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Fukusū Clan

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on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:30 pm
Name: Fukusū Clan
Founder: Nozomi Fukusū
Location: Valley of the Serpent, Holy Abraxus Empire

Allegiance: The Ōtsutsuki Clan
History:Kaga is the very basis of the Fukusū clan. Despite the fact that the small clan is actually composed of a handful of families, the Fukusū  are best known as a result of their particularly powerful bond with the great white serpent. They serve as his priesthood and guardians, and are the ones who now protect the aging protector from those who would abuse his power. This respect was born of his actions which intervened and allowed for the prosper of these people, who nature would most certainly have otherwise starved. The scattered settlements decorated a valley that was protected from the outside world by a series of ravines that wind and befuddle the unwary. The winding paths and the valley's protector both lead to it eventually being called the Valley of the Serpent. It was here that Kaga took in those scattered by an unseasonably early arrival of winter and the failure of many crops. By entrapping these scattered farmers and mercenaries in his embrace, and inviting them to a long slumber, Kaga saved them from what would come to be a six-year stretch of blight, frost, and unforeseen cataclysm of the local agriculture. This great slumber in the coils of the white serpent was when the particularly strong bond between him and the Fukusū family was formed. On that sixth summer, as the frost receded and the earth warmed once more the slumber faded and one by one, they were released from Kaga's protective hold. It was no surprise when Nozomi Fukusū pressed to erect a temple for their great protector, but initially Kaga would have no part in being praised as a savior. 'Understanding that some things must live and some things must die is the way of the world'. Nozomi, however, was a forward-thinking and strong-willed woman, and one of the strongest-bonded to the great serpent. So her insistence lead to him deciding to take stock of the world well beyond the great cavern and the Valley of The Serpent and heard the echoes of turmoil in the world. Kaga emerged from his caverns and allowed a temple to be erected around him, so that he could reside at the heart of the new village. To commemorate these great events in their past, the children of this saved generation would also sleep for six years as those before them, and so would their children, a ritualistic slumber steeped in respect for the protector and his kind. It was also not much of a surprise that as Kaga came to be the patron deity, so too were all white serpents taken in and revered, and even served to become the life-long companions of the Fukusū. Their ritual of slumbering for six years in plaster 'eggs' interred in Kaga's chamber allowed for the great serpent's Chakra to wash over them as they slept, and irreversibly bound them and their serpents to the point they would become as one being. This bond came to be called Tamashī no Ketsugō, drawing a visible line between those who had taken the Six-Year Slumber and those who hadn't. The tradition continues to this day, though it is not well known or understood beyond the Valley of the Serpent.
Requirements: Acceptance Of Kaga, 200 Endurance if not born

Clan Special Characteristics: The Six-Year Slumber bonds members of the clan irreversibly to serpents, giving them many traits of their deified reptiles.

+2 to Genjutsu as a result of the serpent's natural strength in influencing others
Physiological changes make the Fukusū possess an enhanced sense of smell using their forked tongues. They can detect a known or unique scent at 1000 meters provided it isn't hidden.
Ritualistic drinking of poison from a young age and physiological changes brought on by the Six Year Slumber lead to Fukusū developing small venom glands and elongated fangs to administer venom that reduces life force by 5 each post for 3 posts. These fangs have 70% of their owner's Strength and Endurance. The shinobi will typically have immunity built up to this venom by the time of the Six Year Slumber.
The Fukusū are able to shed their skin, a process that is natural but also able to be forced by expending 5 Chakra. The rate at which their skin replenishes itself enough to provide for no more than three complete but thin shells to be shed in a day, strong enough to stand on their own and mimic the owner's Chakra for two posts.
Fukusū are warm blooded, but only barely and their metabolism doesn't allow them to support their own temperatures in extreme conditions after the Six Year Slumber. They must avoid exposure to extreme cold for longer than four posts or suffer a penalty to their speed of -10 every post after that point.

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Tamashī no Ketsugō
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Ninjutsu
Description: The Six Year Slumber binds a member of the Fukusū to their serpent companion, unifying them as one being. The serpent sleeps in a purely spiritual form wrapped about the heart. By using the Tamashī no Ketsugō: Release, the serpent sheds the bond with their master and passes into the physical realm, able to fight as their companion. The serpent possesses 90% of their owner's stats. The unique relationship between the serpent and their owner allows for the use of specialized jutsu. The serpent can also serve as a point of origin for some jutsu instead of the shinobi. When the serpent exhausts its energy, it returns to the Fukusū and must rest before being released again. The serpent recovers at a rate of 12% Chakra and 6% Life Force per post, but cannot be released if below 30% Life Force. If Spirit Collapse was used, the serpent recovers at an increased rate of 18% Chakra and 9% Life Force per post, but Spirit Collapse cannot be used in the subsequent incarnation.

Tamashī no Ketsugō: Protector's Coil – Though the serpent is bound to the Fukusū, it is within their ability to cast their companion to another shinobi or individual, providing them with a temporary protective skin of scales fortified with Chakra to mitigate 30% of incoming damage while adding half of its Endurance stat to the target. The protected individual can also serve as the point of origin for the  Fukusū's subsequent jutsu while maintaining the protection. Costs 10 Chakra per post to maintain, but every other post can draw from the serpent's Chakra.

Tamashī no Ketsugō: Spirit Collapse – Because they are not a typical summon, and are imbued with a greater sense of permanence in the world, the act of changing from their physical form back into the spiritual one can be made excessively violent. The serpent can be made to sacrifice their remaining Chakra and life force to deal damage, prompting their return to spirit form and the need for them to recuperate.

Tamashī no Ketsugō: Kaga's Ferocity – The serpent can be imbued with the strength of the protector Kaga temporarily, allowing for a 40% increase to the serpent's power and speed for two posts. When combined with Protector's Coil, it imbues the protected individual with 30% of those modified stats for the duration of those two posts.

Tamashī no Ketsugō: Trisagion Prayer – The priestesses of the Fukusū are able to take time and practiced tradition into account and use their serpents to heal others, given adequate time. By performing a ritual, they can allow their serpents to enter into the bodies of others and take a firm hold of the core of their being, enabling ailments to be shed that otherwise may have proven difficult. Like old, dried husks, the afflictions are peeled away one at a time. Not practical for use in combat.
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on Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:02 pm
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