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Shinobi Fables Untold Updates

It has been fifty years since the Old Era Ended...

A war to end all wars began shortly after the end of the first Kage Summit. There, Kurotsuchi Ootsutsuki murdered two Kage and forced the first unification of mankind since the days of the Ootsutsuki’s first arrival. Under Emperor Setoshi Sochiro, the remaining countries of the world rallied under one legion in assault against The Holy Abraxus Empire. Theophania Mamoru, the Empress of Galahad was the only nation to join forces with the Ootsutsuki in their last stand. War took place that summer, and the rivers went red with the blood of the slain. The clan compound of the Ootsutsuki turned out to be the most difficult point to attack of all nations due to the surrounding oceans. Eventually, however, Abraxus found armies surrounding its innermost walls. At this time did Setoshi and Kurotsuchi go toe to toe in a battle that would span for miles. In the midst of that great fight, there was bloodshed throughout the land of Abraxus and around it as armies and armies clashed.

The majority of the battle between Kurotsuchi and Setoshi took place in the country of Heaven’s Blossom, where the initial outbreak of war began. There they took to tearing apart the mountains and valleys with the tyrannical power of their indwelling Tailed Beasts. At that time, the moon went red with blood, and the sky lit up with various rainbow colors. From above descended a being of ethereal energy, clothed in indescribable color and coming forth as an Angel descending from Heaven. Mithrandir, was his name. The great star that dwelt in the sky above, brought the whole world to its knees. For what was once a strange meridian light, soon became the darkness of all darkness. All living things were subdued and their life forces absorbed; many dying instantly under the alien radiation from above. Plants, animals and all things under the sun had their very essence sucked out of them moment by moment. Mithrandir, that being who had appeared at the Kage Summit before  both men with a grave warning, had unexpectedly returned to fulfill his own prophecy.

Forcing the men to choose who would die and who would become the slave through which he ruled the remnants of mankind, Kurotsuchi was chosen to die. Mithrandir took the weakened Kurotsuchi to the peak of a mountain top then, where he would be ritually slain and devoured. Mithrandir impaled Kurotsuchi with his wonderous star-blade, Mijonir, which had never been denied a victim. A light poured out into the vessel that was Kurotsuchi, his body having only moments before every aspect of it would be demolished molecularly. It was then that the unexpected and inconceivable would occur!

A blue ambient energy surrounded Kurotsuchi, pouring out of him like an ocean and covering him like a shroud. Suddenly, that same shroud would cover the Antagonist as well, him unable to shake it off. It was the spirit of Kurotsuchi’s mother, in fact. She had sealed her soul into Kurotsuchi as a child and turned it into a jutsu that would come into effect the moment of his death. Unlocking the seal now, Izanagi (his mother) poured out upon Mithrandir and covered him in a shroud of blue energy. In the midst of that energy began to appear golden symbols that would appear all around Mithrandir’s body, clearly showing that he was being bound somehow. There was a terrifying roar from the Beast (Mithrandir) that was un-earthly, and with a blinding light he disappeared in a space-time vortex. Upon his disappearing, so did the various jutsu that he had activated to subdue and destroy the Earth. The natural sun appeared once more through the bleeding clouds, and there was light again upon the planet. Nearly all men and Ootsutsuki were dead, and there was no fighting anywhere on Earth. All were wounded and in great need of vitality if they were, at all, to go on.

It was at this time that Theophania appeared at the aid of Kurotsuchi, upon the mountaintop. He was unaware of how she was unaffected by Mithrandir’s radation, but cared not to answer. She alone came to the aid of the remaining human and Ootsutsuki forces to restore vitality to both sides, upon the island of Abraxus. Afterwards, the humans retreated at the mercy of the restored Kurotsuchi and the remnance of his people. Setoshi Sochiro was presumed dead and in fact went into hiding after all was said and done…

Over  the next fifty years, mankind sought to rebuild itself after its near extinction. The Ootsutsuki were able to do the same, and instead of hate, there was sorrow in all the world for the next four decades. After that time, however, there began to emerge a light upon the Earth once more, as there had been during the end of the war. A light of hope and a light of peace. Kurotsuchi, the ageless sovereign of Abraxus, and his lovely and immortal wife Theophania had rebuilt the Abraxus Empire to a point better than it was before. Seeking to create ties to avoid further conflict, a hand of peace was reached out from this empire to that of the humans, who were scattered and still settled in poverty. There was a single great human city at that time, and its leader was an elderly man who had fought in the war. He made peace with Kurotuschi, and together they came up with the village system and a way of peace for all the world to participate in and help one another grow through. The war had told Earthlings the importance of cooperation as a species, being that at the very moment when they needed one another the most from an exra-terrestrial attack, they were scattered and unable to fight the threat together. Hence, it has been fifty years since the Beast was bound by an ancient energy, and cast out into outer darkness. Setoshi Sochiro is thought to have died in battle, or even be a myth. Kurotsuchi is the most powerful man in the world, and his wife considered the mother of all life. The Beast, having disappeared, is thought also to be a myth and there are only stories to describe him; only a few men still alive knowing any real details.

The challenges of the New Era are that of maintaining peace, preventing new and upcoming threats and most importantly… healing old wounds…

Shinobi Fables Untold; The New Era Begins!

Character History:

Kurotsuchi Ootsutsuki

A legend in the shinobi world and a figure of controversy being the most powerful being in the world. He is the Kage of Kirigakure, and the first heir to the Ootsutsuki dynasty. Kirigakure is now a land shrouded in mystery and with the memories  of the war that took more lives than any other single event in human history. Many have a deep rooted hatred for Kurotsuchi and his clan due to them blaming them for the annihilation of so many during the war; many believe the catastrophic event to have happened at the hands of the Mizukage himself. Thus, many fear, hate, and adore him at the same time. He, in a pledge of peace, will be hosting the first ever Chunin exams under the pact made with the late Sora Uchiha.

Theophania Mamoru

Another legend in the shinobi world, and one of much intrigue is Queen Theophania. She became a figure of controversy when she sided with the Ootsutsuki during the war and thus has brought upon mixed feelings about herself from many outside the walls of Kirigakure. Many see her as a traitor, many as an angelic host. It is widely believed, in fact, that she is otherworldly, and is attributed with saving the remnants of mankind after the great destruction of the world. Many shrines of worship have been made in her honor, and there are rumors that she is in fact immortal as her beauty is said to have not faded even slightly in half a century…

The Antagonist

Being a figure continually shrouded in mystery, Mithrandir was sealed and thought to have been removed entirely from the world of shinobi. So few have ever truly seen him, and only a handful that are still alive; Kurotsuchi, Setoshi, and Theophania namely. Sealed away in another dimension by an ancient spirit residing within Kurotsuchi, the Morning Star has mysteriously returned to Earth with seemingly no recollection of his past lives. A child clothed in radiant light, found walking upon the waters behind the palace. The child was taken by Ootsutsuki priests and raised in obscurity under the watchful eye of the Mizukage, who alone knew of the boy’s true self. Developed to carry out the private plans of Kurotsuchi, the boy resides as a prince in Kirigakure, yet kept away from everyone and only answerable to the Mizukage himself. Having no recollection of his former self, he maintains distinct loyalty to the Ootsutsuki, whilst still developing into whoever he is destined to be…

Setoshi Sochiro

Setoshi Soichiro was believed to have died in the war but in fact escaped and hid in shame for many years due to the traumatic experience he went through when the Antagonist came to Earth. Having gone slightly insane, he became obsessed with the notion of aliens and gods from other places having been the true orchestrators of human history; to which mankind has never had any proper defense. Believing this, he concluded that mankind would always be in service to these beings as long as they existed. Desiring and scheming his revenge on the Ootsutsuki, he resides in the shadows as a legend and as a harbinger of good and evil; depending on who you are…Setoshi has aged over the fifty year period and appears to be a man in his early fifties though he is definitely older.


Stein is the only man aside from Kurotsuchi who maintains knowledge of Setoshi’s survival, though Kurotsuchi knows only by speculation; Stein has seen Setoshi. Stein works as being Setoshi’s eyes and ears in the shinobi world, and as his link to current events. Being a high ranking general in the Konoha army, he has much influence over military affairs in his nation. He is thought to be the most powerful soldier in Konoha’s army, and to harbor a private hatred towards Kirigakure due to the history of his master (Setoshi) and Kurotsuchi. He awaits orders for when the plot to revenge will take place…

Zeda Hatoru

Zeda Hatoru is the personal body guard of Empress Theophania Mamoru, and is her most close and personal aid; as well as the manager of her affairs. He resides with her in the Ootsutsuki compound and will be helping with the setting up of the chunin exams as well as the protection of royalty during the event.

New member Package

If you join in MARCH

- Can start off as C rank/Chunin
-50 stats
-10k ryo
-5k exp

Package for Old Members
Old members get ONE gift:

Get all APPROVED creations in one area purchased.
5k exp
25 stats

Each person may have a total of five

Limited Skills

Same rules

Chunin Exams Plot

The Mizukage, Kurotsuchi, has invited all the world's shinobi into a tournament even to test and develop the strength of the rising military in both Kirigakure and in lands abroad. Contestants will be entered from Konoha and will stay within Kirigakure for approximately three weeks during the exams. There will be proctors, as well as a team of captains that will serve as a medium between Konoha and Kirigakure in protecting the foreigners.

-Everyone who enters will be a chunin.
-The format will be similar to the "Hunger Games". Each chunin will be in it for themselves. There will be a landscape created within the land of Kirigakure, and that landscape will be the fighting grounds. Contestants will be forced to fend for themselves, survive, kill and do whatever it takes to win. The test is to see who is the most formidable warrior in all the lands of world. It is a chance for both nations to examine the fighting capacity of their shinobi in preparation for new world events; war is the worst time to learn such lessons.
-The objective of each of the exams is to be the last man standing. The person who does this wins the competition. There will be four people per topic/terrain. The winners will go on to the next round where you will compete once more on another terrain. Two total exams if you win the first level.
If you try to hide and not fight, the land itself may be simulated to attack you - just a warning.
-Characters who are wounded severely will be removed and tended to; but deaths can happen.
-May the odds be ever in your favour

-There will be ONE winner, and the reward is S rank. There will be a chunin exams once a month on SFU until otherwise stated or unless otherwise cancelled.

*Everyone please make a new update page!

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