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Stat System [Done]

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on Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:05 am

Hi there!
Ok so on this site we will have four main stats on which to base everyone off of; with the inclusion of life force in order to make room for those whose KKG gives a boost or in some way affects it. Stats are meant to be a medium through which rpers can rp their strategy and skill, not to make the game into a one of pure calculation. Do keep in mind that in the game there are stats, but no stats are fixed descriptions of power per say, and can be subject to the conditions of role play, common sense, judgement of mods, and most importantly, judgment of players. We hope that we have provided everyone with the greatest balance possible of distinctive, quantifiable power, along with room to actually strategize and use writing skills to accomplish objectives.
With that being said, lets get introduced to the basic elements of the SFU Stat/Tier system!

  • All stats start at 50.
  • Your chakra gets the following addition naturally: Add all three of your other stats together and ddivide them by three. Once that is done, add the result to your chakra. This is something that is always done so that as your stats increase, so does your chakra naturally. Anything you add directly to your chakra counts like a normal addition to your chakra.

  • If your life force is at least 25 above 100, add 25% of your life force amount to two stats as a boost from your life force naturally. If your life force goes down in battle, so does this boost temporarily.

  • Anytime your life force is drained, it takes 10 turns to recover.





Starting Stats

E Rank100
D Rank200
C Rank300
B Rank400
A Rank500
S Rank


For the sake of simplification in other systems and references to stats, we will also be using the term "Tiers" to represent someone's Zone of power. People within the same tier are roughly similar in general scope of ability in a given stat. Your tier in a given stat, is roughly how

TIER 1 - 50-100 stats - You have very basic abilities, though still noticeable. Likely not yet strong enough in this stat to utilize it in battle very much.
TIER 2 - 101-200 - You are strong in this stat, and now can be used as a battle advantage.
TIER 3 - 201-300 - Now you are comparable to a Clan leader in this stat, and likely to be considered among the elite.
TIER 4 - 301-400 - In this tier you are respected and even feared for your prowress in this stat; and it is you distinguishing power.
TIER 5 - 401-500+ - At this level, your power is great enough to strike terror in armies. Your power is considered to almost be fairy tale like, and to intimidate most into not wanting to even fight you. Anyone at this level in a stat is truly a monster.

If you are within the same tier as someone, there is not a massive difference between you two in the particular characteristic. This is common sense, but we want to outline this so that people understand the importance of quantified power, but not at the expense of simplicity in rp. Reference to "Tiers" will/ can be used in techniques and other systems.

Strength is how much physical power your body can produce. This includes striking a blow, lifting an object, or overall ability to produce and apply force to another object. The following descriptions will be comparisons of how stats on this site compare with characters from Naruto, and secondly to real life examples.


Speed covers all kind of speed. Hand speed, foot speed, reaction speed, even thought speed if you want to go that far. How fast you are able to do something, and how explosively is determined by speed.

Endurance covers how much you can take. Now, the human body obviously is still the human body, but in Naruto people are super-human and therefore are much more physically capable than you would think. Endurance does not tell us simply how hard it is to wound you, but also how you deal with being wounded. People with greater endurance have higher tolerance for poisons. They also are, indeed, harder to wound. Though at some point most people will need something to shield them to reach a level of endurance. Endurance follows largely parallel to the strength system, in that the more endurance you have, the more you are able to "tank".

The general rule for endurance is this; whatever someone of equal strength can lift, you can tank.

Everyone has chakra, its the basis of the site, we assume everyone has roughly the same chakra, generic as you might think it is. It is only until we get into the chakra system that begin to understand the realize the complex ways chakra interacts with the body. Here on our site, we strive for something different, we want to engage our members and allow them creativity to play their characters as they see fit. The chakra system allows us to do just that, in a way that promote healthy growth. Chakra stat is, like all stats, not set in stone. We have an estimate of how much techniques cost etc. but this is subject to change via situation. Always keep in mind the IC activity and strategy trumphs all. However, we use a chakra stat to keep players responsible for how they use jutsu in battle, to have an appreciation for using chakra as they can directly feel the depletion of it when using it, and to avoid spasmatic abuse of vague chakra amounts; here you know how much you have and there is no such thing as someone with 25 chakra using ten S rank techiques etc.

Note: Chakra, as the other stats except for life force, automatically starts at 50. Your chakra automatically gains stats according to what your Strength, Speed and Endurance contains. Use the following formula: Strength + Speed + Endurance / 3 = Chakra Increase.
You may increase you chakra directly as well, gaining one chakra stat for each stat you put into chakra.
Players who only use Taijutsu and Bukijutsu may use the formula but divide by 2 instead of 3. Upon gaining a skill which is not Taijutsu or Bukijutsu, such as Ninjutsu, you must divide by 3 and loose the perk of being able to divide by 2.


Life force is the overall core of all stats, and the source of someone's capacity to funtion via their stats. This will be implemented to explain those things in between the cracks, like when using jutsu so strong they literally sap life out of you etc. Or when Uzumaki and Senju gain boosts naturally etc.

  • Everyone starts out with 100 life force, and this stat is not affected naturally by anything. This is not a stat to determine how much "damage" you've taken, and this is NOT a HEALTH POOL. I HATE POOLS. It is simply a basic stat that only comes into play during certain situations.
    Now, it has advantages and disadvantages when tapped into.

  • Once life force drops below 100, (you can only take away in multiples of five or ten), the user temporarily takes a stat drop equal in percentage to the amount taken away. So If my Rinnegan tech costs me 20 life force, and now I am at 80, for ten turns, my stats are 20% lower. If I l go down 5 life force, my stats go down 5% of their normal number for five turns. Get the picture? Life force affects EVERYTHING; so using it gives you a blanket spanking.
    Any affect to life force by this method lasts at least ten turns, before stats are returned to normal.

  • If life force is over 100, than the following rule comes into play:
    *Once this is done, 25% of a person's life force is added to two stats of the user's choice.

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King Eversoris
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on Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:14 pm

Ah, the most important paragraph in the entire article. So here is where our system is brilliant, because it is the perfect melding between rp ability and statistics. It has room for both a numbers game and a game of life circumstance and strategy. So as you can see by the system, it is based both on numerical value as well as descriptive value. This is how rp should be ideally. We will not have absolutely every scenario pre-planned out, nor will anything mean auto-hit. It is all circumstancial. If you get in battle and want to know whether or not your opponnent could dodge your attack in that partciular situation, mods will judge.

But here are some general rules that can help all members to govern themselves.


1. You must be at least 150 speed above someone, they only have time to perform a maximum of 2 hand signs or dash up to five meters.  Any distance beyond that is situational.

2.Once you have a speed of 200 or more, someone needs to be at least 200 faster than you for the same affect; otherwise it is situational. Now this does not mean you are not faster than someone, but it does mean that situation will have to dictate. I might be faster than you, but there is distance between us, or things I can do to slow you down. Speed only becomes a major factor close range. Being fast does not mean you auto-dodge things - use common sense please. If you abuse the system, you will be fined by mods. Other than that, FIGURE IT OUT AND RP.

3. In order to avoid future unnecessary conflicts in the future, I will now implement the last rule which is a tribute to our philosophy that rp is not simply about numbers, but mainly about rp up unto a certain point. Going on that, we are simplifying the speed comparison with the following:

For rule one, you must be 150 in front of someone else's speed stat, and within 50 meters range, to be able to move faster than they can weave signs. If you are only 149, this rule DOES NOT COME INTO PLAY. If you are 150 stats above someone, and 40 meters away, you do not somehow gain extra speed, the SAME RULE APPLIES AS IF YOU WERE AT 50 METERS. If you are 150 ahead on someone in speed and 51 meters away, THIS RULE DOES NOT APPLY. 
We are not going to play the tit for tat game; but rather plays general mile stones in the game that make it so that once you get to this level of advantage, a slight IC perk comes into play. Other than that, it is purely based on rp situation.


For rule two, you must be at least 200 speed above someone with 200 speed or more and at 50 meters or less distance in order to move faster than they can weave signs. If you are 199 speed, this rule DOES NOT COME INTO PLAY. If you are 51 meters away, and have 400 speed on your opponent, THIS RULE DOES NOT COME INTO PLAY. If you are 400 speed on your opponent, and 50 meters away, the same rule applies as if you were 200 stats on your opponent at the same distance. Rules are meant to regulate, not to define. This is writing... We will not allow you to stack and somehow abuse the rules by being infinite in stat and therefore auto-hit everyone from everywhere. Only these two rules will exist for IC battles, everything else is subject to writer judgment, integrity, and if necessary - battle mod discernment.


4. How to deal with "Instant Activation" Jutsu
Due to the evolution of our site in terms of what is possible in terms of canon and custom jutsu, we will now address the use of "instant" jutsus. Many have used jutsu that require no handsign as an excuse to become invincible as well as unhitttable. We have a solution to that.

If someone launches an attack or tries to hit you moving at 400+ higher speed than your speed stat - you cannot activate instant activation techniques. Why? Because you cannot activate what you cannot react to. Once someone is 400+ stats faster than you, you are not able to activate jutsu, weave signs, or move more than a five meters. This attack must take place at 50 meters or lower range, and as always - things are circumstantial. If you are able to, via the situation, defend yourself properly - no problem. If you have already existing jutsu active that you use to defend yourself - that is situational. But you may not activate new jutsu in response to a move someone has made that is technically faster than you can react to.


1. Ah, this one is fun too. So, how strong before I can squash someone, you might ask? Well, in Naruto, just as people can potentially be freakishly strong, they can also be freakishly durable. We must counteract vast strength potential with vast durability potential; and we have. So these two stats mirror one another, to put it simply. For example, someone who has 100 endurance, can withstand blows of someone up to 100 strength. Whatever the 100 strength can throw, pick up, or dish out directly, the person of 100 durability can take. If both are equal, they cancel each other out. You can still hit and slightly hurt them, but nothing major by direct blows of strength.
The one comparative rule is this:

*In order to be strong enough to hurt someone, you must exceed their durability by your strength by 150 stats. Otherwise, you cannot deal severe damage. 
Once you are 150 stats  (or more) above someone, you are officially able to hurt them. Now, this does not mean auto kill, or one hit blow does the trick. It just means that blows that are 150 or more above someone's durability do severe damage and even fatal DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION I.E. USE COMMON SENSE. Breaking someone's arm and breaking someone's neck have differing consequences obviously; play the game guys. 

ALSO, similar to the speed rules, these rules cannot be abused. Meaning, that if you are more than 150 strength than someone, you do not get to auto-hurt them MORE than someone who is at 150 strength above their durability. THERE IS NO ABUSING OR SPAMMING THIS RULE, AND YOU MUST MEET AT LEAST THE EXACT REQUIREMENTS IN ORDER FOR IT TO COME INTO PLAY IC. 
If you are 149 above someone, YOU CANNOT HURT THEM SEVERELY. We are, as I said above, not playing tit for tat, and we do not care how unfair or illogical a few of you think this is. The game is about rp, and we have to balance between rp and excess stat abuse - therefore these rules exist. This rule cannot be elongated or extended; once you are above 150 you can now severely damage; no more, no less than someone who has a stat advantage of above 150.

2. For those who have 300 or more endurance, a special rule comes into play. Obviously this will be VERY few people; but nevertheless we want to make this clear. For these people, your strength must be 200 above in order to seriously dish it out to them. In other words, if I am fighting a Full armored Susanoo, in order to break through it completely, my blow needs to be at least 500 strength. Seems impossibly high? That is not by accident There are very few freaks who can dish out a PHYSICAL BLOW strong enough to wound a susanoo seriously. Very few have done it, and those were tai masters with technique boosts and a possibly weakened susanoo armor. This does not mean Jutsu may not be able to do the trick, but you will have to truly be a strength specialist to pull of that kind of feat on strength alone.


Ok, this will be short. Jutsu only have to be 50 strength ahead of your endurance stat to hit and likely kill you (depending on whether or not your lightning cutter hits their arm or neck; use common sense). Now, that being said, just because you are 50 ahead of a jutsu does not mean you can completely tank it. It can still hurt you and if used smart enough - kill you; but that is situational. The general idea is that if you are 50 ahead of it you are generally speaking going to survive, but it would not be wise to try and tank that.

* If you are 150 above a jutsu in your endurance vs its strength, than you can tank it. Otherwise, it may possibly take you out.
*Once jutsu strength is 400 or above, you must be +200 to tank it. Same other rules apply.


For Legendary weapons and custom made weapons, the rules are the same as jutsu. They only have to be 50 strength ahead of your endurance stat to hit and potentially kill you; situation will dictate. Now, that being said, just because you are 50 ahead of a weapon does not mean you can completely tank it. It can still hurt you and if used smart enough - kill you; but that is situational. The general idea is that if you are 50 ahead of it you are generally speaking going to survive, but it would not be wise to try and tank that.

* If you are 100 above a weapon in your endurance vs its strength, than you can tank it.
*Once jutsu strength is 400 or above, you must be +200 to tank it. Same other rules apply.
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