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We like to keep a relaxed and open community where you are invited to become a vital part of the amazing storyline we have actively going on the site. We have a system for just about every major aspect of Naruto, and you are free to mold or shape your character's future however you see fit! We cannot wait to see how YOU change the world!
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on Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:44 am
New Found Stories
Now Open!

“A thousand words in one story, and our words are endless.”

Welcome to our story. We'll guide you to the beginning of your chapter, in our unique family; including our Illustrators; Noir, Psychosis, Kitaro, and Kazuto.

Thank you for viewing us as a potential site to harbor yourself in, to help you make the decision to join us, we wanted to tell you what we are all about. As our systems differ from other Naruto Sites, and our plot line; alongside the current state of the lands.

  • Currently our plot line is set 3 years after the “Black Cataclysm”, post-apocalypse state, where almost everything has been destroyed, leaving a few islands left standing. Everyone who survived has fled to the Island of Water in hopes to rebuild. Leaving very few in population and sanity.

  • Our systems are different from other sites as we added different aspects of rp, instead of having a word count, we have turned over a “quality over quantity” ruling. In meaning, if you can fully describe a mission, character development, or mastery over something, under 1000 words, and staff approve, you are good to go.

  • The state system is based upon Strength, Physical Endurance, and Agility. Including Chakra Control/Chakra, but these not being the main stats to worry about.

  • Specialty System differs from others in the making of it, making it a tier system instead of just being Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, ect… Given a set amount of point you can put into these, alongside of the breaking down of which actual Ninjutsu becomes your specialty. An example for an S rank; Ninjutsu (Spacetime) - 5, Fuinjutsu (Sealing) - 5, Bukijutsu (Kyujutsu, Kenjutsu) - 5, Taijutsu (Elemental) - 3, Genjutsu (Visual) – 3 | Which means this character cannot use S rank Bukijutsu’s, instead only being able to A Rank jutsu’s from both Kyu and Ken jutsu’s.

  • We’re based off of canon to an extent, every canon character has died, and this was before Naruto’s son was born… So you could technically have been Naruto’s son, yourself. Of course you would need to explain in great detail who your mother was, and you would need to be a very young character. Either way, it gives, you, the member, a chance to have interacted with canon characters.

  • Our Limited’s System is quite different from others; we’ve allowed different aspects inside of that system.

  • Our Staff panel consists of 8 different personalities, and many different years of rp, all having a unique way of rp’ing. Each person having their own strengths and weaknesses. This means there is usually a staff member online all the time, and we love to answer questions and be helpful the best we can’t. As well as the staff communication is always happening as we have become a family, and we’re always talking things out with each other. Alongside this, one staff member cannot out rule another, it is majority vote.

  • We have a custom skin, thanks to a good friend of the family, Nekobake-Bro. A very helpful member, who has blessed us with such great coding skills.

    These are only a few things that we have to offer; we would love to see you come and join us!

The Ruhacdo Family
The Family Of Truth, The Staff

  • Kitaro: Hello People, most people nowadays know me as Kitaro but Kit, Kit-Kat, Frank and Ash are all names I've gone by before and have managed to come out of with enough self respect for me to continue responding to them. I like to think of myself as a reasonable kind of guy in both professional and private setting and I'm willing to take that regard as far along in any direction someone would be willing to take it. I take pride in my un-offendability and patience; with my staff mentality as an extension of those traits of mine so far as I can manage. That said, nothing brings down my anger from me like trying to take advantage of my nicer traits and it's hard to lose once it's earned but likewise with my respect. I'm around to help though and will be willing to take on or offer advice for any problems you may feel comfortable taking to me.

  • Kazuto: Hi! Its your friendly and quite lazy neighborhood staff member, Catdog...err Izanari. There's not much to me as everything is like a flowing river, but if you have a question i can answer with ease unless I am distracted. While I am chill and laxed most of the time that doesn't mean I won't switch into staff mode and rip you a new one (Though that isn't likely to happen unless you hit Lvl100 on the disrespect meter.)

  • Psychosis: Erro. I am Psychosis, being forced to describe myself. Id prefer to say Im a pretty relaxed guy who just wants to have fun. Ive been rping since 2009, though Im not the oldest in the group, in terms of roleplay experience... Regardless, I pretty much only try to help people, though most of my rp is combat based, I try to bind a story to the combat in a way I find interesting. Im glad to help figure ideas out and plan things, though trying to break the system or be a dick in general will not be tolerated by me. Im pretty tolerant of crazy ideas, even if that may make some staff annoyed towards me, so Im a good way to decide if something is too far fetched to get past the rest of the staff. Im very good with numbers and apparently people, so coming to me for help with either of those things is fine.

  • Noir: Hello everyone! Noir here, to describe myself, I would have to say generally I’m pretty easy going; I’m probably one of the friendliest out of all of us here. I can be hot-headed, but I always hear both sides of the stories before setting the trigger finger off. I’ve been around for… 11 years? Yeah… 11 years now. It’s been a while, and I’ve met a lot of different people in my time so far… So far I’ve meant this group of 8 other people, and they’ve quickly become a family to me, I treat everyone like they’re something until they prove they aren’t. Over all, I’m someone who you can come to with a problem and I’ll do the best I can to help you. If you need help with a code, I’m there, or something smaller in the form of graphics, I am also there… Don’t expect a huge GFX from me, as I’m not all that good, but coding is my specialty, I don’t normally do personal codes, but every now and again I will. If you have questions or concerns, or even an idea, don’t feel hesitate to come up to me!

The Promotion

Three selections for the opening promotion are available for one to claim. One option won't always be the best for everyone, after all, and who doesn't love options?

Option A – 15000 EXP. The primary form of currency, this allows for the choice of a handful of different jutsu.

Option B – A free A rank Puppet, Weapon, or Summon. A more specialized selection for characters that would benefit from more specialized tools rather than jutsu.

Option C – An additional Element or Specialization point. An alternate decision for those who might want to focus on their character rather than their accessories and skills.

From The Staff At,

New Found Stories

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