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on Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:54 pm

Shinobi Fables Untold

Name: The Aesir
Founder: Mithrandir
Location: N/A

Allegiance: Hitorigami
History: N/A
Requirements: N/A (Closed)

Special Info: He is an alien. He can speak and read every language on earth and in the stars.
-His unique nature starts him off at 600 life force.
Clan Special Characteristics:
Due to his unique physical nature, he comes with the following abilities:

  • Flight- He can fly similar to Ootsutsuki; costs him ten chakra and five to maintain. Can only go at his own speed.

  • Solar Irradiance - Every other turn the user, due to his cells naturally absorbing light and star energy from the atmosphere, can gain either 10 life force, or 25 chakra. This can only happen once every other turn of the users.
    During the term this is activated, his cells range via whichever technique(s) active, are cut in half due to his cells concentrating on absorbing energy or converting it.
    Gains only last for the topic.


  • He CANNOT become a Jinchuriki.
  • Takes him double the exp to get stats.
  • He is subject to being fatally wounded to plot-based weapons that will be made.
  • CANNOT have canon non-elemental Restricted techniques.
  • CAN have Elemental limiteds.
  • Takes two turns to heal from a wound made by Ootsutsuki bone. When penetrated by Ootsutsuki bone, the user loses 10 life force.
  • Sage Mode attacks harm him +25%

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:Aeriopax Quintessance
Type of Kekkei Genkai:Body Enhancement/Elemental
Description: The Aeriopax Quintessance is the KKG of Mithrandir, which is, simply put, simply his physical and spiritual DNA. This KKG is unique to him and its components are built up on the spiritual and physical genetic makeup of Mithrandir which are founded upon his extraordinary life force and unique biology.

Clan Techniques

Name: Indoctrination (Revamped) RESTRICTED
Rank: S
Cost: 100 chakra/30 life force
Upkeep: 25 chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Touch - 500 meters
Speed: Instant/Equal to chakra
Power: Double chakra
Handseals: N/A
Description: The user is able to change the state of matter that he touches with his body or chakra by utilizing his ability to control matter and life at a base level. The user is able to change what he touches into a different state or material. For example, changing a pile of sand into a glass mirror; or changing fire into a liquid state. The user is able to use this on living entities but it works differently. When using it upon something he is directly touching, the affect is instant if the target has an endurance of less than the power of the technique itself. Thus, if he were to touch someone with less endurance than the power of this tech, he could turn them into stone instantly. However, if the user is coated with chakra/ninjutsu armor, the technique must bypass the armor endurance first. So someone with LRA would be harder to harm with this technique since the shroud could take off 300 power from this technique at contact and potentially prevent this. This technique would simply not work on someone with superior endurance, though it would press against them in attempts to alter. If the technique rested upon someone with higher endurance, it would erode at their endurance after two posts of constant contact and affect them anyway; but this would have to be CONSTANT contact with the user or their chakra. If the endurance of the victim is 2x the power of this technique or more, this would take three turns. The other way this technique can be used is by the pulsation of pure chakra. The user can flow their chakra into physical objects like the ground itself (by making physical contact with it somehow) and their chakra will travel along and alter all that it touches with lower endurance. This flow can go for up to 450 meters and when in this form, it goes at speed equal to his chakra though once touching something the affect is instant.
Combination: Plants, Kaisers, other mokodon techs etc. He can channel this technique through a given plant or creature for 20 chakra and 10 upkeep per plant using it. User can use this on things that his cells touch since they are they are part of the conduit through which this effect takes place.

Name: Manipulation [Restricted]
Rank: S
Cost: 60 (activating cost)
Upkeep: 25 chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: 0-100
Speed: 0-200
Power: 0-300
Handseals: N/A
Description: The user is able to use their chakra or cells that touch something, or are filled into something, to enhance their abilities. The user can pour their chakra or cells into a raw element, a used element, or their own techniques. Manipulation allows the user to pour their chakra into the object, and boost its abilities in a range of stats.. The user pays the initial activation cost, PLUS 10% of the total stats added to a technique. So if it boosts wooden spikes by 200, and the speed of the spikes by 200, he pays an extra 40 chakra; and then upkeep if the effect continues. The user can only boost a technique by a maximum of 600 total stats, and within the range provided. Each area can only be boosted by the numbers above MAX.
If they would like to do this to a fully separate tech, they pay the full cost to do it.

Combination: What other techniques can it be combined with? Please be descriptive, could be used to earn rewards![/font]

Rank: S
Cost: 100 chakra/100 LF+
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: N/A
Speed: N/A
Power: N/A
Handseals: N/A
Description: This is a signature technique of Mithrandir's, and arguably the one he is most noted for. Namely, to create actual life. From the abundance of his own life force and resources, he is capable of creating life using virtually any elements/materials, and genetic material. The rules for creation are quite simple:

  • All creations operate under the same rules of summons in terms of how they are upgraded and their stats i.e. at S rank they have the same stats as an S rank summon, and they get abilities.
  • All creations start off at B rank.
  • All creations and their stats/info MUST be placed on the user's update page in the main update page to be used.
  • Creations can be summoned by user by paying same summon cost as they would for a summon of equal rank; but creations do not HAVE to be summoned to be used. They can dwell about like real people or Edos.
  • Creations can be looted by other players for their DNA etc.
  • The user must pay the amount of life force to create them as they have. He can only give them a MAX of 300 life force.
  • Cost to give his creations jutsu is 1/5 due to their connection to him. He must pay for all their techniques etc.
  • Creations can be given implants or upgrades under same rules as NPC and/or edos.

Combination: All others etc.

Name: Aeriopax Clones [LIMITED]
Rank: S
Cost: 100 chakra per clone
Upkeep:20 chakra
Type: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu ect.
Element: Fire Release, Water Release ect.
Range: Clone Rules
Speed: Clone Rules
Power: Clone Rules
Handseals: N/A
Description: This is arguably the perfect clone technique, eclipsing or comparable to even the Senju Wood clone technique. With this technique Mithrandir can use his mytichlorian cells to create an almost perfect carbon copy of himself in the form of a temporary clone. The difference is that these clones have 90% of his stats. The rules other than this are the same as the clone rules in that after three clones the percentage of power drops ten percent, so on and so forth mirroring the rules; but with slightly higher percentage due to the user's perfect ability to replicate. His clones may use all techniques that he can. He can communicate telepathically with these carbon clones, as well as relay information across the board. They are even able to travel across lands from the user, like wood clones. These clones possess the regeneration of someone of half the life force of the user, and they can be spawned directly from his body. These clones have shared vision with the user via galagan.
Combination: All others.

Name: Aeriopax Osmosis [Restricted]
Rank: S
Cost: 80 chakra
Upkeep: 25 chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire Release, Water Release ect.
Range: 300 meters
Speed: 500
Power: Life Force + Endurance / 2 = power of cells for user and opponent.
Handseals: N/A
Description: The user is able to spread his powerful cells out into the range of the technique, and these cells seek to infiltrate and pour into everything that they possible can. The cells pour out of him in the millions and even billions, and spread out extremely quickly to encompass everything around the user. Due to his cells being sentient, they are able to be controlled by him to do so and move in whichever direction he pleases of course, and once they are inside of something they "report" back to the user and he has full sensory knowledge of the object he inhabits.

When done on people, the rules change a bit. Firstly, the power of any cells are equal to the endurance + life force of the person. This equation determines whether or not the cells can enter into something; and if they can, for how long.

Objects - Objects with endurance of equal or lesser value than the cells, can be infiltrated by the cells. Objects with at least 100 greater endurance or power than the cells cannot be infiltrated by the cells. Objects with greater endurance of between 1-99 can be infiltrated by the cells, but only for a max of three turns before being rendered ineffective.

Animals, Insects, plants etc. - Living things that are living but weaker than humans follow the same rules as objects.

People - People with endurance of equal or lesser value than the cells, can be infiltrated by the cells. Objects with at least 100 greater endurance or power than the cells cannot be infiltrated by the cells. Objects with greater endurance of between 1-99 can be infiltrated by the cells, but only for a max of three turns before being rendered ineffective and leaving their body. When they leave a body,

Once someone is infiltrated by his cells, the user is able to do one of two things: They can physically control a person's cells, for example causing their kidneys to fail or their heart to stop; OR they may infiltrate the brain. At which time they are not able to force the person to use jutsu or anything; but they can cancel a person's jutsu, and they can force that person's consciousness to be stopped and take control of their body.
It costs 25 chakra to take over a brain due to its complexity; and it takes 10 chakra per turn to maintain control.

*These cells can only be seen by tomoe two sharingan, or level 2+ Byakugan.  
*The cells can be stunned and thus rendered ineffective for a varying amount of time if the body they are inside of his heavily shocked by a technique. I.e. using a technique that boosted the user's endurance might change the power of their cells (via the equation) and enable the cells to retreat. This does not mean electricity, but a power up of a technique that makes their cells instantly stronger by 100+ over his own.
*If a person's cells by the equation above become stronger by 100 while cells are already inside, than the cells will automatically exit after two turns that the cells inside the victim are stronger (if they remain stronger), and will take 15 chakra and 5 life force for every turn they were inside before being rejected/sent out. This is a static withdrawal rule as well.
*As the user's life force/endurance go down/up, so do the power of the cells immediately. Thus rendering them possibly weaker at different points.
*The cells always remain in contact with the user, no matter the distance; and there is no chakra cost to keep them inside of someone; but chakra cost to take over the brain.
*If a victim's cell power is 100 or above, their bodies cannot be penetrated by his cells.
Combination: This technique can be with any elemental techniques or body techniques relating to the user.
*If you are a MED GOD with you who extracts the cells via a technique somehow, than you lose only half the life force and chakra you normally would have if/when they are successful. Med God's can also sense when Myti Chlorians have entered them; but not when they have entered other people.
Combination: Any other techniques. This can be used in combination with tree or multiple creature techniques to funnel cells 50 meters all around each tree/creature.

Name: Nativity of a World of Living Trees [Restricted]
Rank: S
Cost: 100 chakra
Upkeep: 25 chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Equal to life force
Speed: 400
Power: Equal to life force
Handseals: Ram
Description: The user can spawn, up to one hundred meters away, the emergence of a ferocious forest of living trees. The trees are comprised of the user's cells and chakra taking the form as plant sources of life. The trees are 600 meters in height, 100 meters in girth, and about 80 in width, making them by far the largest trees any human eyes have beheld. They are able to weaponize their spikes, roots, leaves, branches, and any other part of them. They are not shaped like normal trees, and are almost have a physical form comparable to humans in that they have limbs, a torso, and a head etc. though still very much looking like trees. They would almost be like tree monsters. These trees can create multiple arms to fight with, extend their limbs up to 80 meters, and send out spikes as small as one meter, and as large as 100 meters in length. These trees are made of the user's cells and gain benefits thus in regeneration as well as being potential conduits for other techniques.
The power of their attacks are equal to the user's life force; and can go down or up as his does fortunately and unfortunately. Lastly, the user naturally can use his trees as sensory points; as he can bounce his sensory off of each tree due to them being his cells. He can sense within a fifty meter radius of his trees; and they can go a max distance of 2,000 meters away from a source of his life force before becoming nullified.
Combination: Can combine with other KKG techniques.

Mokodon: Living Plants

Mithrandirl’s high life force enables him to produce an element that functions as the pinnacle of plant life manifest. Mokodon is the progentior of the element of mokuton, and is to mokuton what blaze release is to fire. This element, like mokuton, is the manifestation of the user turning their chakra into a source of life, and is rooted in the user’s life force potency and quantity. Because his is so high, the nature of mokudon techniques is versatile, and due to his natural connection to the genetic template of plant life from various worlds, the plants created via Mokodon are not always originated on earth; and these include all plant properties like their bacteria and fungus.

*The user of said element is able to also use Mokuton techniques.
*Mokodon has an elemental advantage over mokuton.
*Mokodon has an elemental weakness to fire and blaze release.
*Loses all disadvantages and advantages to his elements with Sorikata bloodline.

This is the body enhancement/dojutsu evolution of the Aeriopax Quintessance, in which the user’s body is “perfected” and they awaken a unique eye as a result.
Galagan - The user unlocks the Galagan which enables the user a special vision that extends to a range equal with the user’s life force amount. Within this range, the user is able to see things on a cellular, atomic, and multi-planar level. They are able to see energy and matter in all forms and at its most basic levels. This vision is considered to be the most comprehensive of all dojutsu in terms of sight, though its sight is not as far reaching as eyes like the Byakugan. The user's vision allows them to see objects that are in another dimensions/plane such as a person who uses Kamui, or the Rinnegan's shadows etc.
*Gains 300 life force
*Gains 300 gen points
*No reaction boost
*Solar Irradiance happens each turn instead of every other.
*Cells lose solar irradiance weakness.
*Solar Irradiance doubles
*Cannot learn Sage Mode
*Cannot be a Jinchuriki
*15 chakra OR Solar Pulse upkeep.

Solar Pulse - The user gains the ability to have a new fighting style based on his cells absorption of light, which is his version of sage mode. He is now able to absorb the purest energy radiating from stars called Solar Pulses. These pulses are counted like nature energy but accumulated and applied differently. The user has a static pool of 500 SP, and can absorb 100 per turn. These pulses can be converted into temporary life force boosts at a ratio of 1/2 the sp given into life force. The user is able then, to give up SP points in exchange for life force boosts OR chakra boost that last for the rest of a given topic.
Zohar - The second and last aspect of this is the Zohar element. Zohar is the brilliant rainbow light that is in fact the manifestation of Mithrandir's life force itself. Once awakening the Galagan, he weaponizes it into an actual light element. This element is like dust release, without the effect though. He can form his light energy into various shapes, states and forms and attack thus. The single special property of Zohar is that it gives a natural boost of +25%  of his life force to Mokodon AND/OR Mokuton techniques in power/endurance while in use.  He pays for this element in SP currency, and the cost is x2 normal jutsu cost according to the Elemntal Property rules. He cannot make techniques of lower than B rank with this element.

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on Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:07 pm
Updated according to new rules.

Galagan revamp included. Put 500 sp starting out instead of 300 since that is the standard amount. Put "OR Chakra" for SP conversion.
Regeneration deleted since that needs to directly correlate to his life force according to new life force system when it is made/posted.
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on Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:30 pm
Updated clan techs.
Updated/added upkeep to Galagan

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