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Clanless/Rogue Rules

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on Sat May 28, 2016 1:12 pm

We realize that not ALL of you are so crazy about the idea of being in a cult -  I mean clan, and that you might want to explore the option of being alone and able to travel freely without being responsible to anyone etc. I get it, the lone wolf deal. So let me break down how this works on our site IC as well as some OOC advantages that you will qualify for by being Clanless. It is our way of allowing those who like to work outside the box the opportunity to still be extremely relevant to the clan community.

"Clanless" Definition
The definition of someone clanless is someone who is without a KKG and without a clan that they are definitely committed to from birth. A clanless person on our site is a rogue, and everyone with a KKG is a part of a clan (save for some special characters for plot reasons). As a hard and fast rule however, if you START out clanless, you have no KKG.
Furthermore, a clanless person is by definition a rogue and someone who is neither an enemy or a friend. How you are seen by various clans differs from clan to clan. Some clans welcome rogues, others do not. If you ever do wish to make your permanent abode a specific country and/or clan compound, you must do so under the legal permission of that Country's Ruler and the clansmen to whom you wish to abide with (or their leader if they have one).
If you are found in a country by authorities and are reported, severe consequences may ensue depending, so be cautious wherever you go.
The only place you are free to roam without fear of any potential trouble are the Minor Lands.

How do I go Rogue/Clanless?
Recall once more that rogue=clanless. So that being said, someone who begins in a clan, can end up as - clanless/rogue. That does not mean they magically lose their KKG of course, as only those who START as clanless must start without a KKG. We allow people to start out in a clan and eventually defect and go rogue/clanless. To ensure that this IC system is not abused however, we have several guidelines in place that must be observed before this can be validated:

  1. A person cannot defect from their clan as a D or C rank. You must be B rank or higher to leave your clan due to the difficulty in actually leaving a clan/country.
  2. When exiting your country to leave for good, people have 48 hours to stop you. Meaning that you must post that you are DEFECTING from your country as rogue, and your countrymen have 48 hours to post back.

    You might ask why would I make such a silly rule?
    Here is why: People all the time try and "sneak" away from their clan or country casually and are supposeduly all of a sudden rogue. But this is far too unrealistic with the universe we are in and how the IC world works, and therefore I want people to actually sensibly leave as rogue. To GO ROGUE is to do something treacherous and quite life changing for your character (their might be exp points involved if it is done well enough!) and therefore I want the event to be meaningful. Posting a "leaving" post and then magically turning up somewhere half way across the world is a cowards way of going rogue. In reality, countries are guarded, and clans are very tight-nit. They would notice if you were leaving unless you were able to masterfully sneak away.
    That being said, I am not saying everyone in your country gets to magically appear in your topic... Maybe you convinced them you were dead and then left?? Idk. But I want the opportunity to be there for them to potentially discover and even try to stop you... or not, Idk. But I want this process to be realistic, and realistically most people cannot simply "slip" out of primitive countries with high security.

  3. IF you do make it out, congrats! You are officially a wanted man/woman! Your clan leader or clan in general will immediately issue out a warrant for your capture, and you will be hunted and your name known across the region of your homeland and even the allies of your homeland. So be careful where you seek refuge... Not all clans/countries will take you in.

  4. Just to be clear, technically a rogue is the same thing as a clanless person, however there is a slight difference. A clanless is someone who has simply started out without a home or clan, and therefore is neutral to the world. A rogue is someone who has LEFT their clan/home and therefore is received by hate to some, and acceptance to others.

Clan less Ranks
S rank 0/1
A rank 0/2
B rank 0/3
C rank 0/6
D rank 0/10

***This is the ranking list for those who would START out as S rank clan less; there is no limit to those who can go rogue; they just aren't on the official list unless they started that way. If you start clan less and eventually leave to join a clan, you do not take up one of their slots but stay in the clan less section.

Clan less Benefits
Starting out as clanless also has benefits, or rather us giving you a helping hand to survive the tough times ahead. These bonuses are ONLY for those who START as clanless, not from those who defect and go rogue.

  • All people who start as clan less start with double the ryo for their rank.


  • Curse Seal of Heaven 0/1
  • Curse Seal of Earth 0/1
  • 1st Tailed Jinchuuriki 0/1
  • 2nd Tailed Jinchuuriki 0/1
  • 3rd Tailed Jinchuuriki 0/1
  • 4th Tailed Jinchuriki 0/1
  • 5th Tailed Jinchuriki 0/1
  • Animal Curse Seal 0/2
  • Mysterious Peacock Chakra 0/2
  • Garian Sword 0/1
  • White Light Chakra Sabre 0/1

These bonuses can be claimed for any D rank clanless upon character creation!
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