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on Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:37 pm

Name: Kodoku "Ko" Kyoto
Nickname: Nope
Age: 24
Gender: Maleish

Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs
Appearance: Tall and extremely muscular, Ko appears powerful and intimidating, or at least he would if not for his constantly border-line clumsy mannerisms and apparent goofiness. While not truly clumsy, his dramatic nature oftentimes sees him falling from chairs or otherwise knocking things over and doing spit-takes, detracting from what would otherwise be a clearly powerful physique. Compounding this is his shoulder-length, vibrantly blue hair, an almost electric color which appears anything but natural and yet is the result of no dyes or treatments. Shrewd, if somewhat crazed pale green eyes rest beneath his long bangs, a surrounded by a smooth face, pale skin, and an ever-present, small smirk.

While outlandish and over the top, any who would look closely could find that he clearly remains in full control of his body at all times, evidenced, if nowhere else, in the long, slender fingers of his powerfully adept hands, his naturally ambidextrous nature allowing him to freely rotate between tasks and multitask and an alarming level. While his clothing changes drastically from day to day, he has an apparent penchant for tshirts printed with random logos and the color pink. He is frequently spotted with some form of musical device on his person or blaring into his ears or the surrounding environment.  

Land: Galahad?
Character Rank: D
Clan: Kyoto (Dust House)
Element: Nope

Personality: Insane. Kodoku is insane by any normal person's measure. However, a deep cleverness and generally goofy and sarcastic edge frequently offsets this realization in people he meets, at least at first. Outwardly, the man is an outrageous goofball, seemingly never to find himself discouraged by any circumstance and fearless in every situation. He enjoys talking to the point of obnoxiousness, so much so that even in battle and sparring his mouth is constantly running about something, regardless of whether or not his speech relates to the present situation.

While irksome to a few, his vibrancy has a certain magnetism about it, as people frequently find themselves drawn to him and what he is saying or doing, regardless of how crazed it may seem. He's confident, utterly so, and this confidence draws others to him, particularly those who lack the same self-assurance that he has. From his proud, if haphazard gait to his smooth, baritone voice, he oozes a constant stream of infections enthusiasm, as well as a never ending sexual vibration, his tastes apparently not discriminating between gender.

Beneath the surface, though, lies his unique insanity. He is not a killer, at least not a crazed one, and has no apparent mental disorder save the almost ubiquitous 'ability' to turn off emotions at will. No, his insanity is something much stranger, a total break with reality in which he knows he his in a story with no plot, in which he understands that the person writing his actions is a hack, and which he trusts that the other writers are at least equally as bad. When pressed, or bored, this inner conviction reveals itself, most often to the scoffing dismissal of peers and acquaintances, but in the rare instances that a person believes him,
they often find the revelation so earth-shatteringly disturbing that they simply cannot go on.

Character History: We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone.

Kodoku has never been alone, not for a long time at least. At some point in the distance future, with an adoptive family and a slew of cousins, his mind remained mostly intact, if a little hyperactive. However, his time in the world of ninjas, in a world surrounded by nothing but death, hatred, destruction, and the endless amassing of power, he found that life, his and all others, had no purpose, that if anything existed beyond this world, it was some vile and capricious god or gods who cared not for their little pawns. Confused for a great while, this idea began in adolescence and remained dormant through much of his young life, a kind of nameless anger at the state of the world, of his birth, and of general reality.

Then he found The Code.

No one has any idea what this means and any attempt to explain it simply sounds like gibberish, but Ko swears to all creation and beyond that he found the edge of... something on one of his many days wandering aimlessly through the barren wastes of the stony faces of Galahad. He said that, at one point, the back of a rock simply did not exist and that everything had been terribly distorted, strange markings floating dimensionlessly all about the bizarre space. The apparent error in reality was small and localized, no more than four square feet, but when he looked up through it, he did not see confusion or distortions, but some "other place" for which he had no real words.

From this point on, a natural thirst for knowledge and zeal for exploitation took hold in him as he searched endlessly for more information about this strange happening. He questioned people - the same people - endlessly, day after day, repeating the same questions, until he made them repeat themselves. He found that they rarely had any meaningful memories of his previous interrogations. He searched all over for additional glitches in the fabric of the world, though never managed to show them to anyone else, though he never really tried to do so. Eventually, he built a more complete picture of the world, choosing to describe it as a story but in place of an author, some dreadful, mindless committee throwing ideas randomly around and praying against all hope that something worthwhile would come of it.

Preoccupied with this, his time in basic training for a life as a shinobi, something entirely unavoidable if for no other reason than his possession of a bloodline capable of rivaling the gods, flew by in a blur of boredom and ease. As a still low ranking warrior, he generally spends more time goofing off than actually working, though he does make time for the occasional mission in order to "gain exp" so that he can "level up," terms which infuriate his direct superiors.

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on Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:25 pm


(That glitchy spot, the quantum continuation error, or Singularity, or just a glitch in the matrix, is where Ygea killed the Bird of Renewal. You watch. xD)

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on Wed Jun 22, 2016 5:39 am

sorry i just :^ )
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