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on Sat Jun 04, 2016 10:25 pm

Shinobi Fables Untold

Name: Aburame-Hotaru
Founder: Glave Aburame Found the New Age
Location: Carpathia
Allegiance: N/A

The Hotaru bloodline was formed way deep in the sands of a lost dessert in the lands. And inside of a small oasis  of the deepest parts of this monstoseris dessert. A group of wanderers found this oasis and made it home so that they to could have a chance to survive in this world. Though this would not be an easy task to do inside of Oasis like this one. Mainly due to the fact that the beast in this oasis were deadly. This caused the colonists to instantly have to start finding ways to fight and survive. But in this oasis nothing was safe but this one bug. This bug would happen to be known as a Light bug. Which would be a harmful bug that the colonist learned to used for protection by living in their nest.  

By staying in the groups of trees that the fireflies stay dormant in kept all of the other beast in the forest at bay. Once this lil secret was learned the colonist of this forest became able to survive it much better than before. Because they now had a stable habitat to keep themselves in. Though life was still hard for the outside the nest of the fireflies and so forth the people had to start learning other ways to defend themselves outside in the oasis and desert. And so forth came many ideas of the colonist but none were as crazy as one.  

This would be a man by the name of Glave Hotaru a extremist who was willing to push the body to the next level to advance. He came up with the idea of giving their bodies to the young baby larva of the fireflies. Feeling that if that they offered their bodies to the bug that it would use them as a host and allow for them to both use each other in a mutual relationship. This idea being beyond crazy to most of the colonist eas easily over past at first by most. But Hotaru being the man that he was cared little of what the rest had to say and went about on his own giving himself and his newborn son Tosen to the bugs.  

And as Glave believed the bugs would use them as a host. Though at first gaining the bugs would be a terrible feeling to the body of Glave and his son he managed to do so. They would soon gain traits and abilities of these bugs. Glave would soon come to create a whole way of combat with the bugs. And as the time went on and the colonist were still looking for ways to defend themselves outside the outer nest of the fireflies. Glave would come to demonstrate his way to the people. The people would soon learn that Glaves way was the right way. And soon more of the newborn children would be given to the nest of the fireflies.  

Soon the trait of the bug would become embedded in all of the children. As it became a trait locked in any male who had or was born with the bugs. This resulted in the new generation of what would become the Hotaru bloodline. As these would be the descendants of Tosen and the first gen. As all of their children would instantly be born with the larvae of the fireflies in their body resulting in them not being needed to be taking to the nest. Though this is all that is known about this bloodline as the rest of their history is kept secret of the world. Though some of it was brought to light to the world.  

Glave's true name would actually be that of Glave Aburame, and he was a ninja who defected and left from his clan with his son to join the colonist in finding a new home. He would go to keep this a secret from everyone even his own son Tosen didn’t even know for most of his life. But by changing the olds ways that Glave was taught he was able to make a new generation with Tosen and some of the colonist kids that he used in his experiments. But this again is where the History of Glave and his son Tosen disappears.  

And this is where the New Generation of Aburame begin. As all is known is that Glave went and got the rest of the clan and brought them to join the colonist. How he managed to do this feat is unknown but it is what sparked the change of the clan. As Tosen unlike the rest of the Aburame was infected with a different type of beetle. And soon Glave would use the new abilities of Tosen to change the structure of the clan . As now the Aburame are split into a Head family and a lower family. The Head family being those that take on the name of Hotaru and the branch family being those who take on the name Aburame.  As only the Hotaru have gained the secret access to the fireflies parasite that infects their body. Giving them use to the new species of insect that the rest of the Aburame can't use. This caused the structure of the family to change. With the clan now being ran by the Head Hotaru being the clean leader.  

*Abide the Clan
Special Info:
Hotaru: Theses are the direct descendent's of Tosen and Glave. They are considered royals to the Aburame as they are the only ones who have gained access to the fireflies of the clan. Hotaru tend to have darker skin then the Aburame and dont follow the same code of dress. And unlike Aburame Hotaru have red hair a lot of the time. (Must have fire and Lightning first 2 elements. Hotaru only may access 3 elements)

Aburame: This is the lower branch and were most of the clan reside. They all still abide by the old ways of the Aburame clan from way back before the birth of the Hotaru. They are under the Hotaru and consider them as royals. Now the Aburame clan lives up to their name of being mysterious by sporting a style of dark clothing which covers most of their body. It consists of dark opaque sunglasses, a sea-green jacket with a high upturned collar, and sometimes a dark hood over the jacket. Though they do tend to change the color of their clothes so that they can have complete camouflage. Since when in the dessert they tend to wear more tans to blend in with the dessert. Physically the clan has bushy brown hair and pale skin. They also tend to be quite tall for their age. A major defining trait of the Aburame clan is that all of its known members wear dark sunglasses that hide their eyes as well as jackets that cover part of their face. (Aburame get no starting element)

Council: The clan is ran by 3 members. One who is the head leader of the Council who is always a Hotaru. From the Hotaru clan will be a head and sub leader, and from the Aburame their will be a head leader. Together these three try to keep the balance for the clan so both the branch and main family are treated equal.
Clan Special Characteristics:

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Hotaru no michi / Aburame Ichizoku
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Ninjutsu
Now Even though the Hotaru and Aburame are cousins of each other they are still some differences in the abilities of one another. As the Hotaru can use the Aburame abilities but the Aburame cant use the Hotaru abilities


Hotaru no michi Bloodline  Symbol11

The Aburame clan is a clan characterized by their use of insects as weapons. The insects live in symbiosis within the body of the shinobi. At birth, members of this clan are offered to a special breed of insects called destruction bugs as a nest, residing just under their host's skin. The insects can leave and enter through various pores, apparently by eating their way through the skin. They feed on chakra as a food source, making them quite deadly. The relationship between the shinobi and the insects is mutually beneficial. The host grants the bugs shelter and allows them to feed off their chakra, their body becoming a living hive, and in return the bugs do the user's bidding, allowing the shinobi to perform ninjutsu-like techniques without the use of hand seals or chakra conversion.

A female bug can be left on a target, which then can be tracked by smell by the male bug, or scout bugs can be sent out and return to tell the host information about the area. For this reason, Aburame clan members are experts in espionage; they can communicate with the bugs, and the bugs specialize in stealth because they make no noise or motion during combat. In addition to utilizing insects in battle, the Aburame clan also studies insects.

Now the Aburame have several species of bugs, they are even able to communicate with other bugs that arent born inside of their body.


Hotaru no michi Bloodline  Bikoch10
The Bikōchū (微香虫, Literally meaning: minute scent insect) is an insect that is used by the Aburame clan. Two of the female's distinguishing traits are its long nose and its blue eyes, but a giant bug-like creature that looks exactly like it is sometimes confused with the real thing. It also has an incredible sense of smell, stronger than even that of a dog.And is mainly used for tracking jutsu [Aburame cant use these till C rank/ Hotaru B rank]


The kidaichū (寄大蟲, Literally meaning: Parasitic Giant Insects) are a species of beetle-like insects that are bred and utilized by select members of the Aburame clan as part of their Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique. Though initially small in size, if provided with the incorrect amount of chakra, these insects immediately begin to devour the flesh of their host, causing them to undergo rapid growth to ultimately giant proportions. (B rank Aburame can use A rank Hotaru)


Rinkaichū (燐壊虫, Literally meaning: Phosphorus Destruction Insect)[1] are a breed of nano-sized, venomous insects (ナノサイズの毒蟲, nanosaizu no dokumushi, Viz: nano-sized venom beetles) used by select members of the Aburame clan as part of their Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique. These bugs destroy their enemies' cells, causing excruciating pain in the process. Unlike the standard kikaichū, which are able to act independently of the user, the nano-sized insects can seemingly only be transferred onto a victim's body by direct physical contact; though only a mere touch from the user's skin is required as the bugs can circumvent most forms of clothing. ( Need admin approval to use + clan leaders permission only for Aburame no Hotaru can use)


Hotaru no michi Bloodline  Symbol12
The kikaichū (寄壊蟲, English TV: Parasitic Insects, Literally meaning: Parasitic Destruction Insects) are a species of small, beetle-like insects that are bred and utilised exclusively by the Aburame clan, forming the basis for their unique techniques. The Aburame, shortly after birth, allows the kikaichū to nest and breed inside their bodies and feed off of their chakra, and in return, the host ninja receives the life-long ability to control and command the bugs, using them as their primary fighting technique.The most common use of the kikaichū in combat is to silently ambush an opponent and drain them of their chakra before they notice the bugs at work. [Hotaru and Aburame start with these]


The shōkaichū (消壊虫, Literally meaning: Neutralising Destruction Insect) are one of several species of insect used by members of the Aburame clan. They resemble worms. They can dig into the ground and locate chakra signatures that they then report to their respective Aburame. [Aburame Start with these, Hotaru cant use to C rank]

Hotaru no michi Bloodline  Firefl10
Now the Hotaru No Michi is the same as the Aburame Ichizoku  where they have  mutual relationship of the bugs and the host starts. As the bugs feed on chakra, and by using the chakra the Hotaru are able to control and use the fireflies that their body constantly creates by opening up special pours to release these devastating bugs. Now these bugs can be used for all different types of purposes, whether it be tracking people or gathering information. Or even for combat through the use of offensive or defensive moves  


Photuris: The Photuris is the insect that the Hotaru have gained access to that the rest of the Aburame are kept away from. Like most of the bugs the Aburame use it is also a beetle. But it is slightly different in the fact that it is a very large firefly, being about an inch long. They are a carnivore’s bug eating all types of things even devouring the flesh of humans that get in their way. It is said that if enough Photuris are around that they could devour the flesh of one human being in minutes. Though on top of eating meat the Photuris also feed off of Chakra so that they may strengthen themselves. Now Photuris males and females both look different. Males are what one would refer to as a Firefly, while females are what one would prefer to as a glowworm. Each having their own uses to their ninja. But unlike the rest of the bugs the Aburame carry the Photuris leaves the Hotaru some extra perks for being their host  
Hotaru no michi Bloodline  Firefl10

Hotaru no michi Bloodline  Photur10
Resistance: Due to the fact that the Photuris does live inside of the body of its host, the members of the Hotaru clan have become able to have a higher resistance of the fire and Lightning element due to the fact that the Photuris do have the ability to become on fire, or even become shocking. This being due to a chemical that they produce. This chemical now resides in the body of the Hotaru whose body created a natural defense to it giving them some resistance to fire and lightning.  (This is the same as your body being give a flu shot and gaining defense against the flu, the Hotaru's body has evolved to survive.  

Chemicals: The Photuris have multiple chemicals inside of their body that can be used for numerous properties some even say healing. Now this is the chemical that is what allows for the bugs to set on fire or start to produce lighting when it is connected with chakra. And by this chemical and chakra combining inside of the bug they gain resistance to the elemental chakra they are putting out. Though this does not make them immune. ( Since even if Bugs are set on fire around you doesnt meant that they can block the fire. So to say the Bugs are on B rank Fire they would easily get taken by A rank fire jutsu, but over power C rank and balance out with equal ranked jutsu. This would be the same with Lightning) Now the bugs dont have basic resistance sense if the bugs aren't producing nature chakra they are regular chakra eating bugs.  

Fire and Lightning: Due to the chemical that the fireflies produce inside the body of the Hotaru they all have the element of Fire and Lightning (Must be the first two elements) This is the sane chemical that the Hotaru use with the bugs to allow for them to use fire and lightning injunction with the bugs.  

Drawbacks: The chemicals of the bug does effect with the bodies of the host. This being the reason that the members of the Hotaru family look a lil different then the Aburame of the family. But at the same time the Hotaru have some drawbacks that the Aburame don’t get. Hotaru can only have 3 elements no matter what and 2 of them must be fire and Lightning. Hotaru also cant learn Past C rank Genjutsu no matter what their skill level in Genjutsu is. This is due to the fact that the chemicals of the fireflies have messed with the Hotaru's ability to form chakra into genjutsu.

Side Note: All of the Bugs of this clan are basic bugs for the most part. A simple bite from one bug is not deadily and will probably only drain 1-2 chakra points. The bugs gain strength threw the amount of chakra put inside of them view jutsu.

Made at a later time

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Any abilities of bugs will be explicity made in techniques; no abilities to start out with, no quantity of bugs to start out with. All is technique derived.


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