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on Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:49 pm
Everyone has a clock that tells when they will die. It ticks in seconds, down to their very last moment. Some may have clocks above the minutes of infinity, others may have clocks below the levels of 2 seconds. However, no matter how long or how short their clocks tick, death eventually found them.

"Who are we going to kill today, Little Lamb?" Wolf asked in excitement. He was always ready to kill, always ready to help bring someone's clock down to the 0 second. Sarah, however, was always reluctant to take a life. All life was precious to her, but the sins the life gave out-weighed its value; and anyone who went against her home and her family, the Uchiha, committed a great and unforgivable sin.

"We will not kill," Sarah answered. "We will simply watch where we stand."

"Bah," Wolf exclaimed with disgust. "Why are we here if we cannot kill? What's the point in traveling when I do not get a meal?!"

"Dear Wolf," Sarah said with a gentler tone than her companion. "If you are not satisfied with the role we will play, perhaps it would be better if you retired for the day. I will do what was asked of me and nothing less, it is someone else's right to exterminate this pest." With that Sarah looked at her other companion for this mission: Rei Uchiha.

Immediately after Sarah looked towards Rei, a signal was given. Rei weaved her hands to create symbols; symbols that would tell Sarah that their target was found. Sarah did as she was asked and emerged from the dark alley where she hid, revealing her image to all the barbarians of the village she was in.

Sarah did not return to the darkness until the target's face was clearly defined. She was supposed to play the enemy, pretend to be a stalker and help Rei lure the young man away from everyone. Although the role of stalker complimented Sarah well, she still felt that she could do so much more if she were alone. Unfortunately, Sarah agreed to let Rei do all the work, as this was a test of strength for Rei only. She would not interfere, unless needed.

When Rei got closer to the target, Sarah made sure that she could be clearly seen. The B rank Uchiha pointed towards Sarah, tempting the man saw to look at her as well, then began walking away.

As according to Rei's plan, the target followed wherever Rei was going. Sarah made sure to keep up with their pace, falling behind where she could barely be seen by the two.
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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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