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on Fri Mar 11, 2016 12:25 pm

Social stuff!


I thought I would write this page for you guys so that everyone can get the same feel for what our AU on this site is like, or should be like IC. The story gives a general idea, but let me lay it out bare so everyone knows how the site is intended to operate IC.

1. Your clan is your family; literally. Everyone in your clan you know, and know very well. You know them on a first name basis and their is no need for introduction; heck you guys are literally all cousins or siblings. Feel free to mix it up and be in love or be in competition with someone.

2. You do not trust other clans or people outside your clan. This is natural given the state of the world. So don't go willy nilly making buddies with people who killed your grandparents.

3. One of the main reasons we have chosen to do a clan based rp is to make sure everyone is included. In other words, do everything together. You and another clan member should do everything together. Not only one of course, but the general idea is that you should not be alone too frequently as this fits in with the IC atmosphere. It is dangerous, even within your own camp ground, to be alone too often. Any mission you go on should be gone on with another person. Any training should be done with 2-4 people, and we will reward such activity.

4. Senju HATE Uchiha. Uchiha are feared by virtually everyone. Uzumaki are thought to be insane, Ootsutsuki are extremely suspicious to everyone except the insane Uzumaki. Uchiha don't particuarly care, but feel a sense of entitlement. Ootsutsuki see humans as beneath them.
Senju consider Avalon to be so great that they worship him to this day. Uchiha are the same with Azulon, and there is a legend that Azulon's eyes are still somewhere out there... Uzumaki - are crazy, so idk what they think. And Ootsutsuki are a mystery that you will have to find out IC; they could be good or bad who knows?

Act accordingly.

5. Clan leaders are to be the kings and priests of their village. You do not simply disobey your clan leader; and you do not disrespect him lest you desire to literally challenge him to the death. IF he says "jump" you say "how high?" May not be your character's "personality", but it must become it IC as that is the world you live in. Leadership must be maintained in order for your clan to survive. And its survival is based on respect and fear to a large degree. You bow before speaking, and you do not come to his quarters uninvited. And you are to go to him if you desire to leave your base.

6. Clan leaders - you have a HUGE responsibility to lead and take care of your clan. You are responsible for interacting with ALL of your members and trainnig/teaching etc. them. You should have a plot/relationship good or bad with all of your clan members. You are to come up with events etc. for your clan members to participate in. Feel free to ask staff for help or permission.
Example: As Uzumaki clan head, I could call for a Shinigami ceremony where everyone in my clan is required to attend. They will get rewarded OOC for doing so etc. But do stuff like that to promote activity. You have the authority and right to create clan weapons and clan techniques. Get them approved first and then feel free to add them to your clan page. Feel free to add in historical events that happen IC.

You are also to update and keep update the upgrades your clan has and the size of your army.

You are the leader of trade for your people and relations between your clan and others; feel free to appoint members of your clan to aid in some of those things. Trade is a great way to build relationships or maintain them with clans.

In the end guys, we want a fun, interactive site where everyone is involved with everyone. I will be monitoring the plot and flow of the site so that it never gets boring for too long, and we will continue to increase in membership and reward for committed members. We will have relevant events, and be doing IC plot where everyone is a "main character". Any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at anytime!

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