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Mimato((Honey Bee contract)

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on Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:48 pm
Name: Mimato
Rank: S
Type: Summon(Combat typeHoney bee)
Size:: Standing on her two hind legs, she towers to a stunning 30m, although when she is standing with her 6 legs, she is only 17m tall
Handseals: Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram
Visual appearance:
Mimato((Honey Bee contract) Insect_humanoid
Mimato looks more like this
Mimato is a beautiful humanoid honey bee.  Her face has a yellowish-green appearance, however she has orange markings at the lower part of her head, the top of her head however spots her hair and her antenna, which grows between her hair, which is coloured in an array of yellow, yellowish-green and black in some cases..  Her natural fur engirdles the entirety of her neck all the way down to her chest in its thick but warm embrace. Her black colouration stands out, but she has yellow and in some parts orange colourations in some parts. Her wing also gives off a black hue, although the underside of her wings are yellow. She also has noticeable protrusions that jut behind her elbow, which are quite sharp
Personality: Being a warrior, she is no coward and rarely backs out of a fight, she treats her summoners with respect and tends to act like a talkative, although she prefers to be mute in combat.  She has a jovial side when out of battle, and seems to be aware in the importance of hard work.        
Summon Abilities:  
• Capable of speech, thought
• Rough: Her entire body is coated in extremely durable endoskeleton, which gives a hard and rigid feel, it grants a +100 boost to her natural strength and +50 boost to her endurance. Costs 1500Ryo
• She can sting many times without dying, and is able to spawn a new sting with 10Chakra per sting.
Death Sting:Her sting causes paralysis and extreme pain. However when 30 chakra is added, the venom in her sting can be made to disrupt motor skills and nerve signals, and causes death if not treated after 5 posts ..
Bee Divsion: A useful ability that allows for  honey bee to immediately create numerous smaller copies of itself, each individual copy with a striking resemblance of the original, albeit at the cost of the bee's enormous size. With Mimato's size, this  creates nothing but a swarm of honey bees.  Each copy or division of the user is capable of acting as a seperate unit and can communicate with each other telepathically. This is similar to the Great slug disivion technique, however this paves way for added versatility, as the bees are capable are also capable of cinching together to from various structures and shapes to better suit the situation. For example, the honey bees can converge together to form a giant clenched arm to punch the enemy, the force of the punch is equal to the strength of the bee at that moment. However, it is important to note that the bees move at +150 speed in this state with their reduced sizes, they are able to accomplish this since they have reduced inerti, it is also important to know that the bees at that stage also have the same endurance as the endurance of the bee at that time, both individually or when they come together to form whatever shape they desire.  The bee can reform to its original size by converging all of its smaller copies which clinch onto each other to form the original shape of the bee, hence the shape is animated and the resulting formation is the bee's original body. However in cases when the bugs are somehow squashed, since each copy bears a perfect resemblance to the original, the bee can use chakra to to inflate the size of the smaller bee to form the original size of the bee, however when this is done, the remainder of the bees that are still alive will die and in most cases fall off If hovering in the air. When the smaller copies of herself are killed, they do not explode into honey.  Takes 30chakra to dvide and 30 to reform. Has a 1 post cooldown Costs1500Ryo
•Perks of being a Honey Bee
Starting Ryo: 5000Ryo
Ninja Skills

Ninjutsu: 5
Genjutsu: 5
Fuinjutsu: 5
Medical Ninjutsu:


Strength: 50 + 200=250
Speed: 50 +250=300
Endurance: 50 + 50=100
Chakra: 50+50+2(25)+217=367
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on Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:03 pm
Oh Neaaaaahh!! Very Happy. Ready for ya
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