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Setōshi S. Sōichirō | Jutsu Registry

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on Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:10 pm
Setō wrote:

Name: Sage Mode: King's Colony 
Rank: -- 
Cost: -- 
Upkeep: --  
Type: Senjutsu | Bijū 
Element: -- 
Range: Self 
Speed: -- 
Power: -- 
Handseals: -- 
Description: After entering Sage Mode the user will experience nature's energy balancing with their own physical and spiritual energy, thus granting use of Senjutsu by extension of the body. Due to this, the user's body becomes a colony or hive for the insects in the user's catalogue and any born post Sage Mode will experience different effects according to their latent abilities being based off of the new forms stats, but the overall advantage is the same perks as Senjutsu.

Only one insect can benefit from the Mushi Seichuu (Insect Control) bonus at a time, but they may switch between the insects for 25 Sage Chakra every 2 posts. 

  • Mushi Seichuu (Insect Control) - Applies to all Insects, insect count increases to x2. 
  • Shōkaichū (Neutralizing Destruction Insects) - Range goes from x2 to x3, Chakra Signatures can be masked now. 
  • Bikōchū (Minute Scent Insects) - Range goes from x2 to x3. 
  • Kikaichū (Parasitic Destruction Insects) - Endurance goes from x2 to x3, Chakra Absorption goes to x2.  
  • Kidaichū (Parasitic Giant Insects) - However much the user pays in chakra the upkeep for the victim becomes x2. 
  • Rinkaichū (Phosphorus Destruction Insects) - Power goes from x2 to x3. 
  • Kītokaichū (Silk Thread Destruction Insects) - Endurance and Range goes to x2. 


  • Mushi Seichuu (Insect Control) - Applies to all Insects, insect count increases to x3. 
  • Shōkaichū (Neutralizing Destruction Insects) - Range goes from x3 to x4, Differences in DNA can be determined. 
  • Bikōchū (Minute Scent Insects) - Range goes from x3 to x4. 
  • Kikaichū (Parasitic Destruction Insects) - Endurance goes from x3 to x4, Chakra Absorption goes to x3.  
  • Kidaichū (Parasitic Giant Insects) - However much the user pays in chakra the upkeep for the victim becomes x3. 
  • Rinkaichū (Phosphorus Destruction Insects) - Power goes from x3 to x4. 
  • Kītokaichū (Silk Thread Destruction Insects) - Endurance and Range goes to x3. 

Combination: Various Techniques 

Sage Mode Rules wrote:The user's physical strength, speed, And Endurance are enhanced. +225 to above stats where applicable.
Can Add +70 Speed, Power/Endurance or Range to jutsus used while in Sage Mode. Costs 40
Sage chakra per 70 stats added.
Must have 520 Chakra Minimum and 300 and above Endurance.
30 sage energy upkeep
Gains +600 Sejutsu Chakra when in this mode.
Must spend at least 1 post gathering Sage Chakra if mastered.
Adds 300 meters to sensory range.
Cost: 10k ryo

Hello, please bare with me while we go through this little revamp and stuff. We have something here that needs to be addressed and clarified.

Sage mode to make the insects stronger and breed more, is a wonderful concept. However, don't forget that sage mode is not your normal type of Chakra. We've seen what happens when people absorb sage Chakra, they often turn to stone as a result. The insects/bugs tend to feed on the user's Chakra etc. That's their relationship with their host. They eat, the do the bidding of the host.

Currently you're basing things off of your Chakra stat. Meaning a lot of power, speed, range and endurance for this tiny little critters. Yet, with such a substantial boost, there is no real cost involved.

Can Add +70 Speed, Power/Endurance or Range to jutsus used while in Sage Mode. Costs 40 Sage chakra per 70 stats added.

As per the rules it cost 40 sage Chakra per seventy stats added. To my understanding, if your sage Chakra is at 1200, if we were to add 40 Chakra per 70 on top, then that totals to a lot of Chakra. I do not mind this at all. Since if you want it like that then perfect. The same for breeding these insects too, though that can be handled a little differently.

Lets deal with their speed, endurance, power and range. As per the 70 stat rule. By saying it goes from 1200 to potential 2400, 3600,4800. Then you would need to calculate how many 70 Chakra are in those amounts and use them as a guide. Your Chakra is still a stat so keep that in mind. I would like to see those edits please. Or at least keep in mind that is the way sage mode is set up on the site. Worse case scenario, we figure out another way to make this work.

Equally, your insects feed on the hosts Chakra and you possess multiple different types, breeding at different numbers. One would expect yourself to sacrifice a certain amount of Chakra to keep the insects happy. We will come out with a system shortly for this also.

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

on Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:44 pm
Bear with me here, a little rusty. I'll have Kuro or Ever give the final approval.

Setō wrote:Name: Parasitic Host Creation
Rank: S
Cost: 100 + 25 Bijū Chakra
Upkeep: 20
Type: Hiden | Medical Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Touch
Speed: N/A
Power: N/A
Handseals: N/A
Description: Utilizing one queen from any species of insects in his collection, the user places it onto the skin of the potential new host and after burrowing inside she releases the eggs that get carried throughout the body. As the eggs hatch they begin to spawn hundreds upon thousands of the variety of insect and the entirety of the newborn swarm begin to consume the potential hosts chakra. Typically this would kill a target because the insects have no mental based link to the new host to be told to stop, but by being in the presence of the host of the Seven Tailed Beast the insects will be calmed by its chakra while the two bodies develop a symbiotic bond until they can be wiend off of it. The entirety of the process takes 2 posts of maintained contact with a final 3rd post without contact signifying completion, any type of interruption of the contact will see the potential host lose 100 chakra per post until they are drained or can remake contact.
Combination: Various Techniques

Okay, forgive me if I am wrong, but are you basing this technique on the bijuu? So is it a bijuu technique, or a you technique that requires the bijuu? Second, I want you to be aware that I do follow the idea of equivalent exchange. So, if the insects are breeding this quickly, that means they must be dying at an equal rate, otherwise someone would just explode, before they ran out of chakra. Now, is the queen stored, or is she created? Like, can you start storing queens now, and release them later? If that is the case, I'd be against it. So I'm going to try and treat this like a poison. For starters, I see no stats, so what is the queens "power" (ability to burrow). Now, this costs 125 chakra to make, and takes 100 chakra a post... we need to make this more in line with chakra absorption, because that is really what it is.

Name: Futton: Kairiki Musō | Boil Release: Unrivalled Strength
Cost: Bijuu Inheritance
Upkeep: Bijuu Inheritance
Type: Fighting Style
Element: Futton | Boil Release
Range: --
Speed: --
Power: --
Handseals: N/A
Description: [ The user increases the temperature of chakra to the boiling point , generating large amounts of steam and evaporating any water or ice in direct contact with their body. The pressure resulting from this emitted steam can then be used to increase the force behind physical attacks, giving the user immense strength. The exact amount of force produced is proportional to the quantity of steam released, as the greater the volume of steam utilized, the larger the pressure that can be built up. Upon releasing the pressure, not only is the user's strength enhanced, but their speed is increased as well. ]

Due to the users chakra being increased to the boiling point all constructs, this includes the steam released due to this style, receive the following multiplier as the user's physical attributes would based upon their chakra stat if the Five tailed beasts chakra is not used.

Activation Post | +Half Stats with 10 M radius Steam
Post 1 | +Chakra Power/Strength and Speed x2 with 20 M radius Steam
Post 2 | +Chakra Power/Strength and Speed x3 with 30 M radius Steam
Post 3 | +Chakra Power/Strength and Speed x4 with 40 M radius Steam

Holding steam past the post maximum listed above will continue to increase the multiplier but with each extra post 10 LF will be permanently reduced.

Repulsion | Utilizing this method of the fighting style the user uses a jet of steam to repel projectiles and incoming targets back at their source if their strength is not higher than the strength of the steam. Additionally, any metals that the steam touches has their temperatures increased to that of the steam, thus any endurance that is less will not be able to be in contact with it or any stream produced by this fighting style without succumbing to scald wounds.

Propulsion | Utilizing this method of the fighting style the user uses a jet of steam to propel them 10 M in any direction if they have a surface or structure to be used against. If this is done without as can be seen when in the air then the distance is halved to 5 M.

Combination: Various Techniques

Okay this is a fighting style... but it will cost chakra. Second, what I do not understand is, if you are this hot, how are your bugs not destroyed? I mean, I'm sure your body can withstand it, due to naruto magic, but to say your bugs can stand it as well, that's a little ridiculous, the babies, the eggs.. that's a bit much. Also, we have rules on how much ninjutsu techniques can power up a user, I believe for armor its 125 endurance, but no speed. Please be aware of that, and make the changes accordingly. I also believe Han has to have a special armor to utilize this properly, that may have to be a requirement as well. And finally, I know it says "boil" for for simplicity sake, we are going to call it "steam" release, rather than "boil" release to avoid confusion

Name: Shadow Imitation Compilation Technique
Rank: C | B | A | S
Cost: Parent Jutsu x2
Upkeep: Parent Jutsu x2
Type: Hiden | Ninjutsu
Element: --
Range: Parent Jutsu x2
Speed: Highest User's Speed
Power: Parent Jutsu x2
Handseals: Rat
Description: A combination technique wherein one's already in use Shadow Possession Technique has another added onto it, thus combining to create a single technique and by doing so increases both the power and range and allowing for a much stronger technique than its parent technique. As a by product, all Nara clan hiden techniques used afterward effect this technique with a multiplier equivalent to the amount of parent jutsu used upon it. Lastly, as with the parent technique, additional sources of light provide a boost of x2 to their normal range.
Okay, I'm confused, first you said you have to have used Shadow Possession, then you went to talk about any techniques used after this technique, are stronger. Whats the order? What is highest users speed? Are you trying to say it goes as fast as you? We have jutsu stats for this reason, can you please update it to be in line with this, so C rank follows C rank etc etc. Obviously, if you want to double it, you can double it, but you can't just double everything that is softer than you are, ya know? If the jutsu you are powering up goes 50 speed, then this technique can add another 50 speed to it.

Name: Doppleganger
Rank: C | B | A | S
Cost: 20 | 30 | 40 | 60
Upkeep: 15
Type: Hiden | Ninjutsu
Element: --
Range: 20 M | 30 M | 40 M | 50 M Radius
Speed: Users Stat
Power/Endurance: Users Stat
Handseals: Rat
Description: Utilizing the Nara Clan's mastery over shadows the user will cause their own shadow to rise up taking a three dimensional form, although it typically takes on a non detailed form of the user the shadow is in fact a shape less black mass, thus being able to take the appearance of anyone or anything given its base dimensions of 5 x 5 x 5 M. As a doppelganger of the user it is a sentient being, it has stats equivalent to the one who cast it and it has all of the users techniques, but can only utilize Nara clan techniques and shadow based ones. The doppelganger is not restricted to being attached to the user, but without being so the user has no shadow and is left without  the ability to use shadow based techniques. Unless there is another technique in use that solidifies and/or hardens the shadow it is intangible and has no effect when touched besides catching the target by the parent technique (Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu | Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique). The appearance of two shadows on a target will indicate being caught. Without light this and all Shadow Based Techniques will cease to exist.

Sounds like a fancy clone, follow the clone technique rules. As for not being connected to you... hmmm... okay sure... but the idea that this shadow is intangible, but also can use jutsu isn't going to fly. Update it to be like a Nara shadow clone and we are good.

Name: Shadow Marionette: Shadow Tag
Rank: S
Cost: 70
Upkeep: 25
Type: Hiden | Ninjutsu
Element: --
Range: 20 M | 30 M | 40 M | 50 M Radius
Speed: Target's Stat
Power/Endurance: Target's Stat
Handseals: N/A
Description: Combined with the Doppelganger technique, the user has their shadow attach or pass through a target which causes the target's shadow to rise up and become a three dimensional doppelganger with stats, skills, and jutsu knowledge of that of the target as well as the shadow techniques of the caster. This doppelganger is tethered to the users doppelganger, thus under the control of the user. Destroying it requires a Seal of equal Strength or the absence of light to create the shadow.

A clone making a clone of another person... except the clone is evil... that seems new. And it requires a seal? We are just combining things all over the place. I'll say no to this one, just because making a copy of someone, is a limited jutsu already, but this is a little strange. Again, jutsu's have stats, we cannot just base everything on your own stats. Also, what gives with the lame handsigns. One or none on really any of these, I believe Fuuinjutsu is like 10 handsigns for S rank. We really need to follow that, everyone has enough one/two sealers. Lets get on that please


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