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Seraphiel Kyoto (Done)

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on Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:41 pm

Name: Seraphiel(pronounced Seh-Rah-Phy-el) Kyoto
Nickname: The Silver Speedster
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Height: 6’2
Weight: 190
Appearance: Seraphiel has the kind of face and expressions that give off a feeling of trust to anyone who see them. He has very kind expressions, powerful in the since that they conveyed feelings of trust, honor, and bravery. He looks as young as he is, but he does not give off the since of being inexperienced. He has dark red eyes which seem to pierce the sole of his enemies and heal those of his comrades. The laser focus never escaped his gaze. He stands tall in every circumstance, broad chest and shoulders out to attention but not bulging. His jaw line was very distinct, almost like the outline of a distant mountain, sharp and ridged in almost a V like angle. Seraphiel has long and lusterless black hair which he wears in a number of ways, but you will mostly find him with it half pulled up towards the back when not on a mission or in battle. When Seraphiel battles he lets his hair flow freely, which usually means straight back in whichever direction he’s travelling from, giving him the appearance of a man with long hair sticking his head out of a car window. When he is not moving, his hair reaches his mid back, and comes over his shoulders towards the front. He has a long and lanky body, one you might expect from one of the fastest men alive. His upper body was very built and defined, but not what you would call buff by any stretch. His legs were much the same in definition, but not so much so in size. To someone taking just one quick glance, you may think he was quite un-proportional, and this was due largely to the fact that he used his legs like birds use their wings. The power of his walk alone seemed to shake the earth around him, but this too was more due to the confidence he exudes during each of the steps he takes. His large quads were the first thing you noticed about his legs, down to his large calves which demanded equal attention. The most shocking part of all in his appearance is his lack of worry or concern regardless of the situation, it is a look that remains with him at all times. He wore, practically at all times, black and silver lightweight armor of sorts. It was not actually armor of any kind, just clothing, but it appeared like armor. His arms were covered in a twisted chaos of black and silver streaks almost like winding branches of a young tree. This pattern solidified towards his mid back but around the front towards the chest the tangled mess continued, and down both his legs. The garment just covered from neck to waist, and a matching pair of pants which ended right at the ankles. He wore silver sandals, basic shinobi issue. He carries two basic Katana across his back making an X over the solidified part of the pattern on his shirt. His right thigh is where he keeps his tool bag.

Land: Kingdom of Carpathia
Character Rank: A
Clan: Kyoto
Element: Lightning and Wind

Personality: The Split. Seraphiel(Sera for short) grew up very much like most of the people in his land, wanting to do good for the sake of his people and for the sake of his clans honor. Until it happened, he was following out that lifestyle. It was here that he learned what the rest of the world assumes is Seraphiel’s current personality. He was a very nice man on the surface, ever since he was a boy he had that special ability of being so very likeable. Everyone he met seemed to either like him, love him, or feel indifferent towards him, but very few people he came in contact with ever disliked him. This was maybe because of his smile, maybe because of his eyes, probably because of his love for people, but whatever it is it gives off the feelings of trustworthiness. This never changed even when he lost it(his desire to do good and a little bit of his mind), and changed his motives. Even complete strangers would trust this man, and he never gave anyone a reason not to. He loved people at first, another reason why people loved him so much. He was not a quiet person, even in the most serious of times he would be cracking jokes either to himself or to his clan mates. For many people this seems like a defensive response to being frightened, but this was not the case with Seraphiel. He had an unshakeable confidence no matter the situation, never doubting in himself, and at first never doubting in his friends. But when everything changed, so did his desires. He no longer wished to do good for his clan, or for anyone. His desires were much like that of a spiteful child, to have as many people feel pain as he has. He is a very reasonable guy, so he understands that this will not do anything to help anyone.

His desire for others pain was not sincere at first, but over time it grew that way and the more people he hurt, the more people he will want to hurt. Even after this drastic change from left to right, from light to dark, his personality toward the other people around him and even total strangers remained intact, mainly as a ploy, partly as a defense mechanism. Only few know his history, and no one is going to hear it from him. If anything he tried even harder to be likeable after the tragedy, and seemingly he succeeded at it just as he did in the past. Even with contempt in his heart, no facial expression, sentence, or even interrogation would lead him to breaking his cover. In this world, there would be only one way to know, the Kyuubi’s jinchuuriki to sense hatred or mal-intentions.
Character History: Sera grew up like most of the children in Galahad. He had a normal mother and father, named Hotara and Kisuke, and like most parents they loved all their children very much. Sera had three brothers and two sisters, one of the larger families in the lower branch of the Kyoto clan. Sera was the oldest of all of them; the protector of them is how he saw it. His brothers and sisters are named and listed according to age by the time of birth of the youngest child, starting with Sera; Sera was 12, and already a C-rank at this point in time. Next to him was Tara, the oldest girl at 9. Then Haruro, the eldest middle child and his younger brother at 7 years old. Next comes the twins, both 5 years old, the boy was named Ganju and the girl was named Yuuki. Then comes the youngest boy, the baby of the family was just being born when the children are at the ages listed above, named Hatchi. Sera absolutely adored his family, and never thought twice about playing with his younger brothers and sisters instead of training whenever the opportunity arrived. He would spend hours playing hid and seek with them, winning every time for little did they know Sera already had novice sensory skills. Even with his ability to sense them, he always played along acting like he couldn’t find them. He would shout, “You guys are just too clever for me, I don’t know how ever I will find you!” Giggling and smirking throughout the whole game.

As time went on and his oldest sister and brother started their shinobi training, he made it his mission to help them train and get stronger. This was never without making a clone or two to continue his love for playing with his younger brothers and sister. No matter what he was doing, even when on missions and away from the family, he always kept them in the front of his mind. His family, for a long time, was his greatest strength. Sera learned his loveable traits and personality partly from his mother, and party from his father. I say partly because neither one of his parents were fully loveable all the time. His mother had some anger management problems when it came to his father, and his father had some drinking issues in general, which probably was a large factor in his mothers anger. Outside the house Sera’s brothers and sisters were treated so well and given so much of Sera’s time partly due to the home life they would have to return to. He felt bad, and even a little angry, that his parents were so nice, trustworthy, loveable, and honorable outside of the home to their fellow clansmen, but when they returned home the skeletons came out of the closet in spades. The incessant screaming from mother to father became difficult for everyone to deal with. This did not become too bad until Sera became 15 years old, the year he was promoted to A-rank. Sera excelled very quickly, and is incredibly talented in all that he endeavors, but I will not elaborate beyond this point about his ‘prowess’ for it is but a small spec of the interesting story that is Sera’s. Shortly after his promotion, home life took a drastic turn for the worst.

His mother and father obviously could not stand one another, and this caused tension for every single person living in the house. At this time, Sera’s siblings were 12, 10, 8(the twins), and 3. This meant that basically every child could feel the impact, but none quite as hard as Sera and his eldest sister Tara. Tara started to have a serious change in attitude for her parents, but even more so towards Sera. This was for many reasons, the first being that she looked up to him more then she looked up to even their father, who she understood was an alcoholic from a very early age. You see, if you call Sera a genius, you’d have to make a new word for his sister. She excelled four times as much in the subjects Sera was studying, but only Sera saw the true potential in her power. He would always say to her, “You are the strongest among the family; you will be the one to help our clan rule this land and make our clan the main branch of the Kyoto.” She would laugh and giggle because to her, no one could be as strong as her big brother. This was part of the second reason she blamed Sera for their home situation, she thought he could do anything with the loveable persona and incredible powers for such a young age. He would try to explain that no matter what he did, it was their parents issue to solve, not his. To Sera this was a form of respect for his parents, trusting they would do the right thing, but to his sister it was a sign of weakness. This would be the first, and one of the last, times in her life where she started to believe that she was stronger than Sera was. One night, Sera’s parents had a fight, a giant one. They decided it would be better if they were no longer together, and they could not agree on who got the kids. Sera, only 15 at this point, reasoned that whatever they chose they needed to keep the kids together. The conversation got more heated and a battle went underway.

His mother, who was an S-rank shinobi, became incredibly enraged. Lightning oozed from her body as the anger in her sole grew, and for a split second she lost control. One of her most powerful lightning based jutsu’s started in what was their house, but shortly after became a pile of rubbish which signaled a great change in the family. The S-ranked lightning technique grew and grew with the destruction of their house around them, the pictures and ornaments the family collected throughout the years peeling away like paper bananas. She charged her husband, who was only B-rank due to his incessant alcoholism, but Sera realized to late that his mother would not be able to control it. He burst from his standing location across the room, grabbing his brothers and sisters out of the way of the deadly technique. Sera could only grab the twins and Haruro, and he cried out for Tara to save the just three year old Hatchi, but Tara had froze in her anger. “TARA!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING< GET HATCHI OUT OF THERE!” Sera could only watch as his mother sent the deadly blast through his father, and then to the three year old Hatchi who was standing just 5 meters behind him. Before Sera could even comprehend what had just happened, Tara lost it, and the situation grew far more grim than it was just a moment ago. Sera being only an A-rank was not match for his S-rank mother and his genius younger sister, but this seemed to matter little for every word that came from Sera’s mouth was blasted out with screams of rage and hatred from Tara. She was addressing her mother, who after realizing what she had done has now collapsed to the floor in sorrow. She had killed her love and her baby in one fowl swoop.

Sera’s rage burned quietly, but as intense as any single emotion he had ever felt in his life. Tara started to walk towards her mother, lightning now resonating and shinning the light upon their broken home, and the crying faces of the twins and Haruro who could barely comprehend the pain they had just been put through, and would continue to endear this night, but not for much longer than that. It was at this point that a commotion was caused by the people arriving to see the wreckage. Soon shinobi started to show up in attempt to hold down Tara, who was still continuing towards her mother with contempt in her eyes. One by one the oncoming shinobi fell to Tara with little fight, Tara killing each one of them.  Haruro ran out to try and calm his sister, but he too was struck down like a stranger. Sera’s body became paralyzed upon the sight, he understood now that this was all real and that he was powerless to stop them, but no more. Sera leaped at full speed, utilizing 100% of his Kekkei Genkai for the first time. He knew what he had to do, but a moment’s hesitation would cost him another loved one, and that’s exactly what happened. He caught his sister by the neck inches before Tara stuck her had threw their mothers chest. Their mother had leaned up and in towards Tara, awaiting the punishment a mother deserves for causing this kind of pain to their family. The tears came down her face with remorse of a kind that many people will never have to experience. But Sera’s hand on his sister throat stopped her hand for a moment. “Tara, think about what you are doing, I don’t want to have to do this.” Tears like none she had ever seen streamed from his eyes in his plea’s to stop her, but in her fury of anger she saw it as only another weakness. “I’m just doing what you were too weak to do. She did half the work for me!” She shouted out in rage and her hand went forward and out the back of her Mothers chest. Instantly, but too slow to stop what had happened behind him to his mother, he shed his last tear before crushing her throat. He dropped to his knees, but there was no more tears to be shed, just the look of a man with nothing left, but blind wrath. There around him laid the majority of his family, Hotara his mother, Tara his beloved sister, Kisuke his father, Hatchi his sweet innocent baby brother, and his brother Haruro, lifeless and gone.

Sera snapped, for after all it was in his families genes to lose it. But the form in which he took, the type of insanity he became, would be amongst the most frightening that the world will ever see. People around him were either closing in on the gruesome scene or shying away from it. A shinobi touched Sera’s shoulder, and the tears flowed once again. He could speak no words and he sped off to be alone. The twins, the only survivors besides Sera were taken off and put in the care of another, for he might be old enough to take care of himself he is not to take care of his younger brother and sister, not in the shape he was in mentally at this point in time. He continued his life much life he did before, his loveable personality and all traces of who he used to be remained intact, but as a surface ploy. He would continue to be the man that everyone knew, grieving and living through the pain like anyone else, but using it as a shield for his true intentions. He knew from that point on, whatever he decided to do with the power that he had, it had to be used to take down the worlds powers. A year after the incident he filed to get his younger brother and sister back, and he succeeded. At this point, his love for his younger siblings was his power, and his crutch. He saw them as the reason he moves on, but also as his potential biggest weakness. These were the only remnant of his family left, and he would do whatever he could to protect them. For the rest of the world, well, you’ll just have to find out.
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on Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:50 pm


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