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Chakra and Jutsu Rules

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on Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:03 pm
Jutsu Rules and Format

When creating a new jutsu, you split the stats for the jutsu into three areas; Speed, Power, and Range. Speed is how fast it goes, power is how hard it hits in whatever way it hits, and range is obviously the distance it affects.
As you can see below, there are ranges in which the technique may fall, this is to show the variations in jutsu'. However, the description can also be a factor, some jutsu that have potent abilities/power or such may have their specifications limited. A spear of ice that is incredible powerful and fast, will have a very short range, and vice versa, something that moves very fast and can go very far, obviously will be pretty weak. Also, staff have the right to request additional stipulations on such jutsu's.  

P.S. The fact that stats are ranged does not mean that common sense should never be used. Not every S rank is 750, and we reserve the right to limit your tech if we read and feel it is not as strong as you are describing. Be mature and responsible please, it adds to artistic integrity.

Jutsu Stats

  • E Rank - 50-100
  • D Rank - 100-200
  • C Rank - 200-300
  • B Rank - 300-400
  • A Rank - 400-500
  • S Rank - 600-750
  • Kinjutsu/Legendary/Limited - 750+

Jutsu Cost

E Rank5-10
D Rank10-20
C Rank20-30
B Rank30-40
A Rank40-50
S Rank
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