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The Wisdom of Thoth

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on Fri Jun 28, 2019 8:45 pm
Thoth, the teacher.

High priest of the Aesir, advisor to the sovereign, leader of the Temple. Seven children floated about as the teacher spoke.

"Give ear my children, and let the words of wisdom drop forth into your souls like the morning dew on the grass. Today we shall go over the biology of the Aesir, and life forms on Arda in the global sense."

There are three principles to life. Energy, Vibration, and Atoms. Energy in its purest form is Zohar, the light of Enya. It travels down into the lower realms like an ocean feeding into a river and stream. Than there is Numinous; vibration, wherein all manner of beings and powers are divided, measured, and quantified. Lastly, there are atoms, which when evolved are the midichlorians; the building blocks of life.

Today we will go over the biology of the Aesir and how that corresponds with other forces in nature; particularly the set of elements and powers on our homeworld. All living things on Arda are designed to feed off of Zohar energy. It is the source of our greatest power, and one day our greatest destruction. Inside of every Aesirian is a compilation midichlorians of various vibrations, sizes, and solar pulse potential. The vibration of a midichlorian means the over potential output of energy it can provide the soul with for any physical function. This is the power level of any Aesir per cell roughly. The size of midichlorians relates more to endurance and durability of the physical vessel as midichlorians are known to swell in order to protect the body from physical harm. Remember that your midichlorians are living beings with a collective consciousness capable of thinking outside of you. The amount of midichlorians is the most important measurement of the power-potential of an Aesirian; though only through their development can this power be realized.
As the sages of old did, you must learn to interact with your body and gain mastery over the latent powers held within the midichlorians.
Next, there is solar pulse potential. Most animals and lower life forms have very low solar pulse potential, as I'm sure you've studied. They are far less able to harness the power of the sun and utilize through their bodies its radiation and power. So whilst their midichlorians are nourished moment to moment, they lack the ability to convert the energy as purely as we can.

The interaction between the Aesirian and other life forms on Arda is not only physical in nature, it is also spiritual. Ea is the spiritual energy that connects all living things on our planet. It is the originator of all matter and life on this planet and many others. The midichlorians act as power factories and batteries through their absorption of solar radiation. Your cells convert that energy in your body in a multitude of ways that enables your already powerful biology to have unprecedented powers. In addition, your midichlorians also enable you to connect to the Force (Ea) similar to a radio frequency connection. Recall that all things in the universe vibrate. One must vibrate at a certain rate and frequency in order to access Ea; and Aesirians are enabled this by their cellular makeup. Through Ea, all things live in harmony. In the water, in the earth, in the crawling creatures, and in those that fly; Ea reigns supreme.

You will notice that the Aesir possess a kind of aura and energy field around them. For some this is more visible and poignant than others. Recall that the Merkaba, or energy field of the Aesir, is a grid that represents their interactive nervous system. The Aesir are able to touch and activate the different aspects of their consciousness breaking down the barrier between the conscious and subconscious which are two distinct things in lower life forms. Through the Merkaba you are able to mentally and emotionally organize yourself, as well as provide your body and soul added protection. The Merkaba is meant to be a defensive mechanism against any foreign energies that might try to enter into the heart or mind from the outside. The demonic eyes of the Vanir, for example, cannot penetrate a well trained Merkaba.

What makes up a Merkaba?

It is the energy of the soul; the zohar within you. The solar pulse potential of your midichlorians greatly affect the quality and size of your Merkaba. Pay attention that you practice manifesting it as you walk about the temple throughout the day, you must become comfortable with it if you are to one day manipulate and control its magical properties."

Thoth ended his lecture at this time, and ushered the children to the outside fields in order to have playtime. He was in charge of instilling the sacred education of the priesthood to the next generation. He was certain that in due time there would be an age brought about on his world unlike any before it. He felt as though the prophecy was soon to come true, if indeed it had   not already. It was his theory that the Chosen One walked among the Aesir at this very moment, and was waiting to be found and discovered. While this spelled out the salvation of the Aesir by the gods, it also meant that the twilight of their world was nigh...

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