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A Song In A Dream

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on Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:54 pm
Name: Gēqǔ Mèng
Rank: S
Gēqǔ Mèng - the first and greatest pride of Ygea. A puppet designed with heavy influence of the desire for a "companion" in which would "listen" to her whenever she chose to speak would never provide prejudice or harsh judgment for her or her actions. Violet hair of darker tones would rest upon a lighter violet -- a composed synthetic of actual hair dyed with a purple concoction to painstakingly lace into the head. With "flesh" forged of carefully balanced mixing of silk and synthetics to cover its body, bringing it the proper form of a human as carbon tubing within the hollowed body form the "veins" under its skin. This functions as both the delivery system for the chakra from the heart as well as a progenitor of "warmth" inside of the puppet's body to truly mimic the concept of having a separate individual as a friend. The lower half of the puppet's body is modeled in the idealism of a male's body without the complex mechanics of gender-separation notions. Standing at the height of six feet and two inches, it's a remarkably light-weighted puppet for its physique, weighing in at a grand total of forty lbs. Upon its chest is a singular marking of a tribal-styled blue rose -- a mark of where its "heart" rests inside of its body.

This puppet contains within it the inner workings of a human body converted into weaponry. The heart in particular is the container for its "life source", connected throughout all of the carbon tubing via chakra threads wrapped around it and dipping inside of the source to energize its body. The rest of the weaponry and inner workings of this puppet will be explained within the confines of the "weaponry" segment of this application.

Power: 125 { +125 }
Endurance: 375 { +125 }
Mobility: 250 { +125 }

The Azure Heart:

Name: The Azure Heart
Rank: S Rank
Type: Chakra container
Materials: Tungsten tubing, chakra-containment seal, embedded chakra threading

Visual Description:
The Heart Reference
A heart of tungsten forged to connect and pump Dust chakra throughout the lengths of the carbon tubing that spreads throughout the puppet's body. This heart emits a constant glow and warmth from the chakra kept inside of it, and a permanently embedded seal carved along the entirety of the central "container" serve to stabilize the Dust chakra until Ygea utilizes it. It's metal choice renders it higher resistant to overheating, and simulates a sort of "beating" while active in actuality to a human heartbeat. The veins, as a result of the chakra funneled through it, are blue when seen through the thinner parts of the puppet's body (such as the wrists). The heart is connected to not only the tubes, but chakra threads that spread throughout the body in a form of a "nervous" system to assist in chakra manipulation inside of it.

Power: 0
Durability: 500/ +125 Endurance
Ability: The Azure Heart is the source of Gēqǔ Mèng's power. It functions as a container that keeps the entirety of the puppet running by channeling the potential force of Dust into the carbon tubes in its dormant state to allow Ygea to transmit her own Dust Release and subsequent techniques through it. As a result, she may also use chakra inside of the puppet to channel Fire, Earth, and Wind release techniques through it so long as it has chakra inside of its container.

The Azure Heart can hold a maximum of 500 chakra and must be done in non-combat topics to build up. It will only be able to store a maximum of 100 chakra inside of it per topic. The post minimum for this chakra generation and storage is 3 separate posts. The word count for each post must be at least of 500 words to count towards storage.

Conversion Rate
Dust Release techniques will pay straight amounts from this chakra pool due to their higher cost.

Fire, Earth, and Wind release techs used through the puppet will only pay 1/2 of the cost from the chakra pool as a result of only having to take a fraction of the amalgamated chakra source to perform.

Cost: 8000 Ryo
Requirements: This heart is only compatible with Gēqǔ Mèng. The complicated manner that Ygea created the puppet would not allow it to function with any other puppet or mechanical object due to how she specifically forged Gēqǔ Mèng to resemble a human body's internal system.

The Engine of Black:

Name: The Engine of Black
Rank: S Rank
Type: Chakra converter
Materials: Magnesium created with the lightness of aluminum, and the strength of titanium.

Visual Description:
The Black Engine
The Black Engine is a circular device that hooks up to the underside of the Azure Heart to create an embedded design along the bottom that is not visible at first glance along the container. It is created out of tempered magnesium, remaining as light as simplistic aluminum while holding the strength and consistency of titanium alloys to ensure that it is able to maintain its own form from the sheer force of the Dust Release's conversion inside of it.

Power: 0
Durability: 500/ +125 Power
Ability: The Black Engine is able to convert the potential energy of Dust Release into force to power the puppet's attacks. This allows the puppet to benefit from the power increase of Dust Release for the sake of its attacks at the cost of expanding Dust chakra per attack to maintain the force it would output as a result.

Cost: 8000 Ryo
Requirements: This engine is only compatible with Gēqǔ Mèng. The complicated manner that Ygea created the puppet would not allow it to function with any other puppet or mechanical object due to how she specifically forged Gēqǔ Mèng to resemble a human body's internal system.

The Violet Veins:

Name: The Violet Veins
Rank: S Rank
Type: Chakra manipulators
Materials: Carbon tubing, Chakra-conductivity treating

Visual Description:
The Violet Veins
The Violet Veins are chakra-conductive carbon tubes that traverse through the body. At the limbs, these tubes are customized to allow for air-pressured blasts and contain several materials such as white powder, ground glass dust, and other general easy-access materials in line with that.

Power: 250/ +125 Speed
Durability: 250
Ability: The Violet Veins are able to coax chakra through them to fuel the usage of jutsu through the Azure Heart. There is a secondary effect in which the Veins are able to blast out powder and such through the palms of the hands, the mouth, the legs, and the chest with Dust-mixed powders or sands or things of the nature from within its body to coat areas with Dust Release-embedded layers. Naturally, these powders will detonate on Ygea's command. These tubes can shoot out projectiles at a rate of the puppet's speed doubled.

Cost: 8000 Ryo
Requirements: These veins are only compatible with Gēqǔ Mèng. The complicated manner that Ygea created the puppet would not allow it to function with any other puppet or mechanical object due to how she specifically forged Gēqǔ Mèng to resemble a human body's internal system.

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on Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:42 pm


Fun nazi has a fun nazi puppet. Owo Well then. Let's start the fun camps.


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