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Welcome To The Apocalypse. (Custom rp)

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on Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:53 pm
"First off allow me too welcome you too the apocalypse, and the new world"

The light within the area was dim though this was only a portion of the area in which the figure before you owns and lives in.

"Life was not all that great ever since the incident and Nell; Yes Nell Sara Heart. Only began too thrive in the environment it was her who made this place what it is today and not her alone. We need people like you or else this place will wither away and die."

The figure stepped forward and revealed his face a pristine looking man all except for the burns covering his face he was a greeter and one of many, he stood beckoning you too follow as he pushed the door open showing the hive, that was all Nell could think too call it. The massive complex in which used too be the sewer system under Nootau City now a web of highly trained individual's.

The first thing you notice are the Canadian military outfits most wear common is the attire and are the rules of the community. What one trades in discipline they gain in skill, that skill being mainly for combat a basic soldier would get. And secondly most are equipped you see everyone holding a M16 and a Browning hi Power(Pistol) on their hip. The rumour was Nell had found a military weapon bunker and there was much more where that came from.

The man looks back at you his look beckoning, from behind him a figure steps forward small frail in size though at first glance her blue eyes are mesmerizing. She walks with a stuff military precision and talks much the same way.

"Do you plan too stay or leave?"

As she turned too you her hair would mover revealing a tightly shut third eye on her forehead, she was a mutant....but what are you?

*Click Here to Enter*


This is a custom AD made too bring members too a society not yet formed, the depection above is in the possible far off future. If interested contact Nell Heart


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