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Crusade to Memory

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on Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:33 am
There was a loud ringing in the ears of the secret prince, such that made him buckle to his knees in anguish. Sitting alone in the laboratory, various wires attached to his body he began to writhe in anguish for what felt like the first time in his life. Aquiles was having what could be called a “bad dream” though induced by who-knows-what. No matter, the loud ringing continued from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet; and in between was indescribable anguish. As he cried out, his midi-chlorians began to recruit their own hidden energy as a defense mechanism against whatever outside threat was causing this. Thus, a torrent of rainbow colored solar waves was let out all around him as he screamed. The flare, fast and swift, disintegrated everything around him for over five hundred meters. Effectively leveling out the entire laboratory and its inhabitants. There was no smoke; simply the heat and radiation as though a star had come to visit and then left. Aquiles’s immune system had done this deed, as it had never felt such a threat to his physical safety as was now being felt in the delirium inducing sound. Various visions of all kinds began to appear to Aquiles as he stumbled in the snow, gripping the sides of his face. He was recalling some of the strange things he had read while in the library on Thera. The “beast” they called it. An ancient deity that had visited their world and turned the inhabitants into mindless slaves. The story of this creature had haunted him ever since he and the Mizukage had returned from their private trip. Aquiles could not help but notice the similarities of the described monster and himself while reading, and resolved even to keep his discovery of this from the Mizukage at the time.
Nevertheless, here he was about to be nearly crippled from movement because of the pain. Suddenly, however, he felt as though he could discern a direction from whence it came, and it is then that he looked up into the sky westward, and knew that he was being called. Without warning, Aquiles blasted off from the snowy ruins of his confinement, and into the upper atmosphere. Headed towards a foreign land that he had no recollection of visiting, he blasted off at full speed after the sound that had shocked his very soul. The closer he got, the more the pain wore off. Flashes of a certain face continued to appear before his mind's eye; a young man whom he did not recognize. It occurred to Aquiles during flight that this perhaps was not coming from without but from within. The only way to describe it is to suggest that his mind was trying to help him remember... something... What that was would be on the otherside of wherever this vicious torrent of sound was coming from; and he would be prepared for answers. He had been unusually paranoid and overcome with the feeling of being out of place ever since they had come back from Thera and he had seen the oracles, prophecies, and warnings...


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