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Clan Ranks

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on Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:28 pm
Clan Ranks Clan_ranks_header_by_dreamishlyme-d9x6b6b

Each clan has ranks within it that can be taken up by members on a first-come first-serve basis. If someone of that ranks perishes, than you may fill that with someone else.

**Only Senju, Uzumaki, Ootsutsuki, and Ucihha start off with CLAN LEADERS. Everyone else has the same list minus the clan leader one until your banner clan becomes a MAJOR clan.

Clan Leader 0/1
S rank 0/2
A rank: 0/3
B rank 0/4
C rank 0/8
D rank 0/16

I've already made a completely separate page for Clan Leader information, so I will just adress the role of each rank in their clan. First let me say that every rank has a direct relationshp with the Clan Leader and know him. Secondly, you all know each other and work together. You are relatives for goodness sake - act like it.

Clan Ranks Srankheader_by_dreamishlyme-d9x6qza

S rank

You obviously hold the second highest post within your clan. You report directly to the Clan Leader and are used as his representatives quite often. You likely will be given military authority and are to be respected by your clansmen as royalty. You might be a large factor in the religious activities in your clan and are the authorities when the Clan Leader is away.

Clan Ranks Arankheader_by_dreamishlyme-d9x6qwo

A rank

You are used largely for the task of smaller military tasks as well as traveling to other clans to manage trade and relations.
You are of high esteem obviously and are used to oversee major business operations in your clan as well as monitor the information that gets to the Clan Leader. He has enough on his plate already; so people go through you mostly with their stuff.

Clan Ranks Brankheader_by_dreamishlyme-d9x6qtw

B rank
You are largely to maintain social order as well as lead public service activities. You report to A rank clansmen often looking for the authority to begin and monitor projects in the community.

Clan Ranks Crankheader_by_dreamishlyme-d9x6qmy

C rank
You are the strong civilian, usually the father or mother of a family; or a young soldier. You are the work force for community projects and are allowed to present your case to the B rank clansmen to put forth to the A ranks. You have jobs in the community and everyone works on their clans trade.

Clan Ranks D_rankheader_by_dreamishlyme-d9x6pjz

D rank
You are likely a child and are used for minor aid in the clan workmanship, but nothing major. You attend schooling and any religious ceremonies.
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