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on Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:18 pm
Large, white, and devoid of space, the operating room which Kodoku had come to occupy was one of immaculate precision which bordered on the insane. Everything had its own properly place, every instrument had been set carefully and meticulously in its proper place, proper rack, proper drawer, and the whole place gleamed with a sterile whiteness which simply demonstrated that it had likely never been dirty in the entire course of its existence and, even if it had found the odd speck of dirt or mote of dust, it had long since been scoured quite clean with the zeal of a religious fanatic. Everything had its own particular place, its own location, and nothing was allowed to go wrong. Not the surgery, not the sanitation. Nothing.

This applied to all aspects of the young man's life, in all honesty; he was a perfectionist, one who loved details and information, who greedily read and ate and took in all forms of knowledge, big and small, important and frivolous. In his training he perfected his art with the blade by endless repetition and a wide pool of knowledge and skill; his surgeries and medicines he created and honed in much the same way; his ninjutsu came to him quite easily and yet still he perfected every piece of his chakra flow and every motion of his fingers to the point of casting the spells with a single hand; his fuinjutsu prowess had the look of calligraphy born of an intense commitment to perfection; and most of all, his body stored a wealth of genetic knowledge and material. He could run faster, jump higher, and last longer than any simple human, and much more.

He could swim to the depths of the ocean without impediment, could breath water as easily as air. He could soar through the heavens and, eventually no doubt, would be able to traverse the very innards of the earth upon which life grew. He could not die, not by simple old age or senescence that is, and would outlive any and everyone given nothing more than time and a bit of plant material such that he could photosynthesize. He could change the coloration of his body at will as well as the texture, granting him improbable camouflage, and his fangs and glands produced a poison the likes of which no one could possibly combat. He had worked hard, moved carefully, and pursued tirelessly perfection, and yet he could not arrive there.

He could not arrive at perfection because he always found something new which he wanted, some blood which he needed, some trait which he coveted, and some slew of genetic techniques and powers which he simply had to acquire. He could not find this perfection and this brought him ecstasy. As he learned and found and located so many more things which intrigued him, he added to himself and his powers, added to his capabilities and abilities, grew ever more powerful and strange such that most would think him odd or perhaps grotesque, but then again were not they all grotesque? He smiled at the thought, realizing how absurd the others of this world were. Perhaps that was why he loved combat so much.

He had realized that those in the world were not real. He did not mean this in a shallow sense, though it was true that they were less than simple flesh and blood, but on a much deeper level. Sure sure it was true and could be rightly said that the collection of humans which included himself were not under their own strict control but rather, should they look more inward and observed how their mind and bodies work, that they would find that they were not the ones pulling strings and that, instead, their ideas and thoughts and actions came up from somewhere else. To him, it felt as though someone were controlling him, were deciding things for him and were making decisions on his behalf, as though he were simply some dummy or doll made of words to be lobbed about whilly nilly.

On the other hand it was also true that they were not really flesh and blood, at least he did not personally believe this to be the case. Sure he was a masterful surgeon and such and was perfectly capable of doing insane things upon the flesh and blood of the people who found themselves in his chair but as luck would have it he could hardly even remember half of the shit that he managed to enact. He could talk through parts of the surgeries but he actually did not know a lot about them and he could hardly fathom how some of them were possible. It had long since been fact that full eye transplants were more than possible, something which historically and even within the confines of the medical texts books he had read were totally thought to be fully impossible. He literally had no idea how he could possibly go about these sorts of transplants and yet he was supremely confident in his ability to go about and actually preform that surgery without any sort of difficulty.

And so he found himself in another set of routine of rather standard surgeries in which he would going to go about rather simple things and transplants of the sort but really he just needed to go on and do a bit of patching people up. A few threads for sewing here and a few snips there and walla he would have made some nice money but alas it was not all so simple in the medical world for as it found would have it there were other forces working and the other doctors the few that there were and it was not really happening and a few souls were lost. Ko immediately redirected his attention to those rooms of the lost souls and went in to bring the poor bodies down to the basement where they could be eventually identified or disposed of. However he did have something else that he needed to do before just tucking them away.

As the under taker of the place he had some privileged into what was going on down with the bodies and was given a great deal of time alone with them. He did have a lot of things that he needed to do and so he was going to have to go and cut down on the theatrics of the whole process though it was perfectly fine because there were actually very minimal requirements for the process and they required mostly that he simply consume the brain and thus life of the people who he had targeted. And so it was that he actually did just that as he placed the bodies in storage down in the morgue and chose to use a simple and small cut and a straw to suck up a bit of their brain matter and consume that for it was that that would allow him to gain power untold and unavialible to most others at least under normal circumstances.

Thus it would come to pass that he had put away those two bodies and drained a bit of their brain matter with a small and expertly crafted incision and no one would be the wiser as to his continual growing of strength. He laughed an unpleasant and not humorous laugh at the whole notion of what was going on particularly because he was still classified as a lowly B rank shinobi as in one who is adequately powerful but not an elite or particularly powerful which was ludicrous because he was actually quite powerful at least as far as raw talent and ability went for he could hold his own with those who were even up to S rank so long as they did not have silly abilities which boosted their powers and strengths to absurd levels. But regardless he had many other things which he needed to worry about and so he locked up the safes to store the autopsied bodies and moved right along to the healing of the patients before departing for the day. He had many other and bigger fish to fry and he was excited to begin.

It began after working and all of that when he had to travel far away. Unfortunately he did not possess the ability to go so far as to actually teleport or anything like that and so he would have to walk or, in his case, fly off to where he wanted to go and, by luck, flying would save a great deal of time for he would be able to avoid traversing the country side and would be able to not have to acquire any sort of boat or anything of that nature because of course he could fly and so onward he would go until he had finally made it to yonder land of the Otsutsuki clan and there by he would have arrived at a place where his newest mark would be and it was something which he had been led to by reading a large amount of books about history and historical figures which he had been led to do by of course his controller. And so he got there to that place that he was going to and made his way to a rather secluded little area where he would have to begin digging.

He had found this small shrine manned by odd little monks when he was reading about the history of the clan which ruled over that there land of water and he had learned a great deal of information about their founding and from where they had come. He would be unable to pinpoint that which was their home planet and in fact did not even know what it was that was that which the race they came from was but he wanted to study them and so he would. He had found their founder, Abraxus, after whom this whole nation and the very continent had been named and he had reasonably inferred that this tiny and quaint shrine would be the most logical burial place of the old time rule and had decided to see for himself. At worst he would become a mass murder and would just roam on back home, but at best he would have acquired perhaps the most powerful body in the history of this world.

He had considered a few other bodies to hunt and felt that he had to chose only one, but unfortuantley those other bodies seemed unavailable to him. As far as clans with legendary members and founders and powers, the Senju and Uchiha both rivaled that of the Otsutuski but no one else could even attempt to match those powers and skills. And so he had chosen this body over those of the founders of those other clans if for no other reason than because he had a feeling no one was going for this one. He had had to do a bit of digging to learn so much about this man who was from a clan that he was not a part of and so it would have it that he would come to find this body. A simple blast of dust release chakra and some expertly placed sword work would obliterate the monks after he had calmly explained why he had come and they still attempted to stop him. Unfortunate but necessary. Then he began to dig but since he had no earth release abilities so to speak of he could only attempt to simply use a basic shovel.

It was terribly difficult work but he was able to get some information out of one of the final and oldest monks who did not attempt to stop him and so who was allowed to remain alive. Ko had no particular interest in senseless slaughter. He began digging under their central and most powerful and prominent relic and after some time eventually made it finally to a small tomb which he dug up and found the immaculately preserved body of Abraxus Lord of the Otsutsuki in a small and ornate coffin made of what appeared to be the man's bone grown around him either after he had been preserved or perhaps before his death if the man had chosen this fate. He had no current way to know about this but it did not currently matter and so, with that body, he spread his wings and flew away, taking up into the sky to reach home with his newly found treasures and strengths.
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