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Kit's Konpaku

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on Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:18 pm
Name: Konpaku Kire
Rank: S
Type: Koto-Styled katana
Materials: Sandalwood, Cloth, and Steel
Visual Description:Konpaku Kire appears as a normal Koto style katana when not channeling chakra from a user. A polished sandalwood hilt with a simple wrapping of cloth around the hilt for ease of grip. It maintains a minimalist appearance through the guard, which takes the form of a simple solid piece of steel extending two inches in all directions and circularly shaped. The blade itself is nondescript and possesses no markings or distinguishing factors in it's natural state. The blade itself is slightly longer than the average katana at 30 in. with the hilt adding in for a total length, from base to tip, of 38 in. and a blade width of 2 in.

It's sheath takes a more ornate form to differentiate the blade from others in the choosing though it is a sheath Kitaro himself had acquired for the sword rather than one made for the blade. This sheath is dyed black that was once a smooth finish but now is marred with lighter and darker locations all along. Worn by an attached blue cloth attached at it's throat and brightly colored in stark contrast to the worn black sandalwood. When Konpaku Kire is channeling chakra from it's user the blade begins to brighten and glow to a brighter and solidly colored white blade along the length of the steel of the weapon. From the position of an observer the blade would seem to become a solid white material rather than the steel of it's makeup though this is only a visual effect due to the chakra conductive and chakra channeling functions and abilities of Konpaku Kire.
Power: 700
Endurance: 300
Ability: Konpaku Kire is a blade designed against the use of ninja by way of eliminating their chakra usage. While the user's chakra is channeled through the blade it is extended in it's blade length by a total of six inches and width by a total of two inches though these extended areas are only able to use half the power of the weapon. Any contact with an enemy by way of the blade or the chakra channeled around it the chakra enters the target's body and acts as a temporary block or disruption for the flow of chakra through the target's chakra network. This effect becomes halved against target's with an Endurance within 50 to that of the Konpaku Kire's Power while any Endurance higher than that margin is unaffected by the disruption effect altogether.

When the effect is is applied to a target's arm or hand this prevents the use of handseals without the use of the one handed variety. When the effect is applied to a target's torso or head this effect prevents the use of the most complicated and demanding of jutsu (A-S) for the duration of the effect. When this effect is applied to the legs of a target this prevents the use of full-body enhancing jutsu.

The effect itself is applied through the opening made in the target's body in the location of contact. If only the surrounding chakra makes the connection, rather than the blade, this creates a small or minor wounding effect to the target's body and applies the chakra disruption for two rounds. If the blade itself makes contact with the target's body the blade cuts as normally expected of a katana with an added 100 Power due to the wind chakra application and the chakra disruption effect is applied instead for five rounds. The chakra disruption effect itself has a cost of 12 chakra from the user to send into the victim's body for this weapon's effect to actually be applied and has an upkeep cost of 8 chakra per round to maintain the wind chakra extension.
Cost: 8,000 Major Ability (Free S Rank Weapon from Grand Opening Package # 1)
Requirements: Use of this weapon requires the skill to channel chakra through a blade to a master's degree (5 Bukijustsu Skill) and requires the ability to convert the user's chakra to the Wind chakra nature.
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on Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:28 pm

1. This cannot disrupt chakra simply by hitting someone with the aura as you have not specified how large the aura is or if it can be made larger etc. It has to be with the blade. The aura can do something offensive; but not disrupt chakra.

2. The disruption of chakra should last a differing amount of turns depending on the person's endurance and/or chakra amount. So give me a range of effect based on one or both of those numbers.

3. How do you break out of this? Can you give chakra to do so or no?

4. The cost to use the effect... hmmm. I would say your best bet is to have an upkeep of when the blade is charged with your chakra. I will put that as 25 chakra considering how dangerous the effect can be.

5. What effect does this have on chakra constructs etc? This should not take chakra out of techniques etc.
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