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on Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:02 pm
Original Post:
CI = 100 x [10 x (Rank Modifier added)] + Upgrade Bonus | This formula should be used for each Player Character in a clan within a certain territory

Rank Modifiers:
E-Rank (x1)
D-Rank (x2)
C-Rank (x3)
B-Rank (x4)
A-Rank (x5)
S-Rank (x6)
Shuchō (leader) (x7)

CI = {100 x [10 x (6+7 = 13)]} + Upgrade Bonus = 13,000


On Shinobi Fables Untold we use a system known as Compound Perk system. This system is used to strengthen one's clan and land through a variety of perks that your clan leader can purchase. Each clan has its own update section on the forum, that is where the clan leader can and eventually must post their clan's update sheet. This update sheet will contain a list of perks that clan already has, as well as the amount of Ryo  that clan has. These perks can be purchased with Ryo which the clan gains through the clan members of said clan doing missions.

  • Only a clan leader can do these updates and make purchases with this system. In the event that a clan leader has been offline for 2 weeks+ or has been using the system in an unfit way (for his or her own advantage) or the Clan Leader hasn't done any updates/very necessary purchases and has the funds - Then the Highest ranked member of said clan can request permission from an admin to do the updates or purchases.The updates must be done weekly, only counting the Ryo gained from missions within that week.

  • The leader can use said Ryo , however at own risk. Clan Members have every right to challenge their clan leader, no matter the rank, if they deem the clan leader unfit for the job. Using Ryo for your own use will require the clean members to find out ICly themselves about your corruption.  These kinds of situations will be heavily monitored. Staff reserve the right to withdraw these automated knowledge of "corruption" from any and all clan members if they find the situation to be fair.

KI = 100 x [10 x (Rank Modifier added)] + Upgrade Bonus | This formula should be used for each Player Character within the Kingdom.

Rank Modifiers:
E-Rank (x1)
D-Rank (x2)
C-Rank (x3)
B-Rank (x4)
A-Rank (x5)
S-Rank (x6)
Shuchō (leader) (x7)

KI = {100 x [10 x (7+7+5+5+5+4+4= 37)]} + Upgrade Bonus = 37,000

Emperor- Sen J.Uzumaki
S-Rank- /1|
A-Rank-3/3|Zeda Hotaru,Seraphiel Kyoto, Saia Kyoto
B-Rank-2/4|Kin Uzumaki, Kodoku Kyoto


S-Rank- 1/1|Setoshi Soichiro

Kingdom Upgrades

Clan Techniques

Training Grounds


Sensory Barrier


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