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Castus Weapon list(wip)

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on Sun Sep 11, 2016 10:59 am
Name: Iryoshizaki
Rank: S
Type: Sword
Materials: Pure Chakra
Visual Description: The weapon looks to be a normal katana in appearance, except larger in every way. The hilt is much longer and thicker than an average katana's, the blade is much longer (measuring in at nearly four feet long), and is also larger in every aspect as well. Because of this, the weapon seems to be a thicker-than-normal nodachi. The hilt has a dark green wrapping, and the sheathe is a very dark almost blackish green in color. The tsuba is octogonal in shape.

Endurance: 150
Ability: (Major Ability)- Due too being comprised of chakra the blade is intagible and intangible affecting allowing it too likewise only affect victims internally leaving no outward image.

(x2 Major Ability)- The blade can transmit medical ninjustu by stabbing into targets allowing a + 600 in power which can be used too likewise increase cutting power.

(Minor ability) If a non medical shinobi touches the hilt of this weapon their chakra will be affected doubling their chakra cost until they let go of the weapon for at least 1 post.)
Requirements: The rumour is Castus in his quest too make ambient chakra weapons the first one Castus made became whole pure chakra, as such it requires a 5 in iryo too even grip. With skill in Bukijustu needing too be 4 if the user is at 5 they gain half the power added too the original.
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