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One bad decision

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on Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:37 pm
It was a new day, another fresh start, but it wasn't always able to let one start over, there were things that remained as they were, they were always present unless one decided to act. Holding on to so many things that he believed were right and he had to live by them prompted him to take several decisions, perhaps he didn't share the same line of reasoning as the other Õtutsuki members, but they had a trait in common, and that was the power and grace to abide by their ideals. Hisoka believed that he was to get strong and only get strong, of course if he wished to protect those dear to him. A weak fellow couldn't possibly snatch someone from danger or even the eerie portentous claws of death, of course he was right on this, but maybe his approach to things were not. nevertheless, Hisoka's idiosyncrasy led him to where he was today, he was still a child, but he felt like he could take the world on, he felt like there wasn't anything he hadn't known, and experienced first hand. He was a child, but his words were laced with experience, although he was still a child and still had the heart of a child.
  The ambient luminiscence which produced an elegant tawny hue which was caused by the rise of the luminous object that filtered the entire earth with it's rays. This woke Hisoka up, the rays penetrated the weft and warp of his curtain, enough to fill the room with silvers of light which rested on his extremely pale skin gave him a golden look, and this was what prompted him to rise from his deep slumber. As the rays fell on his optic area which had been closed, he showed signs of movement, and after a while of wrestling with his own body, he moved with his entire body.
 Hisoka got himself ready, andstepped out in an attempt to continue his journey, it wasnt that far, since if was somrwhere in the arid plains of Galahad, to have thought that the path a child chose could he so dull and dry in comparison to the sweet-natured and vibrant things they preferred, but if one were to face reality.  It made complete sense, life was nothing but a narrow road one had to tread on Carefully, in his case, what life threw at him was a badland where he had to experience the extremities nature threw at him in this expanse of aridity, the scorching sun, a sore throat and a body that continually hankered for water.
 Hisoka continued to walk as the landscape whizzed beneath him, albeit dully, the only thing that continued to batter against the walls of his mind was the one thing that kept him on this journey, the desire to get stronger and his loved ones, he could go to any length for them, accepting the death of a loved one was the last thing on his plate.If he could even make it that old age wouldn't snatch them from this world, he would.
The journey continued for a long while, the deteriorating effect the desert inflicted on him made it look like a long stretch of hours, yes, it seemed like an endless walk that lasted for ages, but then, as they always say, everything that has a beginning has an end, his journey was drawing to its end, but it didn't look like he had achieved anything at all, infact, it was just the beginning of something new, something which was more dreadful than the scorchful grasp of the desert

  Just a step, just one last step did the trick, And before he knew it, the ground beneath him ruptured, in the wake of this was an ellipse that had been formed, which appeared to be the epicentre of a rather strange symbol, Hisoka wouldn't see any of this since he was violently snagged and detruded down what seemed to be an endless void, he was already 5m down when he was granted the liberty to utilize his body and look upwards to see an ellipse which stood out. Why was this? The area was entirely dark,  except for that one spot that illuminated a tiny portion of his new environment, it ran deep down in a line, but as he would have it, even the light faded at some point and it was only a matter of time before he began to fall in nothing but a world of darkness.  His eyes closed, and that was it, no pain, the nauseating feeling was gone, he couldn't feel anything, he couldn't even think of himself being alive.. It was like his body stopped as he fell into nothing more than a state of tranquil slumber
     And here he was, a world like no other, deep down beneath the surface, he was in a new environment, one he would have never wished to be if he had seen this from the start.. As It was,  he found himself In a dark room, with nothing but an entrance which also served as an exit. The door was left ajar, And light shone from that outlet and filled the entire room, an arrow pointed to the door and he took It to an unknown path..

Right now, he was clad in a white apparel, it didn't differ much in colouration from the ones he wore back in Abraxus, but this wasn't befitting for someone stemming from such  prestigious clan, it was one of a follower which was to heed his leader's demand at every cost, the nature of the fabric only served as something more troubling, its whiteness only made it more inviting to dust, and after a while, he would be in nothing but an apparel draped in blemishes..

He took the route, only to be met by a man he had met fee weeks ago

An exclamation of some sort whooshed past his bisque lips, but the man remained unflinching, even when the expression Had become weary And finally wore off his face, all he could do was cock a eyebrow upwards in excitement..

Haaa, another one falls for the bait.  Young Hisoka, from today, you have become my slave, you shall only rise to the surface at my discretion . Failure to abide by my rules will lead to suffering and affliction, and maybe ... Death the man said as he concluded his speech with a happy expression.  
 Hisoka couldn't believe His ears, in his attempt to get so strong, he had ditched common sense and threw himself into the clutches of those that housed power.  He had made a bad decision, and hoped that he could learn from it. ..

  The man turned, only to walk inches away when he was assaulted by Hisoka..  

 Shards of bones flew from side to side, demonstrating the enormous strength that this man boasted,  a battle ensued with precise strikes, which reduced the level of damage to a minimal, but the intensity was not one to be spoken lightly off, for those few moments where they traded blows, there was nothing more then a rendition of fluidity in combat, it was like a choreography, where they had practiced dance steps immensely. Tragically, hisoka was pinned to the ground under a minute, and his face grimaced in enormous pain..

Pfft.... Such a  weakling, I shall train you, and in return you shall serve me till you die. I have kept end bargain of the deal, you will become stronger, but everything comes at a price the man said as he etched a smile onto his face.
He walked few metres upfront, before turning back to Hisoka who could barely keep his eyes open
To have acquired an Õtsutsuki, I am the luckiest man alive, you see. People like you who hail from famous bloodlines have this aura of self-hype, I shall cherish every moment of your suffering, seeing the sorrowful face of the descendant of a God is nothing but ..pleasurable
  There, Hisoka grew accustomed to the maniacal laugh of this man everyday who proclaimed that he would kill him later on during their second encounter,  he had gone to the surface a few times, but his presence up there was timed.
 His presence irked him, knowing the ill grudge this man bore towards him was nauseating, and his desire to reunite with his loved ones, coupled with His growing hankering for life on the surface kept him alive all this while, and this drove him to  a new field of the shinobi , Bukijutsu..
Under the tutelage of the Kabukabu, he honed his  skills with bukijutsu immensely, day after day, he tore  off mechanical heads from mechanized bodies, the feeling of a blade was no more alien to His skin
He was turning into a god with weapons quickly, every swing, thrust, gash was a symbol of the disdain he held for Kabukabu, rough, horrid and hurtful, he cut down everything around him, and with that, he prepared himself for the worst, he made sure that he was always armed to the teeth, his intense training was coming to an end, and by this time, to prepare him fully for the master, he was implanted with the DNA of the Kyoto clan.

Obviously, Hisoka was growing stronger by the day, and this new power In him gave him unrivaled hope that he was going to make it..

 Months rolled over, getting used to his new body, in response, His byakugan advanced to its final form, due to the exhaustion he placed on himself whenever he used it, at this juncture, he was ready for Kabukabu anytime..

And as he had it, that expected time wouldn't take long, 3 months after his implant, an ominous knock rang across the stiff air, and before he. Could open it, the door was blasted off its very position, that night, the underworld was wrecked with insane amounts of destruction..

A mano a mano between the  student and the distraught masted ensued, blood  sloshed on the floor, and the scenery was clad in red, a palpitating heart, and a fresh wound amused Kabukabu to no ends, they danced all night with rage-filled attacks, everything he had learned and acquired during his stay was put to use, and in the very last moment, when both combatants were worn out, the chance to deliver the finishing blow was granted unto Hisoka, but at the very moment, Hisoka drew back  his sword, he wouldn't kill the man for what he had done to him, but instead, because he kept his word, the man had been left In bad shape, crippled business-wise and in the case of his legs, there was no way he could continue with this business, and off course those captured by him escaped to the surface , he himself did that, and found himself  looking for Hemocho. The surface seemed rather new, it had been  a while since he fell into that pit which was totally out of sight at the moment
he found his guardian after searching for him and met with him, much to his delight, and joined him on another adventure
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