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on Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:42 pm
Type: Engine Sword
Materials: Unobtanium
Visual Description:

Due to the power of the Engine , it has the possiblity to have Space time Chakra Infused in it, it is said it is a Sword that slices through space and time, allowing its wielder to warp at will. The Leftovers of the metal to build this blade was forged into daggers with slightly watered down versions of these powers.
Ability: TBA
Cost: 8500
Requirements: Space Time Master

Type: Longsword
Materials: Unobtanium
Visual Description:

A Storied sword that strikes with waves of resonance. Calls forth the formidable power of the Knightswords. Or so Legend Tells, but until in the Presence of the Aqesiro, tis just a blade.
Ability: TBA
Cost: 8500
Requirements: Aqesiro

Type: Greatsword
Materials: Unobtanium
Visual Description:

Gallant greatsword that cuts through thin air to find its mark. Calls forth the protective power of the Knightshield. But without Aqesiro to unlock its potential, it is nothing more then a Hulking blade.
Ability: TBA
Cost: 8500
Requirements: Aqesiro

Type: Lance
Materials: Unobtanium
Visual Description:

A Lance that nimbly negates damage using displacement. Calls forth the preventive power of the Knightguard. But without Aqesiro this Lance is nothing more then a lance in all reality of things.
Ability: TBA
Cost: 8500
Requirements: Aqesiro
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