
  3. Description - How the writer uses the technique.

We will be judging the first two, since description is simply how the writer uses the technique. This is a reference to the rp ability of the person, which varies from person to person and is something we will not and cannot limit of course. Now let's move on to the rules/guidelines for how we will judge your techniques based on these two factors.

Numbers in Techniques

Your techniques have a MAX number of 750 stats. Anything over that is considered a SS or X rank  technique. After this is where things can get arbitrary and random, so we will be enforcing some new guidelines to help you as you try and make these special techniques.

Abilities in Techniques

Abilities in Techniques:
We have chosen to not have a system for ranking the level of ability of your technique since abilities are too vague by nature to quantify so easily. Unfortunately we are going to have to rely on common sense and general sensibility to judge the power of the abilities. When judging the power of abilities, we will take into consideration the myriads of ways that you can be versatile and use the ability within the confines of the sites rules; but we will not make that our main focus. Why you may ask? Because you reserve the right to be powerful if you can write well; and we will not deny techniques purely on the basis of “potential” since in truth the potential of each technique  varies largely on who is using it. Instead, we will go by much more simple things like the flat-rate affect or capacity of the ability. The stronger it is, the higher the cost will be. The more supernatural the nature of the ability, the more supernatural the cost on your body or mind or chakra will be. We will meet you in the middle, but we will meet you.

That being said, I just want to come out and say that much of this will be up to staff understanding of techniques and the universe in which we operate. All staff chosen from this point on that are enabled to check techniques will be those who I deem capable enough to understand with confidence how to judge techniques in a balanced way on the site; but I will ask that members please trust this judgment. Just because you believe someone else tech that got approved is more “op” than yours that was denied, does not warrant infinite argument etc. There is no bias, and reasoning will be given.

I advise everyone do their best to simply understand that with power comes responsibility. And that responsibility in regards to the site is in the form of cost for the technique, as well as the degree of reasoning behind your character’s ability to perform it. Those are your responsibility - manage them please. Those are the things are the determining factors between your technique getting approved and not getting approved.

1. Staff reserves the right to add in extra chakra costs of various amounts depending on the abilities present within the technique. Strong abilities will not cost you extra; unusually strong ones will. Every technique has an ability obviously, and part of the chakra cost initially presented in the numeric chart takes into account the abilities. But abilities that go over and beyond what you can normally do might be grounds for higher chakra cost. Note, what someone can “normally” do is relative to their KKG and the unique aspects of them. For Uchiha, black fire from their eyes is “normal” so techniques that are variants of that may not necessarily cost them much extra simply for an ability they already have within their KKG.

You do not have to explain every aspect of your technique’s ability - but you need to be descriptive enough so we don’t have to ask 20 questions. Please don’t be ultra vague and make our jobs hard; we will end up denying your technique if we have to visit it more than three times asking basic questions about what it can or cannot do. Learn the rules, and think like a mod. Think about situations in which this would not be appropriate or possible and mention them; it helps us understand where you are going. If you fail to bring up a way in which common sense would tell you the technique cannot be used, be forewarned that I (the webmaster) and my staff have no problem denying a silly use of a silly technique in battle if you abuse the word play to the point of stupidity.

2. Abilities in techniques need to stay within the confines of your KKG for the most part. Some clans are more in touch with certain aspects of the universe and have grounds for manipulating them. To make my point more clear, everyone should not be touching, using, kissing, or fondling SOULS. That should be reserved for those clans which can deal with more spiritual elements of the universe and in specific instances. The Uzumaki can call upon Shinigami - not the Inuzuka. Get the picture? We will inspect your KKG to ensure that what you are doing is within range of what you can do. If you have an implant, there are exceptions of course. While KKG is the benchmark for somethings, we will take the same approach with jutsus outside of that.

Special Abilities
Certain abilities and genre of abilities are especially sensitive; so we have special rules for them.

Creation/Soul Jutsus - Uzumaki, Aeriopax Quintessance, Senju. Otherwise, I should not see you with soul jutsus outside of canon restricted/limited. And these may be costly on the life force due to their nature.

Dimensional/Space Time Jutsus - Requires space-time mastery. These jutsus will cost MAJOR chakra and life force when necessary. If you are an Uchiha with MS or have a space-time Restricted technique, you are able to make variants of course. Space time techniques will vary in type and capabilities. We will try our best to accommodate these techniques. But do expect staff to judge these more harshly compared to others.

Sound Jutsus
Sound does not get auto-hit features; and from this point on you are required to have a KKG of some kind that can do this.

Bijuu Subjugation - Uzumaki and Senju may naturally make techniques for this. Other clans may as well, but beware there will likely be a higher chakra cost for your techs of this nature than theirs because it is closer to their natural affinities.

I’ll add more as the insanity is brought to my attention. Also...

Rules for Posting Techniques
1. You may only create ten techniques per week. No more spamming techs.
2. Please only put up to four techniques at a time to be checked; any more and staff will pass over your stuff.
3. Be neat and descriptive please.

KKG/Special Rules, Multipliers etc.
Some KKG afford naturally higher stats than normally possible, and for these we will allow for an exception numerically. I.e. Senju allow for x2 life force for some wood techs, which in some characters may mean a much higher stat power than normally afforded. Please also refer to the Elemental Property Advantages system for reference if your element requires extra chakra cost as well.


  • You may only have multipliers via KKG and S rank or higher techniques.

  • If by KKG, you pay half of the cost of the total base stat amount. Example: If your tech says x2LF, and your life force is 300, than the stat of the tech is 600 technically. Cut that in half and add that to the total amount of stats put into your other areas. So if my range was 100 and my speed was 100, and my power was x2 LF, the jutsu counts as having 500 stats (thus can be an A rank technique). You pay the chakra as if it were this rank.

  • If by S rank or higher technique, the cost for the jutsu is an additional 50 chakra per multiplier. So if x2 a stat, it costs 50 extra chakra; if x3, it costs +100 etc.

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