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Lady's Parasol

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on Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:09 pm
Name: Parasol
Rank: S
Type: Weapon
Materials: Chakra infused cloth, sewn during an eclipse and fashioned with a handle from a great ancient Senju trees "heart".
Visual Description: This parasol is black in color, a soft onyx black with rich purple frills around the edges. The top or "point" of the parasol has a spike built into it, the tip is only the revealed edge of the sword hidden within the handle: which can be pulled out of the umbrella. It is also purple in color. The underside, or inside of the parasol is a lighter purple. The parasol itself was built in mind for a young girl like Saia. A treasure of the Kyoto family, passed down to the lady of the family's new generation. The height of the parasol is about half Saia's height, so around 28" and weighs a meager five pounds. For fashion's sake, the colors of the parasol can be changed with other sewn cloth. This is to change both color and appearance of the parasol to match the lady's attire.
Power: 100
Endurance: 900

  • Major Ability: Pending
  • Major Ability: Pending
  • Major Ability: Pending
  • Minor Ability: This parasol, being extremely and unnaturally durable while yet lightweight, is ideal for a lady's choice in both fashion and weapon. The minor ability associated with this odd weapon is that jutsu 200 or below in power versus its endurance may be deflected from the parasol. With precise timing and positions, this deflection could even be used to reflect attacks back at opponents. Weapons in a like manner also glance off the parasol.

Cost: Free weapon, 4,000ryo(Minor Abilty)
Requirements: 125 strength
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on Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:18 pm
If no one has any objections,

Approved !,

show your -4000 ryo via your update page.
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