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Antagonist System

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on Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:20 pm
The Antagonist system is set in place in order to keep the IC spiced up, where one of our members may be able to RP as the site's Antagonist. This person acts as the Pein or Madara of the site at first, being the first big bad until he is replaced by the newest evil. His group is the equivalent to the Akatsuki, but by no means not able to be overthrown. This comes with a few rules, along with a few perks for being the Antagonist.

The Main Antagonist

The main antagonist will serve as a beacon of controversy throughout the site in order to keep the plot interesting and things always on the edge. He will work from both the shadows and the light and will, in the beginning, be entirely unknown for who he truly is. He will have a great part to play in the past events, though how he is involved will not be revealed in the immediate, and possibly to a few IC.
The Antagonist is not some monster who wants to simply kill everyone in site, and will not be allowed to abuse his situation by randomly slaughtering people. Rather, he will have a plan and stick to that plan unless it makes sense to do otherwise. He will be the founder of the group known as Shiku, which will act as the evil organization who also works from the shadows and is committed to carrying out the plans of the Main Antagonist, their leader.
He is also a staff tool to partcipate in instigating interesting things plot wise and keeping things in check. In other words - if you try to abuse the site or kill a bunch of defenseless weak people - I will come after you. Just saying.

All those within the group are free to make missions and things for the group.  The leader at his discretion may kill off any members who defect or betray if they are found out, or worse may be done. Those who are loyal will share in the gained power of the group as a whole. The group will have their own missions and will be comprised of rogues; those who have either left their clan, are secretly betraying their clan, or those who have always been clan less.
The leader to all members is agreeable, and only those truly devoted will join.


  • You start at S rank
  • You start with 700 Stats instead of the normal 600 for S ranked characters.
  • Instead of the normal Starting Skill Points for an S ranked character, you start with 20 Skill Points.
  • Unique KKG.
  • Extra slot for restricted OR Limited Skills Slot.


  • Cannot have non-elemental canon limited techniques.
  • Will have Site-wide weapons that can kill you.
  • All topics you are in are open to someone joining and killing you.
  • Cannot become Jinchuriki
  • Cannot take advantage of site-wide events for weapons or perks. This will be subject to staff specifications.
  • Starts out with no ryo for his rank.
  • Costs you double exp to get the same amount of stats.
  • Other inherent weaknesses on KKG page.

Antagonist System Latest?cb=20141208040728


Shiku is the group that is led by the antagonist. It will consist of a total of six members, not including the antagonist and his "Enigma" or Zetsu like accomplice who will be played by Seto. This character has the potential to betray the antagonist or stay on his side.

S rank - 0/2
A rank - 0/2

^These ranks are the STARTING ranks for members. Meaning that people may be recruited and start off in the group per admin approval at these ranks. Once they are filled, all recruiting must be done IC if at all. Those who start in this group may start with any clan.

This group will be site-wide enemies for everyone. They will be underground and work from the shadows. They will have their own set of missions and be sent on missions to do the bidding of the Antagonist as he schemes to harm the world.


1. Must be invited and accepted by leader. The membership will be capped as the Antagonist sees fit. Do not apply via your app please; and do know that most recruiting will be done IC.
2. Can be joined by killing a member.
4. Once S rank slots are gone, A ranks must rank up; no one else starts at S rank.
5. Leader reserves the right to allow someone to be recruited OOC to fill slots; and can recruit IC. Limited to a MAX of four members that he brings on. Everyone else is recruited.
6. Required to participate in plot-specific activities of the group and the site if necessary.
7. Is responsible IC to leader.
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on Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:22 pm
Added the Antagonist has an extra slot since that was a perk.
Antagonist will now start out as clanless instead of King of Malachandra.
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