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The Limits of Power

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on Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:30 am
Here we are going to discuss the rules governing just how powerful someone or something can be. I'm of the school of thought that says that power is self-balancing via properly enforced rules, common sense, and the fact that just because something can hurt you doesn't mean it will. However, for the sake of those who feel the world is a safer place with more firmly placed limits - I will oblige.

Below is a list of rules by which no character may bypass:

  1. No character is allowed to have 3 dojutsu in their body.

  2. You may not swap eyes to get EMS, you may not swap eyes or DNA to get Rinnegan, and you may not try and loophole the rules by giving away your power to a friend when you quit. This will be monitored - and denied.

  3. You may not make jutsu that are somehow unstoppable. That does not exist. The reason we have stats on our site is so things are measurable; so that they are finite. Idc how strong your jutsu or stats are - it will be blockable, avoidable, defendable, or penetrable. If I see a jutsu you've made that contradicts this or causes a problem - I will step in and deny it, IDC if another staff has approved.

  4. When you have a MS implant via exp, or implanted sharingan - you MAY NOT use special MS abilities such as Kamui. The only way to use Kamui is to implant the eyes of an Uchiha who already has it into your eyes. Otherwise, if you are not an Uchiha, you may only awaken the normal sharingan techniques i.e. susanoo etc.

  5. More rules to come as time goes on.

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