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Challenge System

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on Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:13 pm
Challenge System

So we want to encourage the use of people's characters in battle so that you get a chance to use your techs and sharpen your skills. That being said, we are instituting a challenge system on the site available to all members. Basically, this is for lower ranks who think they can beat higher ranks, or higher ranks who want to wager bets in fights with one another. Here are the rules:

  • As a lower rank, you may challenge an A or S rank person to a practice fight. If you win, you get their rank, and they go one rank lower. If you lose, you must give up at least 5k exp
    Note: You must have this much exp to wager in the first place.

  • You may only challenge the same person once a month. But you may challenge different people of course.
  • A higher ranked person MAY NOT challenge a person of lower rank.
  • When challenging someone of equal rank (or only one rank below) you may wager something with that person. You may bet what you like, and the winner takes home the gold. The bet must be approved by a staff member and if you forfeit or are found to be abusing this - you and the person you fought will be severely punished.
  • When you lose a fight and have to go down a rank, you lose stats and skill points ONLY; not techs or weapons etc. When you rank back up you only get the stats and skill points.
  • These fights are to the death and are OOC and do not count IC. You may not loot bodies after these fights.


[22:17:04] @ Noir Senju : I'm legitly loosing everything if I lose.
[12:09:51] Jianyu Uchiha : We gotta keep competitive in the arms race of which land has how many Sorikata.
[21:26:29] Rei Uchiha : If you have beef with someone, let them know & give far chance
[16:55:16] Psychosis : Maybe but people get PISSED when you take shit away from them based on a misunderstanding.
[16:55:23] Psychosis : A lot of being staff is knowing how to not piss people off.
[16:56:30] Psychosis : Have you met most RPers?
[20:12:14] Muroku Washiba : This is no WE is MEssiah
[14:26:12]Cecilia Terumi : Pretty much let the snake find the hole, and make it fit. >>
[19:59:06] Valentina Yuki : I am the senior director of playing with penises on this site.
19:23:14] @ Neah Senju : and i would edo tensei him but
[19:23:27] @ Neah Senju : then hed be a immortal being with unlimited chakra xD
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