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on Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:39 pm
Mission Name: Danger Lurks
Rank: S
Type: PC
Client: Uchiha
Exp/Ryo Reward: 1,600 Ryo, 2,000 Exp
Mission Description: Unknown to all of Heaven's Blossom a deadly rogue shinobi has taken a liking to the range, calling it his home. This A-Rank nin is rather young for his abilities and should not be taken lightly. While he is not by any means a godly shinobi he can definitely pack a punch. Your need not kill him only survive his attack, although if you were to kill him the elders would be more than glad to reward you for your efforts.
Location: Alps of Thunder
Additional Information: 5,000 Ryo and 10,000 exp to all if you manage to kill him
Eligible Members: Must have 2 shinobi (At least one C-Rank)

Kuro stood, waiting for his Clan Leader, who would be his partner for this mission. As usual, he was dressed in his classic blue cloak, revealing very little about his physique, as if to hide some deformity, rather than his attempt to look cool. Unfortunately, Kuro was a bit cliched in his idea of cool, looking almost exactly like what one would expect of a warrior mage, capable of dishing out as much damage with ninjutsu as he could with physical attacks. Unlike what most would expect, Kuro was a pragmatist, he simply desired to look good when he put a motherfucker into the ground. He was a special person, a genius as labeled by everyone in the clan, presumably the smartest of the clan too. Hiding things from him was a bad idea, yet he knew some still did... It did not matter. He grasped the hilts of his katanas, one on each hip, while waiting for his partner to arrive. He was being rather lazy, but this was simply an A rank threat, so it wasnt necessary to unleash his full capability.
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on Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:47 pm
The designated location in which he and his S ranked accomplice were to rendezvous was quite the scenery, contrasting the mission they both had agreed to take care of. It was in the midst of a lush forest, filled with the wild and plant lives which made it one with nature. Kokatsu had been trailing down a road, taking in the scenery of birds soaring throughout the forest, squirrels and the likes roaming their lands, the plants dancing with the wind. The forest as a whole had high standing trees, which aided in shielding the life below from the blazing sun.

Such an area was remarkable, and another area that was now the property and protection of Kokatsu. Recently becoming the Emperor of such a vast empire, he began to look at the lands around him with the light of protection and warmth, to shield it from the evils and corruption this world had to offer. He had been planning to come to such a high stature for awhile, once coming along the many Uchiha who cared little for each other, wishing to stay divided and whole heartrendingly causing such an empire to be one of the weaker ones. Kokatsu would have to make altercations to this belief, and overview of such citizens, it being through incriminating actions or bringing the people of these lands together.

He had a tough job. And through his time he would decide to go upon a mission with one of the more famous Uchiha, one of his only S ranked Uchiha actually, Kurokon Uchiha. A respectable man of course, who's charisma has been able to reach many of the dull and foolish people of this Kingdom. He couldn't ask for any other partner for this mission, and such an empire. With his Katana's by his hips, one on each side, Kokatsu came up to Kurokon at the correct area to meet, interacting with him upon eye contact.

Kokatsu's facial expression was one of cool gaze, content with all that was going on. He was fully aware of the mission that was to happen, and wished that no one else be aware of it's information. He rather this be taken care of quickly. However, Kurokon was sent out to be a scout as Kokatsu made his way over, particularly for his extraordinary sensory abilities.

"Good Afternoon, Kurokon. I hope that you've made progress on the target's whereabouts, so we can end this presence quickly."

Kokatsu would wait before Kurokon, his gloved hands within his red jean pockets, as the wind attempted to blow away the blue trench coat he had worn that day. It was open exposing his black long sleeve, just about matching the hair color which was being accessorized by his goggles. Kokatsu had his blue eyes glance over Kurokon, making sure the man was ready for battle, though fully aware such a being wouldn't come to a sight unprepared.
Kokatsu Uchiha
Uchiha Clan Leader
Uchiha Clan Leader
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