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Clan Leader Guide

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on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:54 pm
Here is the guide for clan leaders. This is to give you all a solid idea of what you are to your clan IC and what are some of the perks of being a leader as well as responsibilities.
As a Clan Leader, you are a symbol of power and security for your clan. Your obligation foremost is the protection and prosperity of your clan, and this must be a built in character quality in your character. You are not a Kage, but more like a sovereign. Those in your clan uphold you as royalty, and in some cases even as divine. Your job is to manage relations inside of your clan and outside. Major moves are not made without your stamp of approval, and you are to be the front runner in major conflicts.

I will not warn you not to abuse your position, because I will kill you if I feel that you do; so no issue. The smartest thing you can do is be active and promote growth and stability of activity in your clan. Everyone you meet is someone you've known for a while and you are friends or family with - remember that.
All and all, remember the cost of leadership.
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