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Kin Uzumaki

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on Sat Jun 25, 2016 10:24 am

Name: Kin Uzumaki
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Appearance: Kin Uzumaki is of average height for a woman her age standing at 5 feet 5 inches. She weighs 110 pounds. She has a very pale complection which casuses her black hair to stand out becoming a distiquishing feature especally because due to her clans signature red hair. Kin typically wears a red kimono with large sleeves thaa indeffinitly cover her arms and legs with her hair up in a traditional updo of some one in a priestess postion. The kimono is tied with a black bow with purple ribbion over her shoulder and will sometimes wear a gold head peace in the shape of what can only be descirbed as a crown the sleves also have pink cloth coming from them which cover her hands. 

Kin also wears some unconvental clothes for a priestess, She will sometimes wear a green mesh crop top with padded shoulders and sleves that are cut off at the shoulder showing off her shoulders. She also waers a cream collered ribbion around her waist made of cotton with tiny  pink and navy blue stripes. This ribbion is also above her almost flesh tone crooped shorts that dont reach to her knees and stops just above the thigh. On her feet she wars high heeled sandals which reveal her toes and have the same kind of messh that she wears on her breast. The sandals are the same flesh color as her shorts. 

Kin also has unruly black hair and that reaches down a little farther then her shoulders and has it partially bradied in the front tied by two small red ribbions. Her eyes are gold with red pupils and she has black markings just under her eyes this is make up she can easily remove with a wet towel. She also has painted nails when in her ceremonial garb but they are bare when in her unconvental clotheing. 

Land: Carpathia
Character Rank: B
Clan: Uzumaki
Element: N/A

Personality: (Kin Uzumaki is soft-spoken and polite, always addressing people politly. She is deeply kind, always thinking of others' feelings and well-being. She doesn't like to be confrontational for any reason; she doesn't even like being confrontational about her dislike of confrontation. It is for this reason that Kin so often comes off as meek or timid to others, as her overwhelming kindness can render her unable to respond or act for fear of offending somebody. SHe took on the role as a pristess to avoid conflict she would much rather heal some one who is njured then hurt them her pasifict nature is very pressent in these kinds of situation. When being disaplined by someone who is of higer rank then hse she becomes very withdrawn an will sometimes begin to tear up it has been noted she has athuority issues so she tends to not get into situations that would lead to such a thing. 

Kin strives to improve herself in order to benefit her clan and to prove herself to her father, but mostly to gain the attention of Sen the Clan head. She emulates him to this purpose, She would typically stand away from him in fear of being to close and passing out. Her crush on him stems from her childhood he was older and stromnger and was always nice to her when the other kids were rather uncouth. She would follow Sen into battle if he asked her to either that or she would pass out from him talking to her it really is a coin toss. Taken on the role of a healer she is seen by the people as a soft spirit which she claims is wrong. 

When alone she is very entergetic and willing to do things others would not expect she likes to train to become a better fighter in hopes of impressing thoughs who thought of her as weak and show them that she can hold her won in a fight liek the rest of them if not better. 

Character History: 
Born to Jimo and Tanza Uzumaki Kin was born at a heathy weight and size she was born with black hair a trait not found ofthen in the uzumaki bloodline but her parents treated her as they would if she was born with the trademarked red hair and loved her all the same. 

As a child Kin was bullied by the other Uzumaki becuse of her diffrent collored hair and her quite and reserved nature she prayed to the gods all the same. Her parents were kind and very relegous this was passed down to Kin who also became a devout worshipper. Everyday after classes she would stop by the temple to pray she would pray in hopes that the bullying would stop and that she would be able to become a powerful shinobi. Her prayer would help her discover some form of self worth but it would not last long seeing as how at the training filed she would be attacked by a bunch of boys and left unconncous. This tramatizing event would lead Kin down the path of pasacfisim and relgion. DUrring her schoolage years she would develop a crush on Sen Uzumaki the future clan head. He was the only person who was ever nice to her and treated her with any form of decency  in her fomative years.

Teenage Years
By the age of thirteen Kin was at the temple everyday praying for the sick and wounded she had stopped praying for herself and started to pray for those who could not. Kin took on a healer role in the country. That along side her going to the temple every day to pray for every person she could they began to call hger a priestess and soon enough the title just stuck woth her. She never denied it and stopped doing what she was doing she believed life to be a precisous thing that all should respect and nurish though  her philosphy would cause her to but heads with her clanmates not unlike they did in the past. Her self essteem was still low in part to her being diffrent her and the constant bullying. Some days she never left the temple and the people would come to the temple and pray for her because they thought she sick and not well. Their prayers were apreciated but unessecary Kin just wanted to be alone. On certan days she would sneak away and train Kinnknew they thought of her as weak for only being a healer instead of a fighter she was not going to let this be theor only impression of her she would always train untill she was in pain her job was to push it untill she was exhausted she would always accomplish this misison.

Young Adult Years 
Now a full time priestesss she would lead prayer circles and heal anyone who came to her. She is a firend ro her people she treats each and every person with the respect they deserve even if they were one of her school time bullies no one was below her and the temple would allow anyone to pray wehter they are uzumaki or street urchin no one could be turened away if they wanted to talk to their gods.

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