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Life Force System

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on Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:02 pm
Life Force System

Life force is the overall soul energy of an individual, and determines their body’s ability to heal itself and partake in natural healing prowess. It also gives a passive boost to a person’s stats on a minor level once their life force is over the normal amount.

  • Everyone starts out with 100 life force unless otherwise stated per your clan.
  • If your stats are above 100, you add 25% of your life force to two stats of your choice.
  • If your life force goes down below 100, you take a stat hit in percentage equal to the amount you went down below 100. So If I started with 100 LF and I go down 20, I am at 80 life force. My stats take a -20% hit until my life force heals back to normal.
  • When your life force depletes for whatever reason, it takes three turns before it returns back to normal.
  • If your life force is above 100, and therefore you receive a natural boost, that boost lowers as your life force lowers. So If I am Senju and I have 150 life force, which is about +38 stats to two stat areas; that boost lowers if my life force does. Please post in your spoiler when your stats move up or down as a result of your life force going up or down.
  • Your stats only take a percentage hit when your life force goes below 100.

Levels of Life Force and Advantages

100 LF - Normal Human.

110 LF - Ootsutsuki. You have only a very minor healing boost which lets you heal from the most minor wounds passively.

125 LF - Uzumaki. You have noticeably high healing rate, can heal from major cuts and laceration within a post. Uzumaki also have clan-specific healing abilities such as bite healing etc.

150-300 LF - Senju. Can heal from major organ damage, though not complete severance. Can survive one post of being impaled through any area except the heart or brain.  Won’t generally bleed to death as flesh wounds heal within two posts.

301-400 LF - You can survive wounds from attacks that are +200 over your endurance. Wounded organs do not debilitate you (you can keep fighting), and you heal from them in two turns with no hand signs. D-C rank healing techs cost no chakra and no hand seals.

401-500 LF - Healers at this level have a healing agent that makes them extremely hard to kill in battle. They can survive impalement to the abdomen; broken bones heal within one post. You can perform healing jutsu of B rank and below with no hand seals. Can survive an attack that is +400 your endurance. You heal from broken bones in two posts, and can survive heart wounds that are not extremely severe. You may have one extra implant and one implant that you have no physical drawbacks to.

600-700 LF - Immortality. You do not age technically, and you are generally speaking not able to be killed by physical death. You cannot drown, nor suffocate, nor be killed simply by bleeding to death. Bone and organ damage does not kill you and you can regenerate in one turn. Decapitation you can survive, and you can regrow limbs but it takes on full turn; including your head. It takes one full turn to regrow a head or a full body, but it will be done. You can be rendered unconscious, injured, etc. Complete obliteration takes three turns to heal from. B rank medical jutsu cost no chakra. It takes a special plot weapon to kill you. You may have two extra implants and two implants with no physical drawbacks. It takes an attack of +600 your endurance to obliterate your body. You get +25% your life force to three stats instead of only two. You can heal from major organ damage, broken bones, or serious lacerations. Cannot resurrect or replace limbs.

701 - 900 LF - All healing is instant except for complete obliteration which takes one post to regenerate from. A rank medical jutsu cost half chakra, no hand seals. You may have three extra implants and three implants with no physical drawbacks. It takes +800 over your endurance to obliterate your body. You get +25% your life force to three stats instead of only two. You can heal lost limbs as well as all other previously healable injuries.

1,000 LF - You are Edo Tensei/Majin Buu. All regeneration is instant, and your cells replicate themselves.  You generally speaking are not able to be fully killed physically, but must have your regeneration halted by other means. It takes an attack of +1000 your endurance to obliterate your body. You can be sealed, and slain with wounds from special weapons. At this level you gain +25% of your life force to four stats instead of two.  A rank and below medical jutsu cost no hand seals or chakra. S rank no hand seals half chakra. You may have four extra implants and four implants with no drawbacks. Your healing of others enables you to even resurrect on a small level. You may resurrect a person that has been dead two weeks or less.

  • If you temporarily gain a life force boost that puts you in another category of life force and corresponding benefits, you do not gain those benefits while you are at that level of life force. Your level of healing and perks are based on your base life force and remain at that level regardless of whether or not you temporarily go up or down.
  • Your character keeps the regeneration capacity that they naturally have given their base life force, even when their life force goes lower. So if you have 400 life force and it somehow drops to 200, you still heal like someone with 400 since that is what you have naturally.
  • Plot weapons will be made that are able to kill and/or halt the regeneration abilities of immortals. Keep in mind that immortals can be sealed, sedated and captured, or by other means defeated.
  • Immortals cannot be jinchuuriki. You can temporarily have your life force boosted to immortal level as a jinchuuriki, but if it is naturally at that level, it cannot be.
  • If your life force is boosted to 500 or above, you do NOT gain immunity to the drawbacks of of however many implants that level of life force affords you. Implant laws with life force are based only on your base life force; as are regeneration abilities.
  • Uzumaki have healing abilities of someone with double their life force.
  • Immortals can be killed by obliterating them at a cellular level. If they have no more cells, they cannot regenerate. You must kill every cell they have in order to do this of course, or else they can regenerate using present cells.
  • Edo Tensei have no life force.
  • Life force of 700 or above cannot be Jinchuriki.

****Subject to editing/updating as necessary


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