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Hikari's Eidolons (WIP)

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on Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:42 pm
Name: Alexander
Rank: S
Type: Summon
Element: N/A
Size:: 20ft tall, 2000lbs.
Handseals: Blood sacrifice before raising hands in a special hand seal in the air (both palms opened, fingers pointing upwards)

Alexander is a giant robotic being that stands proudly upon being summoned after landing with a loud thud to do whatever it was tasked with. It's entire body is made up of many plates of metal which serve to make most of its body up, however certain things such as the crown shaped accessory on its forehead can be removed at will. While rather clunky looking Alexander's fingers are able to be used like any normal pair, allowing it to grab things easily along with giving it the ability to form hand seals of it's own.

Personality: Alexander is very quiet in nature, speaking little to any unless strictly needed. However, it is a very valiant and stalwart creature, often protecting with incredible fierceness not seen in many while at the same time being impossibly gentle to its allies. When Alexander does speak it does so in a soft, booming way that speaks of a hidden power just begging to be released.
Starting Ryo: 3000 ryo 3500 (to be used on weapons only)
Ninja Skills

Ninjutsu: 5
Taijutsu: 5
Genjutsu:  0
Bukijutsu:  2
Fuinjutsu:  0
Kugutsu: 0
Medical Ninjutsu: 0


Strength: 50(base stats) + 150 (S-Rank) + 25 (Taijutsu lvl 5) +20 (Bukijutsu lvl 2) =245
Speed: 50(base stats) + 100 (S-Rank) = 150
Endurance: 50(base stats) + 150 (S-Rank) + 25 (Taijutsu lvl 5) = 225
Chakra: 50(base stats) + 100 (S-Rank) + 50 (Ninjutsu lvl 5) +207 (Other stats increase) = 407
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