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Soldier of Abraxus.

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on Fri Oct 28, 2016 12:49 pm
300 years Ago...

"Lord Kagura, its time." said his male servant as he brought to him his robes and battle gear. Kagura rose silently and walked towards the man as the servant placed his robes upon his slender but cut frame. He then proceeded to put on Kagura's armor, then he handed his master his weapons; which were two katana swords and some twenty kunai and shuriken. And a few meters of ninja wire. That was all he needed because, he of himself is a walking weapons depot with his ability to create these weaponized monsters which are the Otsutsuki bones. Simple yet deadly they were. As were the jutsu in his arsenal. He knew what was to come. The events of that time came to him as if in a vision, because that was exactly what it was. It came to him because these events had been buried within the recesses of his mind for so long, that it was essentially removed from memory; until now that is. As he donned his armor he realized that he was in fact on the home planet of the Otsutsuki. On that planet was a different dimension that of the earth. Kagura knew what was to come next as he could feel it in his very soul. The past Emperor had summoned him. He was accused of helping a fellow Otsutsuki from imprisonment by covering up what his friend had done. His crime was being a priest and being forbidden to marry and he fell in love with a beautiful Otsutsuki woman. The Emperor had he found out that this priest was in love with this woman he would have them both executed. But due to Kagura's lineage and position, he would simply be stripped of his power and memories of this time and sent to a planet where their people would not be. He would not even be allowed to enjoy life for the next hundred years since the emperor would have his body encased in a cocoon and buried deep within the planet's surface. And so Kagura was cast out from his home and buried and there he waited...and waited...loyally.

When he awoke, and the cocoon opened, he saw that this was indeed the planet Earth. It was at this point his memory stopped of his former life and he did not know of his former life. Were there other Otsutsuki here? He could not tell at least for now. He was lost, weak and homeless and he needed help as he limped away from where the cocoon had already started to dissolve removing all evidence of his origin.

Present Day

Kagura found himself in a realm that he really had not been in before. He had been brought by some unknown fate to this place. There was a great temple before him, one that he had never seen before he knew fully well he had not see it before, yet, there was something strangely familiar with it. He could not yet place his finger on it. He thought that it may be best to place a Hiraishin seal on two kunai and struck it in different places when seemingly out of nowhere, as he kunai had just left his hand, a monstrosity had attacked him viciously. As the attacker grew closer, he vanished and appeared below his own kunai and had slipped underground as his assailant walked on the ground surface. Kagura did not even know why he was attacked. It could not be because of him coming here because he was brought here. It would be right to assume that this brute had brought him here to kill him but all he will do is try and fail as all his enemies had in the past. He used the summoning jutsu as he summoned several snakes, twenty of them to be exact as he placed his hiraishin seal on them and have the burrow through the ground and exit the surface at different points through out the battle field. Kagura simply emerged from the ground and looked at his attacker with an impassive face.

"Whoever you are, you are going to die very soon." said Kagura as he took out another three kunai in his hand and also placed the Hiraishi seal on them and waited.

"You are Otsutsuki Kagura." said the figure who was now in a totally black body suit. No eyes, no facial features at all.

"How do you know my name?" cursed Kagura.

"I know many things about you Otsutsuki Kagura. I was the one who brought you here, to test you as it were." said the black figure.

"Test me? Do you take me for some sort of child? Willing to be privy to your foolish games?"

"On the contriare. I have brought you here because I have been observing you for the past centuries and I have seen your explosive growth as of late. I do believe you are worthy of receiving this gift from your ancestors."

"A gift?"

"Yes, I know Kagura that you are not certain of where you came from. And all these years you have not known that the visions I have been showing you are segments of your former life."

"You mean..."

"Yes Kagura I am your friend who you gave your whole existence for centuries ago right in the temple behind my back."

"Hiroshi? Is that really you?" asked Kagura as he activated byakugan. He saw that this figure was not wearing a black suit. This was actually his body. He could not tell why he was like this. He was unsure if this was in fact a deformed version of his friend or not. Kagura thought it would be best to play along at least for now.

"After you was banished, I too went under changes and made myself into this. I transferred my own will into the form you see before you just for this moment where I would be able to guide you and give you this power to protect the clan and its members Kagura."

It was true, this thing had the essence of his friend Hiroshi. Despite his appearance, he felt at total ease with it. But Kagura was grateful for regaining his memories of his past. He wondered what was this power Hiroshi spoke of and came outright and asked him of what was he speaking of.

"You have your memories now Kagura. You are an ancient soldier of Abraxus himself. He was the Emperor that banished you. Could you remember his face now?"

"Yes I can...fully, thanks to you my friend."

"Good. He had his reasons for doing what he did. You should not be bitter towards Lord Abraxus."

"I am not. He was my Lord. I do not question the actions of my emperor. Not now, and not ever. However you were like a brother to me and I simply could not live with you dead Hiroshi.  After your sister, my lover died, you were the only family I had left. That situation had the tables been turned, you would have done the same for me."

"Of course." said Hiroshi as he looked at the snakes that rested all throughout the battle field. "I must say Kagura, your style of fighting has changed. It has become more brutal than before."


"Yes. These snakes are not originally Otsutsuki. Tell me, do you remember the stone tablets we read as children about the Tenseigan?"

"Yes I do now. What of it?"

"Well, if you beat me in battle here I will give you different things that you have desired. You will receive the Tenseigan itself."

"Who are you?"

"What do you mean? I am your friend Hisoka."

"No youre not. Hisoka would never want me to attain that power. The Hisoka I know would try to dissuade me from any sort of power I had to achieve because he and his sister loved me and thought earnestly that power gives rise to negative emotions. So I wont ask again..." said Kagura as he raised his kunai in a defensive form in his hand. "...who are you?"

"It seems as if you are more perceptive that I could have ever imagined. Otsutsuki Kagura, I am the will of Abraxus. It was no joke, I choose you to be blessed with such a gift. I made a mistake in banishing you. The law of a priest being unable to marry is both dangerous and foolish. After you had been banished to Earth realm, I changed that law and freely allowed Hisoka to marry."

"Why didn't you bring me back? You could have come to the Earth for me my lord."

"I made a mistake in banishing you my loyal soldier. There is no need to debate that. There is no excuse that I can make. I came here to give you this power because I have seen the loyalty that you displayed for the Kingdom I founded on Earth and I see your loyalty to my son. Such loyalty is be rewarded."

"I need no such reward my Lord."

"And it is this reason why I chose you Kagura. I chose you because you are a natural born leader. You are humble and strong and will lead my people justly."

"The Otsutsuki already have a leader."

"True but there must be one to lead in his stead. He must have a successor."

"He has a child which will be his successor."

"True but that child will be unable to lead until he comes of age. You must protect the Empire. There are things at play here that not even in my rule existed. You must be prepared and because of this I must give you the crowning jewel of the Otsutsuki. Follow me please."

As Kagura followed him, he knew he was in no danger because his means of escaping the temple was well established. Let him see what this person was going to show or give to him. He had walked up the stone stairs of the temple. There were fifty in all and was long enough to cover the entrance of the temple; no doubt to cater for a large crowd to enter at once. Once inside, there was a great room, spanning two hundred meters in circumference, and one hundred meters high. The sacred geometric shapes and their corresponding art could be found on the floors of the temple, a type of rock similar to Earth's marble was its makeup. The inside of the temple, which was all comprised of this smooth and dark metal, had a color scheme of black and teal all throughout. The walls, floors, and pillars all black with teal and neon blue artwork that seemed to glow in the dimly lit room. Up above, much like the artwork of ancient cities that reached far back into the span of time before mankind was even a thought, there were crystalline windows that branched out to make the ceiling, moonlight peering in through from above.

At the center of this room was a box with intricate golden carvings all throughout the length of the box which was just a mere six inches squared. The figure opened the box and in it were two glowing orbs. They were the same size as his own eye balls which made it even more interesting. Somehow, he knew exactly what he was to do here. He took the eye balls and pressed it into his own. At first nothing happened but then he felt as if his chakra was at a boil. Suddenly there was a burst of flames. But the flames were not of fire, they were of a cyan color and this chakra shroud was covering his entire body. Behind his back were black floating orbs. His body was full of power, he had never felt anything like this before.

"Is this the power of the tenseigan?" asked Kagura as he looked at his arm which was on "fire".

"Yes. And before you head back to Earth you will stay here and train with me for three years. By that time You should have become stronger. I will teach you the various jutsu that the Tenseigan offers. During that time you will be placed through hell but when you are done, u will be far more powerful than you have ever been before."

"What about Kurotsuchi? Would he not need my help for things? I will be termed as a missing nin after all."

"You are about to receive power beyond your wildest dreams and you are concerned about being a missing nin? If I know kuro correctly, then you will be ok after some payback of course. After all who will question you when it is I who've trained you myself?" said the figure as he removed his disguise and allowed his magnificence to be revealed. Kagura recognized at once who he was. It was lord abraxus himself. Kagura dropped to his knees and kept his head bowed.

"Such insolence my Lord. I beg you to forgive me!" pleaded Kagura as he kept his face down.

"There is nothing to forgive my child." said Abraxus raising Kagura to face him. "All this power surrounding you and yet you bow to me. What humility. What grace. The Empire is in good hands. Now, let us begin our training."

And so, Kagura trained with the spirit of the Otsutsuki's greatest Emperor. What an honor was bestowed upon him. For three years he literaly broke his back many times as Abraxus forced him into many dangerous situations and always placing his life on the line as well. At the end of the three years, he was complete in his training and he got stronger because of it. But Abraxus was not done yet. He had two other things he wanted to give to his protege the best of what he had to offer. Abraxus raised his hands and in a green tomoe housed the three tails bijuu. Abaraxus guided it to Kagura as it made a hissing sound and it was sealed within Kagura upon which he fainted due to the sudden chakra inside him. When he came to, Abraxus was sitting at the foot of his bed looking at him.

"What happened my lord?" asked Kagura as he rose holding his head.

"I just gave you the weapon of Abraxus. With it, water is your slave to bend to your will. The three tails will help you achieve such things. Now you are complete. When you arrive at Earth you prove yourself to Kurotsuchi that had not abandoned the village by giving him this." said Abraxus as he handed him a stone tablet. "On this tablet is the language of the Otsutsuki and its technology and where the materials on the Earth can be found to make it. Give it to him. He will know you speak the truth. No go."

"Will I ever see you again?" asked Kagura.

"Yes, come to me in your dreams and I will answer."

With that, Kagura closed his eyes and again felt his body being pulled into the portal to Earth. He opened his eyes and he was home. For how welcomed he will be remains to be seen as he walked steadily towards the Emperor's home.

Achieved :
Tenseigan→Byakugan Advancement
Sanbi Bijuu→3 Tails Bijuu
50 LF
50 Stats
Free Implant - Kyoto bloodline


FTG Placements
- Mujin's shoulder
- Emperor's Desk
- Conference Room
- Forest Of Avalon
- Kurotsuchi's Shoulder
- The roof of a tower 300 feet in the air in Abraxus
- An island twenty miles away from the harbor
- Snow capped mountains three hundred miles from the nearest person

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