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Naruto: Fallen Blades

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on Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:51 am


The site starts twenty-four years after the Third Shinobi War. While the alliance consisting of Kumo, Iwa, Ame, Kusa, Taki and Ishi are considered the victors; the truth of the matter is that no one won the last war.

With all sides having suffered ghastly amounts of casualties a treaty was put into effect in the hope that it would help to maintain the peace. While the treaty has done an exceptional job these past twenty-four years, many shinobi are beginning to speak up that another war is inevitable.

So while the entirety of the war hangs balanced upon the edge of a blade, the question asked is how long the act can be kept up and when the peace fails how many blades will fall from dead shinobi's hands.


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