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Saia Kyoto

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on Sat Jun 25, 2016 3:54 pm

Name: Saia Kyoto
Nickname: Sword Monarch, Princess of Obliteration
Age: 10
Gender: Female

Height: 4'6
Weight: 80lbs
Appearance: Saia is a young girl in her early flowering stages. She has long black hair, silky smooth and shiny in the light. The length of her hair flows over her shoulders and down to the arch of her back, neatly tapered off at the ends. Her skin is somewhat pale but with a soft tan from her time in the sun, still more on the pale side due to her methods of blocking the sunlight from her delicate skin. There are no blemishes on her skin, being raised like a princess, she had not bee given opportunities to fall and hurt herself or leave scars. Saia is of a thin build, a delicate body frame with dainty hands and long slender legs. Though still in the blossoming age of early womanhood, her chest is mostly flat and she is quite aware of this. Saia has blue eyes, the shade of her eyes vary from day to day and depending on her mood. Any color of blue ranging from a cold ice to a warm pool. On her face, she has a cute little button nose. Her lips are small but well developed and already adorned with lipstick.

Her clothing is peculiar, often wearing the latest fashioned elegant dresses and shoes. Her appearance is the epitome of an elegant lady. Most notably, she can be seen wearing Victorian style dresses, frills and umbrellas. She is not above wearing more plain clothing however. In fact, she looks quite cute in every day life. Her favorite style of clothing however is that of dark and goth style. Usually black or a rich purple with lighter frilly edges and shoes. An umbrella can almost always be seen with her, typically matching whatever attire she is wearing.

Land: Carpathia
Character Rank: A Rank
Clan: Kyoto
Element: Fuuton, Katon, & Doton

Personality: There are many ways to describe the little princess Saia. Cheerful, moody, playful, child-like, brooding and of course mature. While Saia is still a child, she had been pampered growing up like a princess and desires nothing more than her own independence. While cheerful, she can also be more mature than most adults her age. She loves to read and take in knowledge, then use that knowledge to further elevate people's opinions that she is grown up despite her age and little body. She is very protective and out-spoken about her size disadvantage. Commenting on her flat chest or height are the quickest way to see the angry spoiled side of her.
Saia is intelligent, a bookworm and  lady in appearance and action. There is one flaw however in her lady-like imitation: her speech. While she was trained at an abnormally young age to act like a princess, she found a way to rebel against the endless womanly drills. Though they could make her look and act like a lady, her speech was her way to rebelling. While she may respond appropriately with words and rebuttal, she almost always ends her speed with "please" or "thank you" This might seem strange, but she is quick to use bad words, which throws off the whole cute vibe she gives. Adding insult to injury, after using her "potty mouth" she ends it with "please"
Though an earnest girl at heart and still pure, she can be a bit of a pervert and tease. Quite aware that she is the definition of a "lol" she enjoys teasing men with comments like "I didn't know you were into lolis, pervert. Please." This form of often harmless flirting and teasing is thrown off with her odd speech and confuses people, which she finds both amusing and as an opportunity to seek out their weaknesses and secrets.
The other side of Saia, the serious side. Is just as present as her cheerful side. Given the situation, atmosphere and people, she freely switches between cheerful and serious at a moment's notice. Noticeably, her more serous side has fewer odd words or bad words in it. Instead, she is very critical of others and does her best to seem like a grown and mature woman. She treats them like they are lower than her, because she is after all, considered and raised a princess. Often she would call others plebeians or worse, expecting them to treat her like royalty. Upsetting her while she is serous, is the best way to see the more dangerous side of her, the half-crazy side where she is more of a yandere. While not affectionate per say, her obsession in this state lies with the idea of inflicting great pain to others as the purest form of affection. If ever she were to find someone to focus her love interest in, she would likely be more yandere than cheerful.

Character History: Saia was born into a prominent family of the Kyoto. Her family, assumed to be direct lineage of Ghengis, the creator of Dust Release: there was a big responsibility on her family's shoulders. The boys born into the family were treated as princes while also being trained as shinobi whom would lead in combat and other duties like a king or royalty should. In a likeness, the females of the family were also treated n similar regard. Being a female born into Saia's family meant that you had a strong obligation to bear the future generations of the Kyoto clan and give birth to exceptional shinobi capable of surpassing their forefathers. To this end, the women were trained in the ways of housewives and ladies.

Saia was a bit different even at birth. As she grew up, her parents realized she was gifted, talented even with their clan's KKG. Though too young and small at the time to properly house and wield such powerful bloodline as the Dust Release, it was apparent by her elemental affinity and chakra that she would indeed be capable of using the Dust Release. In the clan, the clan was divided into three groups. Those who could use Dust Release. Those who could use Swift Release. And of course those who did not manifest their family's KKG and were considered lowly servants. Typically, males were better at Swift Release and women could practice Dust Release after much training. Though Saia lacked the skill for Swift Release, she had yet to unlock her family's bloodline but she was quite skilled with her three elementary affinities required for Dust Release. Her parents, knowing this, made somewhat of an exception to her studies and training. While being trained as a lady, she was also trained as the males were. In combat, how to lead, how to mold her chakra properly, how to combine her elements and create new techniques specific to her own skills and thoughts.

Between the training of being a shinobi and being a lady, Saia preferred being  a shinobi more. Even still, she was required and expected to uphold the standards of a lady and prominent family member of the Kyoto clan. That made things difficult of course, and her only real way of rebelling was through how she spoke. While around her parents or elders, she would speak respectfully and without her weird endings but around other kids and strangers, she never hesitated to through in those extra naughty or random words. Eventually, she grew out of fear and spoke like that all of the time, so much in fact that it became a habit in her speech.

Despite not yet learning to unlock her bloodline element, she was skilled nonetheless. particularly in ninjutsu. With her mastery of three of the basic elementary affinities, she easily rose up to D Rank by the time she was six years old. Even as she grew older, her skill was apparent, her family boasting of her and always happy whenever she proved her worth as a part of their family. By the age of eght, she had become C Rank: each year after that until the age  of ten, she had ranked up further within the village due to her skill and her family's influence. At her current age, the age of twelve, she had hit the hardest stage in her life so far. Being recognized for her skill, she had been newly promoted to A Rank.

Naturally, skepticism and coddling were common among the daily routines with the other shinobi. To them, she was little more than a child with a high intellect pretending to be so important. Saia was indeed smart, but she didn't see her rank as something to boast over: rather, it had caused her much grief from people believing her to be unqualified for the rank bestowed upon her. This also factored into her mature personality. her family's name and honor was at stake, she couldn't afford to mess up and bring shame to them. These things were constantly on her mind.
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on Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:24 am
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on Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:29 am

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