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Puppet System | Template

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on Sat Apr 02, 2016 2:08 pm
Each puppet costs a certain amount of Ryo based on the puppet's rank, which are as follows:

  • D-Rank - 1,500 Ryo
  • C-Rank - 2,000 Ryo
  • B-Rank - 4,000 Ryo
  • A-Rank - 8,000 Ryo
  • S-Rank - 10,000 Ryo

Puppets have their own stats for you to allocate.

  • D-rank: 250
  • C-Rank: 400
  • B-Rank: 500
  • A-Rank: 600
  • S-Rank: 750


  • All weapon attachments to your puppets must be registered as Puppetry Weapons and are subject to the same rules.

  • 10% of a Puppet's Stats must be in strength. S Rank = 70

  • Your puppet may only receive a MAX TOTAL stat boost(s) of 125 via attached weapons. It can only be boosted a MAX of 125; and no other stats can be boosted. You cannot boost strength AND endurance 100; your TOTAL boost for your puppet can be no higher than 125.

  • Puppets may have a MAX of FIVE ATTACHMENTS.

Puppetry weapons are similar but slightly different from normal weapons, in that they are designed to be specifically attached to puppets.

Examples of puppet attachments:
Blades, wings, plates, fans, grenade launchers, needles, strings, cords, rockets, guns, etc.

Please know puppet attachments will be monitored, and the endurance and power of your puppet attachment does not AT ALL stack onto your puppets stats.


D - 75
C - 150
B - 250
A - 400
S - 500

These are the max of the stats your weapons can have, and their stats DO NOT count as stat boosts to your puppet unless you specify in your description and put a + sign in their stat area i.e. +200 power/ +200 speed etc.
You may also choose to make weapons that have no stats and simply have abilities i.e. Like a rocket launcher whose only stats are in the rocket itself and not as a boost to your puppet. These are subject to approval. Anything that gives your puppet a boost, is subject to the rules above however.

Puppetry Weapon Template


[b]Name[/b]: Name of weapon?
[b]Rank[/b]: What rank? Determines the stats it gets.
[b]Type[/b]: (What kind of a weapon/item is it?)
[b]Materials[/b]: (What is your weapon/item made of)
[b]Visual Description[/b]: (What does your weapon look like? A picture along with a paragraph would suffice. Or make it 300 words in length if there's no picture).
[b]Ability[/b]: (Powers, physical traits, etc.)
[b]Cost[/b]: How much ryo?
[b]Requirements[/b]: (You may put in conditions or restrictions in wielding this weapon/item if you like)

Below is the Puppet Template which must be used to create your own puppets.

[b]Name:[/b] (Obvious)
[b]Rank:[/b] (D-S)
[b]Description:[/b] (What does the puppet look like and how do the weapons inside the puppet work?)
[b]Mobility:[/b] (How fluent your puppets movements are. The higher the rank, the more human like movements it will make. That way it doesn't move like the Frankenstein monster when attacking. It's also the difference between a Pole-like puppet and a fluently movable snake puppet.)
The mobility will work as such.
0-50: Moves the whole section of that part to do attacks
50-125: Moves only half of the section to attack. (So it can basically flex it arm to attack instead of having the whole arm pointing out)
126-199: Puppet can move each individual part of the puppet to move fluently through the battle field.
200+: Moves it's whole body as freely as possible when making it's attacks

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on Fri May 27, 2016 7:28 am
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on Sat May 28, 2016 2:35 pm

1. S rank puppet Stats lowered to 750

2. Max Boost lowered to 125

3. Max attachments boosted to five.

4. Strength requirement lowered to 10%

There will be a discussion topic on this to explain why this has been changed; please don't rage quit.
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