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Setōshi S. Sōichirō | House of Wires

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on Wed Jun 15, 2016 4:52 pm
Name: Garrote Wire
Rank: S
Type: Weapon
Materials: Obsidian + Coral
Visual Description:

The Garrote wire is a variant of the typical Ninja Wire utilized by the standard shinobi. Weighing only three pounds (3 lbs) total, this wire measures 850 Meters in length and is coated with a reflective space grey finish. The thinness of the wire directly reflects its strength, human skin and most defences do not stand a chance of even touching the wire, though through certain ITEMS and JUTSU this may be made possible.
Power: 700
Endurance: 300
Ability: N/A
Cost: 8,500
Requirements: God in Bukijutsu, must use Infinite Uses: Cross Tail Wire Method or Namakemono | "Sloth" [Retention Wire Gloves] in order to utilize this weapon.

***Note: The length of the wire is calculated through the price of an S Rank Weapon divided by the markets price of 10 ryo for 1 Meter.
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