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Senju Clan [Done]

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on Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:36 pm
Name: Senju Clan
Founder: Avalon Senju
Location: Kingdom of Malachandra

Senju Clan [Done] Symbole_du_clan_senju

History: The Senju clan are a race of people who are the descendants of the legendary Avalon Senju, who is considered to be the greatest shinobi to ever live. Born from the alien Princess Kaguya, his father was greatest of the Kings of Samurai, and his brother is Azulon Uchiha; the Uchiha clan founder.
He, with the help of his brother Azulon, defeated the Juubi and eventually created the nine tailed beasts in order to have a balance of power in the world. The Senju clan spent many years being the guardians of the tailed beasts, and the most powerful clan in the world until the great war that the Uchiha waged with them. The Uchiha took hold of the tailed beasts and used them to nearly wipe out the Senju and surrounding clans. Since that incident, the Senju grew very cold towards outsiders and consider to be the Uchiha a clan whose existence threatens humanity itself. They are quite disgusted and yet at the same time mournfal with the Uzumaki clan for their worship of the Shinigami, though they at one point were in good relations before the Uzumaki took to said practices.

The Senju clan's main power resides in their unique molecular structure, which is unlike that of other people. Their cells function at an efficiency unheard of and they have unusual vitality as well as longevity. They age comparatively much slower than other people, and rarely get sick or maintain injury.  They have inherited cells from their forefather that are unique and exceedingly strong. They have abundant life force out of the energy within their cells and it is thought that their life force is most rich in their heart.
Currently, they reside in an oasis/forest within Konoha, where they live in abundance as farmers and craftsmen. They are quite suspicious of the Ootsutsuki clan's arrival on earth, and they have not yet responded to offers to come and meet their new ruler...

Clan Customs/Attire: The Senju are a very kind and simple people, whose main dwellings have a lot to say about their life style in general. In Senju communities, the aged are the most uplifted. Sages, as they are called, are the counselors of people and instructors of the children. They teach history and philosophy of Senju rhetoric. The Senju are great students of agriculture and nature as a whole. They are extremely adept at reading the weather, communicating with animals, and all things to do with plants. In addition, they possess and uncanny skill for fishing and seamanship. Their children or forced to gain a sense of craftiness through manipulation of wood or elements in general. By the age of 12 they are able to build their own houses and hunt for their own food. They are seen wearing all manner of colored clothing, usually preferring baggy pants and tunics. Their women wear skirts and dresses exclusively, as to wear the attire of a man is taboo for the most part. All men work in the field, hunt and build. Community projects are those that the men of the village are all expected to work on. The Senju have the strongest family structure out of any clan and are have the best unity in terms of overall community and environment. They truly operate as one family, and even many past Uchiha have noted that their greatest strength lies in their capacity to work together and love one another unconditionally. They are known for the virtue of faithfullness and have a high capacity for work ethic.

Lastly, the Senju excel at the medical arts quite substantially. Being students of nature, they are also quite knowledgeable about the human body and anatomy of all living things. Hence why they have many natural advantages to others in difficult environments.

Clan Special Characteristics
The Senju KKG revolvs around their high life force and proficiency in all forms of skill.

Life Force - The Senju start off with 150 life force, being the descendants of Avalon. Their boost is +38 to two stats of their choice (round up from 25% of 150 which is 37.5).

A Thousand Skills - The Senju are the most naturally well-rounded clan known. This is largely due to the wonderful teachings of their sages handed down from Avalon himself. They begin with +2 skill points which they may use in any area except for Fuuinjutsu. The fuuin knowledge they once possessed left with the Uzumaki clan's separation.

Mokuton/Elemental Boost Having such powerful life force, they also have uniquely strong chakra which is utilized in one of the following ways. The Senju may either have Mokuton, OR +20% increase in the stats of one chosen element.

*The clan leader may have Mokuton (+20% increase in stats for jutsu's speed, range and power.) OR +20% increase in stats for TWO chosen elements."

Name of KKG:
Type of KKG: Body Enhancement/ Elemental

Description:The Senju clan's power is based off of their powerful life force, which constitutes powerful cells as well as chakra. Their chakra, being fused with their life force, can be converted into a source of life manifesting itself in the mokuton element. They are able to create this element from anywhere at anytime.

In addition, some of the Senju clan are able to use their unique cellular structure as well as life-force potent chakra to gain greater mastery over elemental ninjutsu. Senju who have this ability do not need a water source for suiton techniques, for example.

*Mokuton techniques are based on the user's chakra and life force, and requires suiton and doton in order to use.
*Mokuton techniques have an elemental weakness to fire.

*Senju start with Water and Earth; and Mokuton if they choose that over the boost. They may choose to start with no elements and get +1 skill point.

Mokuton techniques are largely based on the powerful life force of senju stemming from their unique cells. A-S rank techniques in particular tend to be related to the users life force, though this can vary.

Clan Techniques:


Name: Nativity of a World of Trees [LIMITED]
Rank: S
Cost: 125 chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: 300
Speed: 600
Power: 600
Handseals: Tiger → Snake or Ram → Snake
Description: A technique developed by Avalon Senju, where the user forces trees to grow on any surface, easily creating a dense forest anywhere they choose. A small plant can grow into a forest in an instant. By manipulating chakra in the trees the user manoeuvres it as they see fit for attack and defence; and furthermore, this omnipotent technique even allows them to capture the enemy at the same time. With their tremendous life force, the trees can pierce through earthen walls, and extend their branches at their prey in an instant.
These trees are immensely powerful and range from 50 to 150 meters in height, with very great girth. The trees of normal jungles pail in comparison to these mastadons and they are strong enough to crush most opponents, and restrain beings as powerful as bijuu.

*User is able to use all aspects of trees to attack or restrain opponent.
*Upkeep is 10 chakra per turn.

Name: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees [LIMITED]
Rank: S
Cost: 60 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: 300 Meters (x2 life force)
Speed: 400
Power: 700
Handseals: Snake
Description:Taking advantage of the innate properties of Wood Release which allows the user to force trees to grow on any surface in an instant, the user creates a dense forest of flowering trees. During the forest's formation, the user can have the branch restrain any target(s) that tries to attack the user before the formation of the forest is complete. The pollen produced by these flowers is then released into the atmosphere and when inhaled, renders any afflicted target unconscious. The user can also control where the pollen spreads so it does not affect them nor their comrades. The pollen is also capable of penetrating Susanoo's defences.
With enough willpower, it is possible to regain consciousness. However, in order to counter the technique fully, either the trees themselves must be destroyed completely or the target must continue to remain elevated above the dispersed pollen.

*Pollen immediately knocks out targets with 500 endurance and less. 500-1,000 endurance takes two posts before going unconscious.
*Trees function the same as in the Nativity of a World of Trees.
*Upkeep is 15 chakra per turn.

Requirements: Must have mokuton. Must know Nativity of a World of Trees.

Name: Cutting Technique
Rank: A
Cost: 40 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: N/A Meters
Speed: 300
Power: 150 (Equal to life force)
Handseals: N/A
Description: A versatile technique where the user can produce sharp wooden spikes from their body to either fashion short-range weapons akin to a makeshift sword, or else use them as long-range projectiles, where the branches' growth can be triggered remotely, skewering the enemy as a result. The technique is extremely versatile and the user can produce wooden spikes instantly all around their body. The power of the spikes, like all wood, is linked to the user's life force, but they are thrown extremely fast. The spikes can be triggered to explode or splinter out at the users command.

Name: Underground Roots Technique (Clan Technique)
Rank: A-S
Cost: 35-70 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: 150 - 300 Meters
Speed: 150
Power: 150-300
Handseals: N/A
Description: Using the Wood Release, a user can manipulate the terrain, bringing out underground roots of varying sizes to fit various offensive situations, such as using the roots for trickery, misdirection and restriction. One can also use a large scale version, bringing out massive roots over a larger area that tangle around each other with such force that any one caught in-between is violently crushed to death.

Small Scale - User is able to bring out roots for 200 meters at 150 speed and 150 power. They are also able to use it like cutting technique and extend roots from their body.

Large Scale - The large scale version is akin in magnitude to the Nativity of a World of Trees technique. It ranges for x2 the users life force in meters (300 meters) and has equal strength. These roots are of equal endurance, strength, and height.

Armor - The user may make an armor out of the roots which cover the body in roots and greatly increase the power of the person wearing it. The armor is of 300 endurance, and adds +100 strength to the user while wearing it, while deducting 50 speed. This is the same cost as the large scale roots technique (70 chakra).

Name: Wood Clone
Rank: S
Cost: 60 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: x3 life forceMeters
Speed: N/A
Power: N/A
Handseals: Tiger → Dog → Snake
Description: The ultimate cloning technique, created by the Senju morphing their own cells into vegetation. They are able to create a single clone copy of themselves that has 80% of their base stats. This clone costs 15 chakra per turn to maintain, and is able to go up to 3x the user's life force distance away (so 450 meters) before it loses animation.
They have the ability to travel far from the user and are able to communicate with the original. Moreover, since the wood clone has the ability to merge with plants and trees, it is also great for reconnaissance missions.  By directly touching the wood clone with his hand, the user can change the shape of the clone. The clone so identical that only a dojutsu such as the Sharingan would be able to tell the difference between the user and the clone itself.

Name: Multiple Wood Release Clone Technique
Rank: S
Cost: 70 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: 3x life force Meters
Speed: N/A
Power: N/A
Handseals: Clone Seal
Description: This technique is essentially a mass version of the Wood Clone Technique wherein the user forms the clone-oriented hand seal and then, using the pre-existing vegetation in the immediate vicinity as a medium OR their own bodies, creates a large number of wood clones.

*Clones stats are 60% of user's stats in each regard. Example: My endurance is 100; my clones have 60 endurance.
*Clones may venture up to x3 the user's life force (so 450 meters) before losing animation.
*User pays 2 chakra per turn per clone.

Name: Great Forest Technique
Rank: S
Cost: 50 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: 300 Meters (x2 life force)
Speed: 150
Power: 300 (x2 life force)
Handseals: Tiger → Horse → Tiger → Snake
Description: A technique that changes one's own arm (or any other body part) into big trees able to be manipulated by the user. Using chakra, the tissues are transformed into trees at the cellular level. Then, by activating the trees, stimulating them to grow rapidly, they lengthen at high speed and fork into many branches. It is possible to capture the enemy with these branches and at the same time, if one changes the ends into sharp stakes, turn them into countless, sharp, spear-like piercing weapons. The user is able to extend the branches up to twice their life force, and the branches have equal strength and endurance. The user may create tendrils as well that extend from the branches as sharp weapons to attack the enemy.

Name: World of Trees Wall
Rank: B
Cost: 25 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: 50 Meters
Speed: 100
Power: 250 (increased by 1/3 of life force, so +50; the wall's actual strength is 300)
Handseals: Bird → Hare → Serpent
Description: The user creates countless wooden branches that grow at high speed from the ground. The branches interlace to form a wide, net-like wall with an impressive defensive power. The user may increase the strength of the wall by 1/3 of their life force, and can extend the branches out to attack the opponent on the other side of the wall.

Name: Wood Dragon (Limited 0/2)
Rank: S
Cost: 125 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: N/A Meters
Speed: 350
Power: 600 (Life Force added to power  I.e. = 750)
Handseals: Snake → Ram → Hare → Dog → Technique specific seal or Snake
Description: The user creates a gigantic wooden dragon, which they can use for a multitude of purposes including restraining a target, or for offensive purposes. The dragon that the user creates can vary in terms of appearance. While both instances created a serpentine dragon, Chinese dragon, though the first had a short trunk-like nose, while the other two later created did not. It also has the ability to absorb chakra from its target, slowly rendering them unable to use techniques and biting into the target and draining them almost in a vampiric fashion. Avalon was able to cause the dragon to detonate on his target, resulting in a large explosion.

*The user's life force is added to the power of the technique, making it 750 in strength. It is also 300 in endurance.
*The dragon is able to take 100 chakra per contact/turn with something; and 250 when touching a tailed beast.
*The user may cause the dragon to explode, and its explosion power is its power + the chakra it has absorbed.
*The dragon may be stopped from absorbing chakra by eliminating its head(s).
*Dragon is x3 life force in length.

Name: Wood Human (Limited 0/1)
Rank: S
Cost: 250 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: N/A Meters
Speed: Equal to user speed.
Power: 1,000 (+x2 life force)
Handseals: Snake
Description: After forming the required hand seals, the user creates an enormous statue-like creature out of wood. This humanoid creature with a full body and an oni-like face is usually created with a wooden dragon wrapped around its torso, and is generally used in battle as an avatar. The wooden dragon can be multiplied and be used to attack its enemies directly as well, and it is capable of spawning multiple wooden dragon heads that can explode (250 power). This creature is stated to be as powerful as the Nine-Tails, and could catch an uncompressed, uncharged, standard Tailed Beast Ball fired by the latter. If the user doesn't have enough time to manifest the entire body, they can manifest a limb or two first to buy enough time for the full body to form.  It could even clash against the likes of Azulon Uchiha's Complete Body — Susanoo, which was stated by Azulon himself to have destructive powers rivaling even the tailed beasts.

Name: Hōbi Technique (Limited)
Rank: S
Cost: 70 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: 200
Speed: 300
Power: 1,500 (+ x2Life Force)
Handseals: N/A
Description: Using Wood Release, the user creates a dome-like defensive structure that completely surrounds which takes the form of a dragon's face. This defence is split down the middle and can be opened on the user's command. It is strong enough to withstand the destructive force of a Tailed Beast Ball.

Name: Hotei Technique (Limited)
Rank: S
Cost: 150 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: 200
Speed: 500
Power: 1,000
Handseals: Clap hands together → Technique specific seal
Description: After performing the required hand seals, the user creates a number of gigantic wooden hands that erupt upward from beneath the ground, which encircle and then attempt to restrain a chosen enemy. The size of each of these hands is around the size of a tailed beast. Avalon was shown to be able to manifest two hands with sheer will alone, without the use of hand seals.

Name: Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing Hands (Limited)
Rank: S
Cost: 300 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu/Fuuinjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: 80 Meters
Speed: 800
Power: 2,000
Handseals: Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram → Monkey → Tiger
Description: This technique utilises the power of the Wood Release to forcibly suppress a tailed beast's chakra. The user produces the "sit" (座, za) kanji in his palm, and by touching the tailed beast, or its jinchūriki, with their hand, the user suppresses the chakra inside an area lined with ten pillars. Once touched with the seal, the chakra is stunned and unable to be utilized by beast or jinchuriki, and immediately sucked into the pillars surrounding and frozen while technique is going on. When a tailed beast is touched with this seal, they are immediately put unconscious.
This could even overwrite the control of a tailed beast controlled by the Sharingan.

Name: Foo Dog Heads
Rank: S
Cost: 225 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Mokuton
Range: 200 Meters
Speed: 60
Handseals: N/A
Description: A technique designed to be used to absorb a tailed beast's chakra. The user produces the "sit" (座, suwaru) kanji on their palm and creates a series of wooden pillars, which are engraved with what resemble foo dog faces and have lit wicks on top of them.  When the user slams their palm on the ground, the wooden statues rush towards the target and absorb its chakra.

*Each head can absorb 200 chakra per touch of a tailed beast, jinchuriki or its chakra.
*After contact with one dog head, the Jinchuriki's cloak is taken away if they have one.
*Technique able to be modified to attack humans and takes away 80 chakra per contact and transfers to user

Name: Mayfly (Limited)
Rank: S
Cost: 100 Chakra
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: 2,000 Meters
Speed: 1,000
Power: N/A
Handseals: N/A
Description: It allows the user to merge his body with the ground and flora and travel at very high speeds; however, it is noted not to be as fast as Space–Time Ninjutsu such as Kamui or FTG.  The user's body can merge with the ground after coating it with chakra. Then, using the underground network of organic matter, consisting of things like plant roots and water veins, he can travel everywhere with high speed. Using this technique he can conceal himself in such things as trees and even sand. Once merged, his presence is completely concealed, making it almost impossible to detect him, even for sensor type ninja. This makes this technique perfect for close-ranged spying.

*User may travel 2,000 meters per post; which is roughly from one village to another.
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