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Missions for a Traveler

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on Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:15 pm
Mission Name: Birds of Feather
Rank: C-rank
Type: Tracking
Client: Bird Collector
Exp/Ryo Reward: 600
Mission Description: A wealthy collector of birds has been looking for one particular bird to possibly add to his collection. If he cannot have the bird he at least wants tokens of it. Droppings, feathers, egg shells, even an empty nest. He has contracted anyone willing to find this rare bird for him and retrieve it for him if possible.
Location: Heavenly Blossoms
Additional Information: The bird is a predatory animal, a hawk sized dark blue bird with yellow beaks. If you choose to capture it keep in mind this is a protected animal of the Heavenly Blossom country. You will be a wanted criminal if caught.
Eligible Members: Those attuned to tracking animals and holding special relationships with them.

Mission Name: Dryad Root
Rank: C-rank
Type: Gathering
Client: Merchants
Exp/Ryo Reward: 600
Mission Description: Dryad Root is a common medicinal plant found in Malachandra, however in the Heavenly Blossom Kingdom it can only be found deep underground. It is not illegal to dig for them as long as you don't damage the environment. However there are two problems that make it difficult to dig for these. They are so deep down in the ground it is considered mining in Blossom Empire, which makes it dangerous as the cave could collapse. Secondly as it is rare no one exactly knows how to identify them.
Location: Heavenly Blossom Kingdom
Additional Information: The dryad Root has properties which help with quickly expelling toxins through the skin pores. Add some in a steamed room or drink it with tea and it helps expel toxins. Dryad Roots look like normal roots, except that their sap is a dark crimson red like blood.
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