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Black Sky's a Zombie Roleplay

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on Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:31 pm
Black Sky's a Zombie Roleplay Zombie_horde_by_joakimolofsson-d5mudbk-1024x526
This is not the world as you know it.


18 years ago, a deadly virus brought humanity to its knees. An overwhelmed infrastructure collapsed, and the horde of ravenous undead didn’t help matters any. Time passed, and people learned to survive, to cope with this new reality.

Now, in a remote part of a continent called Black, a group of survivors has banded together to start a new community. Some have left the protection of a walled city to escape an oppressive government, crime and overcrowding. Others have never known that kind of safety; they’re used to sleeping with weapons within reach and one eye open. The denizens of Outpost 39 come from all walks of life, from those ill-equipped to survive without a community’s support to those who are adept at fending for themselves.

This is their story.


Black Skys is a zombie apocalypse Roleplay for those who are interested in roleplaying in a post-apocalyptic world where undead occasionally try to eat them. Our game features:

  • Dynamic storytelling, with both player-run and staff-run scenes/plots.

  • A zombie apocalypse well in progress, rather than just starting out.

  • The opportunity to explore building a new community/society from scratch.

  • A fresh approach to storytelling, allowing players to chart the course. The organization of the town is entirely in the hands of the players.

  • A fully fleshed out chargen, skill & combat system.

  • A fully fleshed out weather system that makes the environment come alive.

  • scavenge system to help players rummage up what they need to survive.

  • A hunt system so players can easily determine what is (or isn't) on the menu.

  • Character pages & roleplay logs posted to our web site.

  • A small, friendly staff team happy to lend a helping hand.

  • A unique karma system that allows players to reward other players with points that can be spent on special perks.

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