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Rain Uzumaki

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on Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:28 am

Name: Rain Uzumaki
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Height: 5"9
Weight: 68.9Kg's
Appearance: With a rather sleek, somewhat athletic build, the red eye'd uzumaki stands at a reasonable 5"9 inches. If one where to have him stand in nothing but his underwear, his sculpted shape would show his shinobi training has been hitting the right places while also showing whats in his underwear is nothing to shy away from either. Keeping this base, his skin is not pure white, but has a minor hint of a tan, pinking in places. His hair is dark red, blood colour in some lights which shows his heritage, the hair of the Uzumaki clan. It is short in cut yet long compared to others, coming in to spike like shapes and slightly longer in the fringe area.

Placing clothing on to him, he does not actually wear what would be considered natural shinobi gear. His attire consists of a simple orangish t-shirt, yes orange because who needs to blend in right?, with a white robe that has been adapted to become a shirt. His pants are a simple black colour and like all the other shinobi he wears socks…..with sandals. Better to conduct chakra through in the long run. Some other aspects of notice, his nose is slightly off point due to breaking it when he was younger, his nails are never pristine due to his habit of biting and he has a small scar just above his top lip where he got in to a fight with his pet hamster and it bit him.

Land: Lost Kingdom of Carpathia
Character Rank: C
Clan: Uzumaki Clan
Element: N/A


Rain is a born leader, having gained great abilities when it comes to planning strategies, and his ability to tolerate an array of different people with different persona, from those whom are overly clingy to those who you would prefer just to give a smack too. As a leader many would want them to be head strong, and willing to sacrifice their own pawns, this is not the case for Rain, whom believes each life under his command is unique and is required. He takes personally the loss of each comrades when under his own command. He will go to surprising lengths in order to protect them, whet his this becomes using his own body to shield them from something that would be deemed as life threatening, drawing attention to himself in times of distress to take the burden off others, if the circumstances were very extreme, even murder would not be off the table. What adds to his ability as leader, is the capability to adapt a plan, whet his creating full, elaborate schemes, to improvising on the spot, the female will do it all.

He is not one to take sides during arguments, not willing to allow himself to be drawn in to such things, generally Rain will try to diffuse the situation kindly, if not and it is at all possible, of course that’s unless He is the one who started the arguments, then He will argue till He loses his voice. What may be unique about Rain, is that He does not look down upon those around his, regardless of lifestyle, age and so forth, He will treat everyone with the respect they deserve, and what they deserve depends on how they act, their attitude and how they hold themselves. If they are rude, intolerable and simply arrogant, the female will be short with them, speaking to them only when one hundred percent necessary, yet if these type of personas are in his team, or apart of his squad, then the same rules apply, He will put his own life on the line to try to protect such arrogance.

Now, though a born leader, someone whom believes He should take control over a situation. When He meets someone else who does take charge, their personas may clash. Rain is more than likely the one who will take a step back, not because He believes himself the wronged party but because He knows that these will be opportunities to discredit the leadership of others. As an outspoken person He will not hesitate to call out his rival if he thinks they are wrong at each turn.

Since becoming homeless Rain has become colder in nature, volatile and less caring about what others people think of him, openly willing to critique and verbally bash others whom deserve it, even willing to get physical. He still holds the will of his family in heart, He still feels heartbroken at being parentless, saddened by the loss of a life that would change forever.

Regardless of how he’s lived, what has shaped his, a few things have remained the same. His love for dumplings for example or his adoration for cute hats. You would think someone haven being homeless would be sick of the rain and cold, but he still loves the feel of rain upon his skin and the tinge of the cold at night. He likes having something to cuddle at night, boy, girl, dog or cat, stuff toy, and just something to tethers him to this reality. Dreams have never been kind to him not since the days of his parents killing. He has an amazing sweet tooth, but can be critical of what he eats, knowing that a moment on the lips and forever on the hips can be a cruel and true statement, whenever he eats sweets which is the majority of the time, He tends to tell himself that he will exercise or never eat the item again, something along those lines a little berating comment to himself yet it will never last for the next hour he will be consuming something sweeter. In fact fizzy drink is possibly his biggest vice, somethinghHe could not live without. Rain adores truly the stories of legendary warriors, his bed time stories as a kid were all about them, and now they help him sleep once more.

As for fears, well once you have lost your parents, these is not much to fear, He does fear his step mothers and sister, not enough to make him shake, to make him scream, but he does fear them. Snakes scare him due to his step mother and sisters affinity with them, again not enough to make him completely be useless but enough to have every inch of his body tell him to flee.

With relations to animals, Rain adores them much like most of the world, He finds them easier to befriend than most humans and isn't afraid to spill his secrets to them. Within his eye's He views animals as trustworthy companions whom deserve praise, adoration and love much more than humans, they don't lie to him, they don't plot in the way humans do, they never took what he loved away from him. Yet he does know that it is more for his own benefit than theirs that He keeps them, that He intends to build a team, because being alone and being afraid all the time, it’s not healthy and that’s how He feels. Of course this is wild animals or personal summons. Those used against him shall sadly feel his wrath.

Rain does love himself, though it may not come off as such, with all he has been through darkening his outlook on life, knowing that death could take anyone who he cares about in seconds. He still finds the time to appreciate the beautiful things in life and He does believe that he is beautiful, He is not vain or stuck up, but he knows what he knows. He has imperfections which he owns, He does not shy away from these flaws because he knows that the flaws are what makes a person unique. As a big mouth, Rain shows emotions more than others, He does not stifle his crying, and he does not halt his sobs but lets them flow freely, much like the verbal abuse He can sling when angry or annoyed. If Rain is feeling something, regardless of the emotion it is something that can be clearly seen upon his face and read easily from his eyes and his mouth, if trying to hide something from others, trying to lie to them, his mouth generally becomes pursed, or He tries his hardest to pretend like it is glued shut.

Character History:

Rain's fathers was an author whom studied and created stories for his entire life while searching for information on chakra and the life of ninjas.  His mother had fell for his fathers and together created Rain. The story of a simple life His fathers a Senju, his mother an Uzumaki.

His true mother was beautiful, long red hair, blue eyes, a beautiful woman with a kind heart who would not hurt anyone. Rain loved his mother, and adored the relationship his parents had, it was as if it were out of a fairy tale. They would read to him, take him on days out to parks, to sweet shops. His favourite time of day was bed time, when they would invent stories, stories of the legendary ninja, stories of chakra and abilities his fathers researched, they told him stories in all forms, about every form of legend they knew, it brought a world of never ending possibilities to Rain. Yet also a world of nightmares that would present itself. For his mother died suddenly. Authorities tried what they could but the death was ruled as suicide….she had apparently taken her own life.

His mother had left him, thus started the nightmares. Stories of legendary ninja suddenly haunted him, they villains began to win. Nightmares involved these ninja holding his mother, laughing at him, hurting her while all he could do was watch. At the time he did not know what death was, he did not know what had taken his mother, his fathers would sit his down and explain, he was a smart kid, his fathers a genius, it did not take long for reality of death to settle in to his mind, shattering a world of beauty that he had thought would never end.

He lived with these nightmares for the next three or four years, time was hard to keep track off, he had been five when his mother had died and his training throughout these four years had taken a hit, he failed his exam three times within this frame. Though it was his relationships with those in school that had suffered severely, his friends had offered him a grace period, but after so long of them trying and being shut out eventually friendships that had formed drifted away, teaches became angrier and it would seem they too had given up, some phoned his father some asked his to see the therapist yet none of it did any good. Rain was struggling, in a darkness that had embraced him. He did not realize how alone he was, how hollow and broken he had actually been.

Yet his father whom at the start of his mother’s death had become a recluse would have come out of his own despair a few years before, work became the focus of his attention, yet he never not once forgot about his little boy. He was priority and you could see it in his face, how scared he was for his son. Thus he began to tell him stories, stories once more including legendary shinobi ,this time focusing upon happier warriors, legends of shinobi whom could battle nightmares. A shinobi whom had been capable of calling people back from the dead. Now that was something that stuck with him.

He realized that being around his father helped. So he began to help him, carry out research for his next novel when he was around the  age of nine. The deal was that his school work was to get back on track and he would be allowed to help, he was to become a genin.  It was difficult to adjust due to the fact after all this time people had come and go and he had yet to graduate, when he came back to school after all this time as himself and not some former shadow, people began to care for him, Teachers where happy to see that his smile had returned. A warm glow, an ember of happiness returned to his life. So this incentive helped his pull back, helped his ease his mind and as he graduated to become a genin, he was top of his class, having graduated at the age of ten. A feat great in this day of age.

It was in the field though that he really shone, upon graduating his father had given him his mothers shinobi things, including a scroll on the uzumaki clan, the big scroll of fuinjutsu his father had helped her write down, with his own little notes that were supposed to help in learning them. Rain did everything he could to learn, studying these scrolls as often as he could when he was not out in the field with his genin team training.  Now as a genin he was away from the house and his father became lonely, finally meeting a woman whom would become his step mother. During this time Rain would continue his work as a genin yet over this time each time they attempted to become chuunins they failed.

His dad remarried eight years after to a woman who at first was lovely. This woman Ruby and her daughter Maki were Rains best friends. Both Maki and Ruby where shinobi.  Then it became clear they only wanted the fortune her father had gained, even shinobi where greedy.. When he began to date Ruby, Rain hated his father, he hated that he was moving on from his mother, yet he understood it, he would try to persevere, Ruby had a daughter, Maki and god did Rain adore Maki, Maki was amazing, she was adorable and had no cares. Who would have thought she would have been a cold hearted bitch. Something always felt off about Ruby, something odd. Yet they would do family things, parks, restaurants, yet never the ones his mother had joined them on, Rain refused to bring these two in to his memories of those places and his father for once had agreed. Yet they played happy families, but Maki and Ruby were always skulking around moaning in shadows about how nothing had come off it. About how soon something would go down.

It had been during a training session to help Rain get ready to become a chuunin, that Ruby revealed her snake summons to him and her affinity with poison. It was always upon Rains mind that it came down to it. Her father would pass away three nights later. Poison when outside, of course no one could prove it was Ruby or Maki, yet Rain knew. Rain knew that it was these people whom had now taken everything from him, whom was upon the streets for the next four months of his life. His teacher took him in and listened to his side of the story. Through perseverance Rain finally advanced to chuunin with his team members. His ideal…he was going to get his revenge.

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