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The last days of Abraxus Ootsutsuki

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on Fri May 05, 2017 5:05 pm
One century ago, a few years before the Ootsutsuki first came to earth…

Abraxus Ootsutsuki sat within his palace musing over the shocking news his messenger had just delivered to him. For centuries he had fed his latent obsession with discovering new worlds and searching out more powerful life forms than himself. No world in all the 28 known galaxies had caught his eye like Arda. It was the Eden of the universe, the beginning of all life and all perfection that was to be found. Abraxus was the emperor of the most powerful and vast empire that existed in his galaxy, and the next ten. He was aware of only one throne higher than his own, and it was considered by most to be nothing more than a myth. Arda had held a special place in the heart of the Emperor due to his father Nimrod. Nimrod was responsible for the first harvesting of juubi trees, and helped establish the culture of the Vanir flourish beyond the natural limits of their own homeworld - Oa. Many thousands of years ago, when the first colonies of the Vanir appeared on Oa, they came across the first Juubi Tree which they soon came to worship. The sentient entity eventually began to communicate with the Vanirian primitives, and soon its fruits were granted to one Vanirian every century. Nimrod had inherited the right to take of the fruit, and the privilege was to be shared with his bloodline and his bloodline alone as was previously ruled. Nimrod became so fascinated with the tree that he went eventually to search for where it originated, coming up blank wherever he searched. Eventually, however, he came across stories of a world that existed in a private dimension, in which could be found the source of the Juubi trees as well as the secret to immortality. Nimrod spent the rest of his life in an obsessive attempt to find this paradise that he called “Arda”. Claiming to have finally discovered a way to enter into the dimension where Arda was thought to be found, he left with an army of three hundred of his best men when Abraxas was around 12 years of age. Nimrod, the father of Abraxas, never returned. Abraxus soon became sovereign, inheriting the fruit of the Juubi soon after and beginning a period of revolution for the Vanirian race. From the moment his father was pronounced dead, Abraxus had sworn to himself that he would do everything within his power to find him; to locate where he had gone. He could feel his father at times, sense him if you will. Abraxas was the first sovereign to share some of his power with his subjects and fellow kinsman. He shared the powerful chakra granted to him by the juubi tree which enabled the vanirian race to gain special abilities that far surpassed any of their predecessors as well as their neighbors. For this, Abraxas was worshipped and considered the greatest sovereign to have ever lived. All loved and wholeheartedly obeyed him for some time due to his manipulative and yet charismatic ways. The Vanirians soon gained the technology necessary for interplanetary travel and with such they went to other worlds to conquer and subdue races, gaining a great deal of spoils and unique treasures along the way. At the peak of his reign, Abraxas had 24 planets under the control and reign of the Vanir outside of Oa itself. Yet still the lust for power was not solved within the soul of the mighty Abraxas. Soon various princes that were placed in authority over foreign worlds began to rebel against his throne, and with that came a vicious cycle of rebellion and war. War not with other peoples, but amongst Abraxas and disloyal subjects who believed they could and should have their own juubi tree for their own bloodline and rule their worlds as gods instead of appointed kings. Many were slain is said juncture, and as wars and rumors of wars became a constant theme in the capital city Babylon, Abraxas grew more and more desirous of the Edenic paradise to which his father had so wholeheartedly lost himself at the prime of his power.

Abraxus spent many years traveling the stars in search for clues and pieces to the puzzle of the location of Arda. Most worlds and peoples had never even heard of it. He knew that it had to have had some kind of eternal and permanent relevance, however, as his scientists documented that in almost every culture visited, there was a notion of a “higher” world in which death didn’t exist, and in which eternal life and bliss abounded. Heaven, it appeared, existed in the minds of almost all sentient life forms. Most were too primitive to even begin to tell where this place might actually be in the universe, but there were a few that were. Chasing a lead his spies had found on a small world a few galaxies away, the first major clue was finally gained. There was an intergalactic brotherhood known as the “Ascended Masters” who were travelers and scientists devoted to protecting the most important secrets of the universe. They left their symbol and their mark on various worlds, but Abraxas had never known what they meant. From this first lead however, he gained firm footing for the first time in his journey to find Arda. After many years of hunting, he finally found and captured multiple beings connected with this strange group, and from them squeezed out a great deal of the knowledge necessary to find Arda. Many planets were razed, and hundreds if not thousands of people died in his vicious pursuit for the truth.

Eventually, he found the means necessary to find Arda, and at the perfect time. Twelve of the twenty four planets had conspired to come together to attack Oa, the homeworld of the Vanir, and destroy what was left of the original empire. Now under the pressure of perhaps a world-ending war, Abraxus expedited his plans for reaching Arda. He believed that if the place were all that he believed it to be, that he would find juubi trees in abundance as well as treasures that would make the Vanirian race look primitive in comparison. The juubi tree that his people had fought for so many centuries over would be nothing in comparison to the discovery of this world. Considering also the survival of his offspring, Abraxas said goodbye to his young son and daughter; as well as his pregnant wife Kaguya as he set off, as his father had once done, for Arda…

The information he had gained from the Ascended Masters organization had been sparatic at best, but enough for him to ensure that he and his team would enter into the right portal and most importantly - at the right time. To be even a second late or early would mean they could be re-directed to an infinite multitude of dimensions all throughout the universe. And so they entered into this hidden portal, said to only be open under various conditions for which Abraxus had waited many years to be perfectly right. They entered into what appeared to be a black hole, and their ship was filled with infinite darkness for what felt like a whole day. There was neither sound, nor heat, nor feeling within the ship as the team floated within this dark hole; unable to feel or see anything. Finally, after being more than a little frightened, the ship and its crew were illuminated by a rainbow colored light that made sight impossible. Blinded at first, they equipped themselves with gear prepared for what they were told would be extremely intense light. With their goggles on, they viewed all about them as they had entered into what was considered a private universe; the Eververse.

All of space around them glittered and shone with this ambient light emanating from a single star within the center of the Eververse from what they could see. The star was the most beautiful and bright thing they had ever seen. It was so large that it appeared that all the worlds in their own galaxy combined could fit inside of it multiple times. Stunned not only by the sheer immensity of the star, but by its affects on them were Abraxas and his crew. As the ship continued onward around the star, inescapably caught in its enormous gravitational pull, they noticed that their suits were sparkling with the light. And with this sparkle and shine, came enhanced abilities. Abraxus, having the Tenseigan, could see within his comrades an immense increase in their physical and spiritual reserves. And at a rate that seemed to accelerate at every moment. Frightened by this, he began to bleed with excitement at the revelation that without any doubt - he had entered into the Eververse. As they went in a ring around the star, they finally came upon what appeared to be another entity that faced the star head-on; Arda was real after all…

The planet, much like the star, was clearly much larger than any world he had ever seen. Abraxas had never seen a star this size, let alone a planet. The world shimmered with an iridescent rainbow shine continually, with the landmasses and even bodies of liquid appearing to be of various colors as well. Blue oceans, green oceans, red oceans, purple oceans, orange oceans, pink oceans…. There was such a perfect mix of land and water that it appeared as though the planet were a work of art more than an actual… thing.
It was obvious that the physical laws in this universe were amplified greatly compared to those that they were used to. To be quite frank, it defied all calculation that their ship should have even survived being as close to this star as they were. He pondered this as the star was far more vast and its heat far greater than they had anticipated or initially calculated. It was almost as if some entity, or the star itself… was having mercy on them.

Abraxas shook off the thought as they neared the planet and soon were close enough to even enter into its dense atmosphere. Their readings failed them did all of their technology upon entering into the Eververse. It appeared their A.I. operating system was just as perplexed as were they at the star and its princely planet which defied all laws of nature they were previously accustomed to in their sheer size and proximity to one another. How could a planet possibly be this close to a star (and one of this magnitude) and contain any life forms whatsoever? It was something of a miracle that a planet existed in a solar system with a star like this, let alone any life forms. As they fearfully descended into a whirlpool of gasses and lightning, it occurred to Abraxus that any creatures powerful enough to even exist in these kind of conditions… had to be gods.

The descent into Arda was every bit as astronomical as its very existence. There was not enough oxygen or other gases within their spaceship to keep them breathing, the heat was overwhelming, and, as they were soon to discover, the gravity was irresistible. And yet they were still alive somehow… Abraxas never forgot this as the ship descended. He realized as they plummeted that it was, ironically, thanks to the strange empowerment the star gave them that they had made it this far. Surely the hands of fate would not let them down now.

After a terrible lightning storm in which lightning of all colors and gases of various kinds smothered them until finally - freedom. Their ship, dead of all power, began to float softly through the air as they laid eyes on paradise.
Abraxus held his breath as he looked upon the world to which he now descended; not for a moment questioning what invisible force made it possible for their ship to softly descend instead of be hurled to the ground as gravity would normally permit. Out beyond the windows of the ship, he saw the impossible...

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