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Blood Spear {血の槍 Chi no yari}

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on Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:04 am
Name:Blood Spear {血の槍 Chi no yari}
Type:Long Spear
Materials:Blood Spear {血の槍 Chi no yari} is made out of precious mix alloys from an unknown world. The Blood Spear is perfectly balanced long spear. The materials make the long spear is very sturdy and sharp{blade}, which allow for great defense and attack.

Visual Description:
Blood Spear {血の槍 Chi no yari} T99AIpK
The Blood Spear is a long spear reaching the length of 9 feet tall which is a little over 4 meters give or take. The shaft of the Blood Spear is black and forge from mix alloys of an unknown element. Usually required 2 hands to use but some are able to use it with just 1 hand. The Blood Spear weighs about 9ibs. The spearhead is about 12 inches in length, and the diameter of the long spear is several cm. Along the shaft of the Blood, Spear is ancient runes of Furyan Clan which warn the user of its power. The head of the spear is a flat double edge blade cutting of on both sides. Tie around the black shaft just before you reach the head of the spear is red sash. Along the spear is dried up blood stains which seems to be apart of the unique craftsmanship of the weapon.
Unique stat:N/A
Dragon▬Extension{Major}:The Blood Spear is unique long spear with is able to act as either a long-range weapon or mid-range weapon on a whim. The Blood Spear is able to do this function because of this major ability known as Dragon Extension. Which represent a long snake-like body of a Dragon the user to extend, contracts the entirely of the spear up to 20 meters per 20 chakra invest into it. Dragon Extension isn't without weakness as it can only move up to the high speed of 700, and prior before it strikes the weapon a glows white. In addition, Blood Spear can maintain the extension and swing, in wide arcs, attacking multiple targets quickly and simultaneously. To prevent overuse the user is extended and contracts up too 3 users before a small cooldown of 2 turns. Also for prolonging extension of the Blood Spear it cost half the chakra fee to maintain, and increase by 10 for every turn it is maintained. Maintaining the extent spear only act as 1 uses until it is retracted.

Vemon ▬ Fragement{Major}:Despite the name of this ability the Blood Spear holds a very toxic poison forge within the Blood Spear. The user is able to activate this toxic upon both conditions being complete. The first is a verbal command of this ability name, and Blood Spear inflicting an opening wound. The toxic enter into the bloodstream of the open wound and attempts to release very harmful toxic within the bloodstream of the target. The toxic acts as a paralyzing agent target the nerve system prevent the use of whatever limb or function of the landed area for 1 turn. This cost 20 chakra per use, and the paralyzing agent effect can be increased by prolonging exposer of contacting weapon. This only has 3 uses before 5 turn cooldown any time should the user wish to ignore cooldown it cost first double than triples the chakra cost for every turn after the 3 use.

Avatar{Major}: Duplication the user can instantly and nearly perfectly replicate Blood Spear, also is able usually being able to recombine. While the duplication of the item is nearly perfect the weapon takes a hit in -100 in endurance, and -100 in strength for each copy. With an additional cost of 30 chakra per Duplication, and a max of 10 copies can be made. Upon reaching the max of 10 uses the Blood Spear must have a cooldown of 7 turns.

Wielding{Minor}:The Blood Spear is able to be controlled and manipulated by the user as long as it is within range. Not only can that but the Blood Spear can use it respective abilities. The user can throw the spear and control its movements for up to 700 meters. This allows the user to summon the weapons back to their position without hindrance. Weapons move at 700 speed which makes the weapons especially formidable. This cost 20 chakra per use, and have 3 turn use, and 2 turn cooldown after the 3 use.

Requirements: Must have 300 in Str,and have Furyan Blood
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on Sat Sep 07, 2019 4:56 pm
1. Needs a maximum distance as to how far it extends. This is so much like Gin's Bankai from bleach. Extending spear, wielded in a wide arc, contract and all that.

2. Please note how fast it contracts also. Controlling it up to 700 meters seems a long way. Needs reducing I'd say.

3. Poison needs a power. So use the poison guide for the power. Which should be 500 max.

4. Dont need to say only a furyan can use it. Not like we trying to kill each other lol. Other than the above, I like the concept.
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